Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Vampire Diaries Discussion (Episode 19)

Okay, so now I think it's safe to say that everyone has watched the latest episode of The Vampire Diaries. Right? Well if you haven't beware of the major spoilers that will be down below...

What did you guys think about this episode?? It was so crazy for me.. Here are my thoughts. First off I was so excited for #TVD on Thursday I mean going weeks without watching it drove me mad! I don't know how I will ever get through the summer. Anyways, we all know Elena has feelings for Damon even if she tries to hide it, I am a die hard Stefan fan but I was rooting for Damon and Elena in this episode. Some shockers for me were when Elena kisses Damon, she actually freaking kisses him... and then Jeremy catches them (awkward). When Rose shows up and is rooting for Damon and Elena too, she makes Jeremy see what she sees going on between Damon and Elena. I got so mad at Tyler for getting mad over Klaus' drawing like that. Okay, so I understand why he would be mad but he should have taken it out on Klaus NOT Caroline. And then for the BIG SHOCKER.... Esther going into Rebecca's body... Holy shit, this had me like OMG! She is siding with Alaric's creepy vampire hating alter ego and they are going to destroy everything. I can't wait to see where the next episode goes!!

What about you guys, what did you think of this week's episode of The Vampire Diaries?? I would love to know so I could have someone to talk to about it!!


  1. It was a hit and miss for me. I definitely loved the stuff u talked about. Elena and Damon were intense. So hot. Check out my review on my blog. I'd give u the exact link but I'm on my phone so here is my blog:

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  2. I'm actually a Damon and Elena fan, so this episode was like candy for a fat kid to me. Their make out scenes were definitely hot. And I'm happy that Damon isn't giving up that easily after Elena always pushing him away. I agree about Tyler though - so annoying! Caroline just got done doing it with you, in a cave I might add, and you question her love for you becuase of a drawing? Really? Grow up. I'm rooting for Klaus.

    P.S. I'm a new folloer and I'm happy to talk about #TVD with you! None of my friends watch it so I never have anyone to talk to about it with. :(

    1. I bet you were freaking out being a Delena fan :D Their make out scenes are definitely hot!!! Tyler is annoying UGHH. Thanks so much for following, YAY I have someone to talk about #TVD with, I will take full advantage of that :D I don't have anyone to talk about it with either :(

    2. I don't like Tyler either. I prefer Caroline and Klaus.

      I'm here if u two ever wanna talk about TVD :)

    3. I do too! YAY! Two new #TVD buddies, like I said I will take full advantage of that! Thanks for offering :D

  3. Hey! We chat about TVD *pouts* lolz.
    OMG! Finally ppl who want Klaus & Caroline together!
    I have been a Klaus girl/stalker since day 1! I LOOOVE me sum Klaus! I think Elijah is cool but not as cute, Finn and Cole? YUKK :P Not their looks but they suck as characters.
    So, where is Rebekkah now that Esther hijacked her?Please dont tell me she is dead! Do you all think Rebekkah AGREED to the body hijack? I had HIGH hopes for my girl Bekky! When she stopped Cole the Creeper from hurting Matt I was so happy for her!

    Esther is a true freak imo. She spent a thousand years OBSESSING on revenge from beyond the grave *spooky music plays* IDC what she says, that's what she did!
    I am sooo mad Bonnie and Momma Bonnie opened her grave :(
    They didnt know, all they knew was that it would kill Klaus (maybe) and then Momma Bonnie was turned into a vamp herself.

    Sometimes I think the witch who created the vampire curse and preserved Esther's body will make an appearance.

    Howz about killing a original kills their bloodline?

    I dont like Alaric's alter ego at all! I understand it's appearance though. Is Elana's real dad still alive or was he killed? I forget. I kinda liked his character.

    Damon and Elana are real life lovers so they truly look good together on screen. I think Damon NEEDS true love in his life. Stefan is getting ANNOYING with his "WOE IS ME" crap, I cant, I wont, I don't deserve, BLAH! Grow a pair Stefan! U love your girl so go for her! UGH. His indifference is making way for good ol Damon. Finally.

    I was glad to see Jeremy again. I hope he comes back. I miss his little vampire girlfriend.

    U know whats awesome? Rose is also a main character on The Walking Dead! I wish she came back to TVD though :(