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Review: The Sweetest Seduction

Title: The Sweetest Seduction
Series: The Kelley Brothers, #1
Author: Crista McHugh
Self Published
Release Date: December 26, 2013

Pages: 198
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Lia Mantovani has created one of the hottest restaurants on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, but all that could disappear if she loses her lease with Kelly Properties. Having had her dreams ripped away from her before, she’ll do everything in her power to keep her restaurant. Her fate hangs on the whims of the frustratingly handsome Adam Kelly.

Adam has spent years trying to convince world famous chef Amadeus Schlittler to open a restaurant in Chicago, but he wants the prime location held by Lia. Business has always come first… until sparks fly when Adam meets her. When things get hot outside the kitchen, though, they’re both in danger of getting burned.


Crista McHugh is a superstar!

Not only do I love chef stories, I love stories about wealthy people who are down to earth. This was the first contemporary story I've read from the author and it was light,  heartwarming, and sexy. I enjoyed Adam's unquenchable thirst for Lia and I loved Lia's passion for cooking.

Each character were very different from each other and I thought the author wrote the story well. What I enjoyed even more was Adam's mother. Clearly, she had more power than I thought in the beginning. The little twist of the story was a sweet surprise. Let's just say I love strong, powerful women.

I also liked the humor. Contemporary romance isn't good without a sense of humor. I loved that the characters were able to joke with each other, even during serious times.

Lia: "What's the on the menu?"
Adam: "I bet you enjoy asking that for a change. We have a gourmet selection of sandwiches. Turkey and Gouda. Ham and Swiss. Roast beef and cheddar. And last, but not least, the classic PB and J."
Lia: "What? No caviar and champagne?"
Adam: "Nope, but I have potato chips, dill pickles, and the ever-refreshing Coca-Cola." He held out a bottle of pop like it was a bottle of Dom Perignon.

Overall, I would recommend this book if you just want to relax and feel good inside :)

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Promo/Giveaway: Turbulent Passion

Title: Turbulent Passion
Series: Flyboy, #1
Author: G.L. Ross
Self-PublishedPages: 213
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Bold, arrogant, and gorgeous are three words which describe the playboy of International Air, Captain Lance Miller. Unbeknownst, to everyone touching Lance’s life, is the fact Lance harbors a secret, a secret which continues to affect his relationship with all women. Love and trust do not exist in Lance’s world, only lust, sex, dominance, and an occasional busty blond.

Naïve, new hire, Flight Attendant, Lisa Price recently graduated from college and is desperately searching for her destiny, a destiny which at this time does not include a man, especially a pilot. Lisa is driven to succeed in all areas of her life, but she too has a secret. A secret she must choose to be embarrassed by or to honorably embrace.

Is it possible these polar opposites will find passion and trust in each other’s arms, enabling them to relinquish control and share their secrets, or is their attraction far too turbulent to pursue?


Every night I see her in my dreams. Honestly, I can’t remember a single night I didn’t dream of her. Her mesmerizing emerald green eyes began haunting me in my early teens. I would wake from a wet dream, with her eyes penetrating my thoughts and desires. For years, I searched for her in malls, movie theatres, at sporting events, but to no avail. Eventually, I surrendered my hopes and dreams of finding the “green-eyed goddess” and began screwing every brick-house blond I could find.

I relentlessly tried to erase and escape the memories of the goddesses’ long blond hair, her perfect petite body with sculpted tits and perky nipples, and the way my hands fit perfectly around her tiny, tempting, curvy waist. But, damn it, I can’t forget her alluring smile as she wraps her toned legs around my waist and lowers onto my hard, pulsing dick. We fit – together – perfectly. Her green eyes turn black as our ride delves deeper and I push her toward her second scream worthy orgasm. Her creamy, sweet, ivory skin drives me wild, especially her soft, silky neck, which is completely exposed when her head drops back as she cums. My tongue traces and teases her every nook and cranny until I can no longer resist biting her gorgeous, plump bottom lip. Her eyes flash open wide in response. Hunger radiates in her eyes. We never get enough of each other. She makes me feel things I never imagined possible. I never thought I could desire one person twenty-four hours a day, but I do. Who is this green eyed goddess?

Trust me, I realize she is a fantasy, but even after twenty years, every single, testosterone filled day, I continue my search for her, in airport terminals and hotel lobbies. Hell, what would I do if I found her? Attack and grope her? Sure, I can see it now, “You don’t know me but we have hot, mind blowing sex together. We have for twenty years.” That would go over well…Not!

I need a cold shower, along with a reality check. Wonder if I have a curvy blond on tonight’s flight attendant crew? Someone to bury myself in while I close my eyes and imagine those gorgeous, green eyes glazing over as I palm her firm, full breast, while rubbing my thumb over her erect nipple. Damn! I am obsessed!  


Maybe I’ll go to graduate school. I could become a psychologist; all my friends think I am their twenty-four hour on-call shrink anyway. Maryanne rang me at two thirty this morning. Woke me up to cry and complain about how Matt had broken her heart. “He is so unromantic. It is our one year anniversary and he takes me to an action flick. An action flick, can you believe that Lisa? Then he wants to go do it in the back of his car, really? I mean really?” I wait to make sure she is really finished. Maryanne asks numerous questions, but doesn’t actually want you to respond, to any of them. She merely wants to vent to the Universe.

“Maryanne, has Matt ever done anything you wanted to do the entire time you’ve been seeing him? No, he hasn’t.” This time I won’t allow her time to answer my question. Yes, I am annoyed. She woke me up to complain about Matt’s, unfortunately, normal behavior, which she chooses to put up with on a daily basis. There’s absolutely no need for her to answer the question or make excuses for him or herself.

“But, Lisa he loves me. I know he does.” Blah, blah, blah.

I bury my head under my large, fluffy pillow. “Okay, let’s say he does, just for grins sake, but does he respect you? Obviously not, so move on and find someone who deserves you and cares about your feelings. Men need to treat women with respect and love. Never settle for less, Maryanne.”

“Lisa, you are so strong. I’m not like you. I’m not that strong, plus I get lonely. I don’t know what I would do without Matt. I can’t go without someone, like you do.” Thanks for reminding me.

Frustration builds as I roll onto my back; turning my head I stare at the time on the alarm clock. “Maryanne, Maryanne,” I condescendingly mutter. “Go see Matt later today and tell him how he made you feel. Now, please, for the love of Pete, get some sleep. Good night - good morning - good whatever the hell time of day it is.”

“Night, Lisa. I love you, thanks for listening.”

I can’t help but moan while dropping the phone back on my bedside table. Why is it women allow themselves to be treated disrespectfully? I would rather be alone then be with someone like Matt.

“Anyway, back to present day and today’s mission. Graduate school in psychology might work. I could even find a part time job while going to classes or work during the day and classes at night. Of course I’d better get busy applying to universities today, it may be too late to apply and receive acceptance.” Why am I speaking out loud to myself? I really need to get a life and soon.

I locate the graduate school application site for The University of Texas at Dallas. “Let’s see, age? Twenty-three.” Yes, I took the five year plan through college. I changed degrees three times and dropped classes due to late night partying causing oversleeping of 8:00 AM classes. Why would anyone want to teach an 8:00 AM class? Ugh, painful memory.

“What?” I respond to an unexpected knock at my door, “Who could that be?” Speaking to the air, again, Lisa. You really need to stop talking to yourself.

My vibrant friend, Lucy, greets me at the door. Lucy is really short, petite, and a bundle full of energy. We met doing volunteer work last summer at the animal shelter. We weren’t much help though, because we wanted to play with all of the animals rather than clean their cages.

“Hey girl, what are you doing?”

Lucy pats me on the face and heads into my den while extending a backwards compliment, “Oh, Miss Lisa. You are so pretty, even without your make up.” That’s my Lucy. She knows I hate wearing make-up, especially when at home. I figure I’m not going anywhere to try and impress anyone, so why hassle with it. Lucy, on the other hand, always looks perfect and doesn’t know or understand the true meaning of dressing casual. If she runs to the grocery store she has full make-up and hair. She’s a flight attendant for International Air and seems to think she is always on a plane; crisp and perfect all the frickin’ time.

“Lisa, I’ve had a fabulous idea, so you need to dig out a picture of you smiling and with make-up; a color one that shows off those magnificent green eyes.”

I climb into my oversized yellow chair, tucking my legs under my tush. “Lucy, please have a seat and why do you need my picture?” Lucy chooses to sit on the edge of my robin egg blue sofa, crossing her ankles, again so prim and proper. “You, my dear, are filling out an application to be a flight attendant, with me! Isn’t that great?” She exuberantly declares.

“I can’t be a flight attendant. I don’t even like flying. My ears hurt and I absolutely hate heights.”

Flashing her dynamic, “hello – good-bye,” smile she attempts to convince me, “It will be fine. When you are talking to passengers your ears stay open and you never have time to look out the window, so you will have no idea how high you are.”

I attempt an explanation, “I was filling out an application for grad school when you knocked on the door. I’ve decided to get my masters in psychology. I’m going to get paid for all of my late night counseling.” That should appease her…maybe.

“That is terrific Lisa, but you can still fly.” Why did I know she would say that? “You will fly on the weekends and go to class during the week. You can even study on your overnights, it is perfect. Now get me that picture.” So much for appeasing her.

About the Author:

G.L. Ross is a proud, sixth generation, native Texan. As a true Southern Belle, G.L. has always dreamt of the “happily ever after,” the prince riding in on the white horse sweeping her off her feet. She hasn’t found “Prince Charming” – yet (always an optimist) – but finds him every time she writes about her characters “happily ever after” endings.

Her motto in life is to “always find the good” in every person and situation.

Whether through laughter, prayer, or a glass of wine or vodka, G.L. finds the good in life and shares her sense of humor, love, and adventure in her stories. Take flight with Lance & Lisa in Turbulent Passion, the first book in the Flyboy Trilogy.


Twitter: @GayleL4


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Review: Biker Billionaire: Riding the Heir

Title: Riding the Heir
Series: Biker Billionaire, #3
Author: Jasinda Wilder
Self-PublishedPages: 54
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I jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire, it seems. I had a feeling there were some things about himself Shane Sorrenson was keeping from me. I mean, I knew his family was wealthy, but it turns out he is too. And now I've found my life, both day and night, becoming far more than I'd ever imagined it could be. Along the way, I've discovered a whole new side of Shane...


Hot, Sexy, Romantic!

The final installation of the Biker Billionaire series was amazing! It's so incredibly hot, I wouldn't be surprised if the author is already a bestseller. I absolutely enjoyed Leo's courage and faith in Shane. Even though things went too fast, her attraction to Shane went beyond the sex, and she knew it was worth the risk. When she first met his family, I thought his mother would be a snob. I was glad when she welcomed Leo with open arms and warned her of what was expected of her. I appreciated that she looked out for Leo so she wouldn't be caught unaware.

      Virginia huffed in irritation. "Oh, for goodness' sake, Shane. Stop being so ridiculously egalitarian. Those patents are revolutionizing battlefield medicine. You've changed the medical world, son. You'd be a fool not to capitalize on it."
      "Mother, I know. That's not the point. The point is, how do you tell someone your net worth without sounding arrogant? 'Hi, Leo, my name is Shane Sorrenson, and I'm worth six billion dollars?' I don't fucking think so."
      "Shane Alastair Sorrenson, I will not tolerate such vulgar language in my presence. This is not the United States Marine Corps."
      I stifled a giggle. Shane blushed red and mumbled a very boyish, "Sorry, Mom."
      His brothers all seemed to have come down with coughing fits as well.

Shane's devotion to her was such a dream. I caught myself wondering while I was driving if men like Shane still existed. That would be such a dream come true, wouldn't it? Shane was the kind of man who was gentle but knew how to take control to heighten the sensations. Whew! He was HOT!

Leo: "What would you do if we had a fight and I walked out?"
Shane: "I guess it depends. Sometimes a woman just needs time to cool off, and sometimes she needs to be chased after and convinced. Knowing which is the right choice in any given situation is the tricky part. I wouldn't just let you go, though. I'd fight to get you back. I wouldn't stop for anything. I'd give you time to cool off if that's what you needed, but I'd be back in your face as soon as I felt it was safe. But I'd do my damnedest to make sure that fight didn't happen in the first place."

If you haven't read this series, I suggest you get them now!
Read my review of Mile High Club (Biker Billionaire #2) here.
Read my review of A Wild Ride (Biker Billionaire #1) here.

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Release Day: Cupid's Promise

Title: Cupid's Promise
Series: Holiday Hearts, #2
Author: Kimberly Quinton
Publisher: Decadent Publishing Co., LLC
Release Date: January 21, 2014
Pages: 86
Buy LinksAmazon | Decadent | BN


Shot through the heart... 

Cupid's Secret promises to set Laurel Cove on its ear with a sexy new boutique that answers what a woman desires. When the owner ends up in the hospital it's up to Lena Ridgeway to make sure this heart-stopping opening goes off without a hitch, but she finds her every idea challenged by a no-nonsense businessman.

Capitalizing on a feeling...

Marcus Blackwell is a bottom-line kind of guy and he knows that sex and hearts sell. When he arrives to find his latest venture in chaos, his partner injured, and a model-turned-manager in charge, he rolls up his sleeves and dives in. If only he could keep his mind-and hands - off the sultry model with her whimsical faith in a fake holiday.

Can't fight this fortune... 

Lena can't help teasing the straight-laced, business-only boss who keeps sneaking into her dreams. One passionate kiss has her believing he may be the one she's waited for all her life, but she'll need every arrow in Cupid's arsenal to prove she is his true Valentine....

“You’re firing me because I didn’t sell enough chocolate?” Lena had never been fired before. She shouldn’t be so pissed. It wasn’t like she had wanted to be a clerk in the first place.

“No. I’m letting you know your obligation to your friend is fulfilled. We have a manager who can take over—one who’s interested in the bottom line and ready to do what it takes to make this store a success—therefore, you no longer need to inconvenience yourself with filling in.” If he could have been more condescending, she wasn’t sure how.

“But who will coordinate the seminars and special guests we have coming in next week? Julie can’t run the store and do that, too.” Why was she arguing? If the part owner said he didn’t need her, then he didn’t need her. She could get to her planned reunion with James.

“I’ll be coordinating the week of activities and specials. Like I said, everything is under control and you are free to go.” He began the closing routine as if there was no need for further discussion. She was, for the first time she could remember, speechless.

Lena paced through the shop to the florist counter where her purse was secured in a cabinet. Pulling the over-sized boho bag out, she bit her tongue before saying anything else. She had known her time there was temporary while they found other staff, but she had enjoyed the work and done well, despite what Marcus thought. Maybe she should take his dismissal as a sign to move on.

Turning, she almost swallowed her sore tongue. Holy heck. Boss from hell had loosened his tie and unbuttoned his collar. Suddenly Mr. Tight Ass looked more bedroom than boardroom. He ran a hand over his face, pinched the bridge of his nose for a breath, then smoothed through his just-longer-than-short locks. The natural wave kept the tousled-yet-put-together style with ease. Transfixed, she couldn’t look away as his long fingers deftly and purposefully unbuttoned one sleeve and then the other before rolling them up to reveal the sun-kissed color of his hands also extended up strong forearms. Her lips closed around the soft pant of her breath. Her thoughts really needed to start flowing in a different direction.

His gaze caught hers and heat singed her cheeks at his cocky half-grin. “You don’t need to help close up. I can manage.”

Clearing her throat, she wiped at the handprint her heated skin had left on the glass counter. “Sure thing.” I need to get out of here before I do something stupid.

Lena wrestled one arm into her coat. Her palms itched to either smack him or caress him to see what he would do. Neither choice was in her best interest. He moved behind her to hold up her coat. His hand brushed her shoulder, turning her toward him. The small touch sent a thrill straight to her core. Peeking up at him, she searched for an answering attraction in the depths of his warm autumn flecked-green eyes but he moved away quickly. “Night, then. Good luck.” And once again, she’d been dismissed.

Stupid candy. From this night on, she never wanted to see chocolate again. Okay, maybe not until after Valentine’s.

About the Author:

Whether she’s writing contemporary or paranormal romance, Kimberly Quinton is a romantic at heart who strives to tell stories about the power of true love.

Since a teen, she’s loved romances and believes we can all live our happily-ever-after. Always a people watcher, it wasn’t until Kimberly shucked her Accounting major for Anthropology that her interest in people and cultures was nurtured. Kimberly has combined her natural curiosity (nosiness) with her love of romance for the sake of bringing the movies in her head to life on the page.

A wife and mother of two, Kimberly spends her days chasing chores, wrangling active kids, and writing. She also enjoys traveling, cooking, great wine and sharing a laugh with friends and family.

You can usually find her on Facebook or Twitter. Stop by for a chat.

Contact Details:


Prizes: $25 Amazon Gift Card
1 eBook copy of "Her Wish Before Christmas"

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Promo: The Outcast Highlander

Title: The Outcast Highlander
Series: The Highland Renegades, #1

Author: R. L. Syme


Release Date: December 27, 2013

Pages: 260

Buy LinksAmazon (Kindle) | Amazon (Paperback) | BN


Kenesy MacLeod returns home after a failed marriage alliance in France to find her world in turmoil: her best friend married to an English sympathizer, her mother at death’s door, and her father imprisoned and thought dead. As an English lord descends to claim her father’s lands, Kenesy escapes north with her mother and brother, and runs straight into the arms of the outcast Highlander.

Driven from home and family by a crazed father, Broccin Sinclair refuses to stand aside while the English invade his beloved Scotland. But who should he champion? The freedom fighter who saved his life, the family who has forgotten him, or the woman who captured his childhood heart?

“If it wouldn’t be too much trouble, may I ask why your horse grazes yonder when there are men who chase you?”

“Oh, stop, you impertinent fool.” Kensey shook his hand away and searched the area around her for something. “I was knocked off my horse.”

“What are you looking for?”

She sighed. “I would like to get up and resume my travels.”

So she looked for something to pull herself up with, yet ignored his help. How like her. He must be beneath her notice. Or her care.

“Let me help you.” He stood and offered both hands. She considered him for a moment and finally touched him again. He couldn’t deny a tiny thrill at having won the fight, or at having her hands in his. But her frustration continued.

She furrowed her brow and released his hands. First one step, then another. But on the third step, she began to sway and Broc had to follow quickly to catch her.

“You’re in no state to be walking.” He swept her into his arms, despite her protest, and stilled her grasping hands by hooking both of her wrists together in one grip. “Nor riding.”

He deposited her atop his horse and jumped up before she could make any more fuss. The Ross men obviously hadn’t followed them, but they would have to proceed carefully from here, knowing they may come back upon them at any time.

Broc urged his horse forward into a slow cantor, searching for the least dense path forward. In his lap, Kensey pulled on the dirty folds of her dress, dislodging bits of the forest floor that still clung to the delicate fabric.

“What are you doing here?” she demanded.

“Let’s get you out of here first, lass.” He glanced back into the thick canopy of stillness for a moment. “Ross’s men may be quick on our heels.”

Sitting against him as she was now, she felt tiny and vulnerable. His cloak had opened as he’d climbed onto Gaidel’s back and she was now sitting in the midst of it, against his nearly bare chest. She seemed to suck up all the warmth in his body as she curled against him. Her eyelashes blinked furiously, as though she tried to keep herself awake when sleep called. He reached down and wrapped the warmth of the cloak around her.

“You can sleep. It appears we’ve lost our pursuers and it will be slow progress back to the trail, if we even dare to follow it.”

“I’m not tired.” She yawned and her weight pressed even more against him. She would no doubt be asleep soon. His body tensed against the desire that tried to consume him. This was his brother’s intended.

He was merely delivering her back to him.

Not enjoying having her in his arms. Not at all.

Author bio:
R.L. Syme works at a youth theatre, teaching kids performing arts and musical performance classes/camps when she's not writing. Otherwise, she's putting her Seminary degree to good use writing romance novels. Let not all those systematic theology classes go to waste...



2 great prizes !!    Grand Prize:  R.L. is giving away a Kindle Paperwhite. As a secondary prize, she would like to give away a set of Scottish Historical romances from some of her favorite authors.

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Promo: Love Songs for the Road

Title: Love Songs for the Road
Author: Farrah Taylor
Publisher: Entangled: Bliss
Release Date: January 13, 2014
Pages: 220
Buy LinkAmazon


A rock star. The nanny. A love that could rock their world.

The only thing rock star Marcus Troy loves more than making music is his kids. So finding just the right nanny to take on tour with them is important—as is proving to his ex he deserves joint custody. Falling for his employee wouldn’t just be fodder for the paparazzi: it could ruin everything.

Too bad the perfect nanny turns out to be beautiful, vibrant Ryan Evans. Ryan’s never left her small Montana town before, so she jumps at the chance to see the country. And as much as accidental fame doesn’t gel with shy Ryan, what does is her relationship with her capricious, smoking-hot, shockingly good dad of a boss. Marcus is nothing like what she expected. But when the whole world’s watching them, will life in the spotlight be too hot to handle?

Marcus checked out his reflection in the rearview mirror. Maybe Bianca was right. Was it mature to conduct an interview in his underwear? Was it mature to sabotage an important tour by chasing away a prospective nanny that a trusted employee had personally vouched for? Are you an adult, Marcus Troy? he thought. Or are you really no good, like your ex-wife is constantly saying?

Marcus checked the road again. There was no sign of the red truck. He was almost at 206, the turnoff to Glacier National Park. He’d driven almost fifteen miles at about eighty-five miles an hour; if he hadn’t caught up with Ryan by now, he probably wasn’t going to. She must have taken 82 after all. The instincts he had relied on his whole life had been wrong, and now his kids wouldn’t have a nanny for the tour.

Just after the 206 turnoff, he pulled into Woody’s, a Montana gas station/general store that sold everything from camouflage “Cougar for Hire” baseball caps to live fishing bait to alcoholic energy drinks that had been banned in California years earlier. God, he loved this state.

Marcus had planned to pull a u-ey in the Woody’s lot, but something, or someone, rather, caught his attention in the rearview mirror: a long-legged woman walking toward him in sneakers and clingy jeans that showed off her athletic legs. First, this was just Marcus being Marcus, unable to tear his eyes away from the sudden appearance of a hot girl. But then he saw that this particular hot girl was wearing a sweater with a big-ass ugly acorn right in the middle of it.

He got out, slammed the car door, and jogged over to her. “Ryan?” he said.

“Mr. Troy?” She didn’t look pleased. “What are you doing here?”

“Where’s your red truck?”

She pointed behind her. “I parked it back there, because I had to use the restroom. What’s it to you? Did you…follow me here?”

“Listen, you may have noticed that I am wearing a full set of clothes right now.”

“Yes, I noticed.” She wasn’t smiling, but she wasn’t frothing at the mouth, either. Maybe Marcus had a shot.

“Can we try that interview again? For real this time?”

About the Author:

A reading specialist with a masters degree in Early Childhood Education, Farrah Taylor has taught first grade in Northwest Montana for over a decade. She is thrilled to be publishing her first novel, Love Songs for the Road. Farrah, a lifelong music lover who has spent far too much of her savings on concert tickets, is glad to finally be seeing a return on the investment. She lives with her husband, Ty, and son, Latham, in Polson, Montana. 


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Review: Falling for Mr. Wrong

Title: Falling for Mr. Wrong
Series: Bencher Family, #3
Author: Inara Scott
Publisher: Entangled: Indulgence
Release Date: November 11, 2013
Pages: 200
Buy LinkAmazon


Looking for Mrs. Right...

Single father of three, Ross Bencher, knows the kind of woman he wants: someone predictable, reliable, and safe, who can give his kids the security they deserve. Someone entirely different from high-altitude mountaineer Kelsey. Kelsey bewitches him with her long legs and wild passion and is about as far from his ideal as a woman can get, but try telling that to his body. Or his heart...

Falling for Mr. Wrong...

When Kelsey agreed to fill in as a temporary nanny for her best friend’s agency before a big climbing expedition, she had no idea she’d be working for drop-dead sexy Ross Bencher, a man she can’t seem to keep her hands off. She knows if she wants to bring herself—and her father—back alive from the Himalayan Mountains, she can’t afford second-guessing, attachments, or distractions. But Ross’s blue eyes and strong hands leave her gasping...and questioning everything she’s ever known about love...


Feel good and humorous, the first book I've read of Inara Scott was a hit!

When Kelsey and Ross first met, sparks flew and immediately exploded in flames. What they shared was amazing to say the least. Three years later, their paths crossed, and obviously, I knew that must have been fate. People don't just run into each other years later unless there was a reason, right?

He didn't just kiss--he made love with his mouth.

Ross was such an amazing father. His kids were so adorable, especially Julia. I just love children who are very loving and affectionate towards people.

Kelsey, in my opinion, lived a life that was meant for someone else. That was sad, especially because she put herself in the category of not worth finding her own happiness. She wanted to protect someone and basically sacrificed her whole life for that person.

It was funny how Kelsey was "allergic" to children. I loved the humor in this book, overall. There were moments when I would just chuckle all by myself. My heart felt so light reading this book. I definitely would recommend it if you're in the mood to feel warm inside :)

He pictured her taking the kids swimming, the way Matt had marveled at the sight of an elk, and the feeling of peace he'd had when he listened to the wind swaying in the pines. "I told him I had a local guide to teach me about the land."

"And do you?"

Ross looked away. "Sort of."

Brit cleared his throat. "Is this local female, by any chance?"

"I'd rather not talk about it."

"I see. Definitely female."

Ross rolled his eyes. "Did I not just say I didn't want to talk about it?"

Brit frowned. "That bad?"

"Really rather not talk about it," Ross repeated.

Brit nodded. "Must be that bad."


He grinned. "You know how it is. Suckers like me enjoy seeing other men cross to our side of the road."

"There will be no crossing," Ross said grimly. "We're all wrong for each other. It's like Selena Gomez and her brother on the Wizards of Waverly Place."

"I have no idea what that means."

Ross was suddenly in desperate need of a drink. "You see? I'm making references to the Disney Channel, while she's hanging at the rock gym listening to Pitbull."

"She sounds hot."

"Of course she's hot. Haven't you been listening? She's the fantasy you have when you're twenty-two and single." Brit observed him for a moment with a thoughtful gaze before continuing. "But you like her. And she likes you."

"It's complicated." Ross threw back his chair and began to pace the room. "Can we please change the subject?"

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Promo: Falling For Her Soldier

Title: Falling for her Soldier
Series: Perfect Kisses, #3
Author: Ophelia London
Publisher: Entangled: Bliss
Release Date: January 13, 2014
Pages: 220
Buy LinkAmazon


She fell for the nice guy, but will she fall for the real guy?

Ex-ballerina Ellie Bell has twenty-four days left until her self-imposed man-less year is up. No more falling for the wrong kind of guy—charming, sexy, bad. Why can’t she find someone sweet like Charlie Johansson, her soldier pen pal? His e-mails meant the world to her, and she can’t stop thinking about him…until she meets Hunter, whose muscles and cocky smile threaten to have her relapsing.

Before Charlie “Big Game Hunter” Johansson’s last tour of duty, he’d gone through women like crazy. But after connecting on a real, emotional level via letters with his best friend’s sister, Charlie’s ready for a relationship—with Ellie Bell.

But then her brother introduces him as Hunter. Proving he’s no longer a player by becoming Ellie’s dance partner for an Army benefit seems like it could convince both siblings he’s changed, but the harder he falls for Ellie, the harder it is to come clean. Can he convince her to fall for the real him before it’s too late?

About the Author:

Ophelia London was born and raised among the redwood trees in beautiful northern California. Once she was fully educated, she decided to settle in Florida, but her car broke down in Texas and she's lived in Dallas ever since. A cupcake and treadmill aficionado (obviously those things are connected), she spends her time watching arthouse movies and impossibly trashy TV, while living vicariously through the characters in the books she writes.

Ophelia is the author of DEFINITELY, MAYBE IN LOVE, ABBY ROAD, and the Perfect Kisses series including: PLAYING AT LOVE, SPEAKING OF LOVE, and FALLING FOR HER SOLDIER (Jan 2014).

But don't call when The Vampire Diaries is on.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Review: Secret Agent Secretary

Title: Secret Agent Secretary
Series: ICE: Black Ops Defender, #2
Author: Melissa Cutler
Publisher: Harlequin Romantic Suspense
Release Date: January 7, 2013
Pages: 288
Buy LinkAmazon (Kindle) | Amazon (Paperback)


Bullets whizzed past as Ryan Reitano and Avery Meadows escaped into the night. How could Ryan have suspected Avery of being the mole inside ICE? It was true she was no ordinary secretary. The way she used her wits and her lethal stiletto heels against the gunmen pursuing them astonished the jaded agent. And that killer body he'd somehow never noticed before...

Too bad there wasn't time to explore the possibilities. With Chiara's men hot on their trail, capturing the mercenary was more than just a mission for Ryan. He had his own reasons for wanting the criminal dead. But with his surprising--and utterly enchanting--new partner, perhaps there'd be a chance for romance later...if they survived.


Melissa Cutler never fails to impress!!!

As usual, this book was yet another masterpiece. Each of Melissa's books blew me away and made me fall in love with the characters I'm currently reading about. Secret Agent Secretary had the perfect formula for the perfect book - humor, romance, danger, and sexual tension.

After reading the book, I realized, the story took place in TWO DAYS. The amount of detail and action the characters experienced were phenomenal. Melissa has the imagination of a legend. I'd say she's the Nora Roberts of this generation :)

What I loved about Ryan was his deadpan deliveries. The guy had perfected a poker face that only Avery could read. When she started noticing the subtleties between his expression, I knew that she was a keeper. Before Avery, Ryan's life was what we would deem boring. Yes, he was black ops and all that, but his life was dull and full of darkness. With Avery in it, he may or may not have learned how to smile and even show a little bit of humor. The side of him he kept hidden was brought out by Avery and I enjoyed reading every single part of it.

Avery: (about Alicia) "No, she's great. I mean, you kept talking about a guy named Diego, that he fell in love and all that stuff. You didn't really say much about Alicia except that she'd been injured. She didn't look very injured to me."
Ryan: "She hides it well. And, yes, Diego did fall in love. He and his fiancee got married a couple of months ago in New Jersey. You seemed kind of jealous of Alicia. That's cool."
Avery: "How is that cool? It doesn't feel very cool."
Ryan: "It's cool because I'm pretty sure no one's felt jealous over me since my senior prom date, Jen Reichman, got into it with Marie Elena Sanchez after it came out that we'd gone steady in middle school. So I like that you're nervous about it. It turns me on."

Avery was the crazy spy fanatic with two cats. She's absolutely adorable! She liked to call Ryan's weapons as gadgets. It made her sound juvenile, but at the same time, I bet Ryan found it absolutely sexy. I mean, the way she caressed that decoy grenade? If that wasn't sexy and intriguing, I don't know what was.

Avery: "You shoot, I drive. Remember? You're going to have to trust me."
Ryan: "This is me trusting you."
Avery: "You have a death grip on the door."
Ryan: "I've never been driven like this by a woman before."

Seeing Diego and Alicia back in the scene, even just for a little bit, was quite refreshing. I missed reading about Alicia's designer style and Diego's ever-scowling face.

Overall, Melissa's books keep getting better and better, if that's even possible. This is a must read!



Since I loved this book so much, I decided I want to give away a copy to one of my loyal readers. Your choice of Kindle or Paperback. Comment below an elaborate answer to this question: Why do you enjoy reading romantic suspense? I will contact the winner during the first week of February. Make sure you leave your email address in the comments so I can contact you. No email, no entry. GOOD LUCK!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Promo: Bounty

I met Elise when I went to an author convention in San Diego late last year. I was surprised to know she was a local! I love meeting local authors! Check out her newest release below!

Title: Bounty
Author: Elise Sax
Self-PublishedPages: 335
Buy LinkAmazon | BN | Smashwords


Abby Williams has got it made: First a new job as magazine editor in London, and now a trip to an exotic island to review a five-star resort with poolside service. Unfortunately, on day two of her vacation, Abby finds herself bound and stuffed into a burlap bag and dragged across two continents. And worse than that? Her hottie abductor has got her distracted. Maybe escape is overrated.

Iain Brodie is a muscle-bound mercenary. He just helped a despotic dictator take over an island. He's also Abby's kidnapper, and he has his own problems. Framed for a murder he didn't commit and a boss who’s out to get him, he has to face facts: Early retirement is out of the question and Abby Williams looks damned good in a burlap bag. 


      I picked up the phone. “I thought we had a deal!” I yelled at Harriman. But it wasn’t Harriman.
      “I don’t remember making a deal, Princess.”
      I felt feverish at the sound of his voice. A warm wave of wonderful washed up my body making me want to remove my clothes at the first available moment. 
      “I thought you were somebody else,” I stammered.
      “Somebody you made a deal with, it seems. Should I be worried?”
      Think. Think. Think.
      I was out. I couldn’t think of what to say. He should be worried, and it was my fault. I had made a deal to his detriment. I was a drain on him, and he didn’t even know it. He kidnapped me, but I had alerted the authorities about him. The feds were breathing down his neck, and he was oblivious. He sold me to a Chechen warlord, and I sold him out. Way out. Clean out. Out to sea. Out of this world. 
      I had to come clean. I had to warn him. Warn him about the authorities and warn him about me. He would hate me. He would never call me Princess, again. My tongue grew thick, and my throat closed. I thought, optimistically, that I was having anaphylactic shock.

About the Author:

Elise Sax worked as a journalist for fifteen years, mostly in Paris, France. She took a detour from journalism and became a private investigator before trying her hand at writing fiction. She lives in Southern California with her two sons. She is also the author of the Matchmaker Mystery Series.

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Promo/Giveaway: Beg Me To Slay

Check out Lisa Kessler's newest hit!!!

Title: Beg Me to Slay
Author: Lisa Kessler
Publisher: Entangled: Covet
Release Date: December 30, 2013
Pages: 188
Buy LinkAmazon | BN |


He'll slay her demons, but it may cost her heart...

Four years ago Tegan Ashton was attacked. Determined never to be a victim again, she devotes her life to martial arts and self-defense. When her assailant returns to finish what he started, only one person can help her.

Gabe is a private investigator by day and demon slayer by night. After losing loved ones, he vows to defend people from a threat they don't realize exists.

The relationship is supposed to be strictly business, but fighting demons together stirs up emotions they never expected. Turns out demon slaying is a breeze compared to facing their scarred pasts and even worse - hearts.

About the Author :

Lisa Kessler is an award winning author of dark paranormal fiction. Her debut novel, Night Walker, won a San Diego Book Award for Best Published Fantasy-Sci-fi-Horror as well as the Romance Through the Ages Award for Best Paranormal and Best First Book.

Her short stories have been published in print anthologies and magazines, and her vampire story, Immortal Beloved, was a finalist for a Bram Stoker award.
When she's not writing, Lisa is a professional vocalist, performing with the San Diego Opera as well as other musical theater companies in San Diego. You can learn more at

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Review: Eternal Ever After

Title: Eternal Ever After
Series: Ever After, #1
Author: A.C. James
Publisher: Wandering Impulse Press
Release Date: December 17, 2013
Pages: 347
Buy LinkAmazon


His past holds a secret...

Arie Cush has a secret that he thought he'd left behind. When his past follows him to Chicago he must protect someone that reminds him of all the painful memories he's tried so hard to forget. But when every touch from her sets his heart and body on fire--he finds it hard to maintain his aloof façade.

that becomes her nightmare.

Holly Ellis has secrets of her own. An encounter with the handsome stranger who frequents her coffee shop reveals a vampire with baggage. Even though it might be more than she bargained for, she can't resist the one person who understands her. But her life is in danger and a supernatural threat could reveal the underground world of vampires to humankind in this Gothic Cinderella re-telling.


Supernatural Cinderella! I like it!

"If you don't stop fidgeting, I'm going to have to fuck you. Then you'll have something to fidget about. I can smell how turned on you are from here."

It's a given than any time someone meets a vampire, their boring existence becomes more lively, as well as more dangerous. For Holly, she had a reason for her boring life. She had a certain ability that made dealing with people difficult. Meeting Arie changed that, especially in the bedroom ;)

I loved that Arie was very protective of Holly, and he was also very traditional. Sometimes he would slip into his old ways and to Holly (and me), that was just absolutely, drop dead sexy (pun intended). Of course I enjoyed the typical vampire speed, however, this book didn't feel like it was just another vampire story. I couldn't quite find the right words, but this book is special. Oh! It reminds me of the Vampire Diaries in some ways... Doppelganger anyone?

I liked that there were other supernatural creatures in the book, but they weren't too present that the book became too magical. It had just enough supernatural creatures to keep it interesting. Holly's secret? I loved it when she got to use it :)

I wished her transformation story was longer, though. I wanted to experience it with her. I also had trouble putting a face on the characters. Otherwise, I enjoyed it all - the danger, the sex, the telepathy, and the arguments over mundane things like breakfast :)

      Arie swore something under his breath. "You did not make things easy on me last night, nor are you doing so now. I do not like forward women and I don't want to have this discussion." I scoffed incredulously. "No, I imagine you don't like forward women, or any woman unless they are led around by a leash, dancing in a cage, or letting you tie them into pretzels and submit to you without any sort of challenge."
      "You certainly submitted to me last night."
      I opened my mouth and then shut it again. "Maybe I should just stick to taking care of my own needs. No bad ideas or repercussions ever came from a vibrator." I snapped.
      Arie fell silent. "I certainly hope there will be no repercussions from this."
      "Oh, don't worry. You won't have any vampire babies running around. If that's even possible, I don't know. But I'm on the pill." I rolled my eyes. He said nothing and kept his focus on the road. "Can't you look at me? Can't you look at me and tell me why the idea of sleeping with me is so repulsive to you?"
      "Yes, that's obviously it."
      "You are ridiculous."

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Review: Biker Millionaire: Mile High Club

Happy new year everyone!!! I hope this year is filled with good health, happiness, and dreams come true for all of you! Oh, and of course, lots of good reads! Here's one below :)

Title: Biker Billionaire: The Mile High Club
Series: Biker Billionaire, #2
Author: Jasinda Wilder
Self Published
Pages: 53
Buy LinkAmazon


Well, I went with Shane. Crazy? Yes. But it was the ride of a lifetime. The things we did on his private god.

It turned out, however, that I'd gotten myself into way more than I'd bargained for. I didn't even know he had a private jet, for starters. There's quite a lot I don't know about Shane Sorrenson, I discovered.

I find myself faced with yet another last-minute decision that will change my life all over again. In a world of turbulent change, the one constant that I can rely on is hot sex with Shane.


As usual, this was a hot book. Nothing would stop Shane and Leo from getting close to each other - not mother nature, and most definitely not gunfire ;)

I stepped away from him, pulling out of his grip. He snarled possessively and reached for me.

This book is also when Shane's brothers were introduced. They were all so different, and of course, Shane was the best. He might not have had Luke's Hollywood looks, but he had all the sexual appeal he needed. Leo was lucky to be the receiver of that.

Leo, once again, made Shane proud. Not only did she hold herself gracefully during stressful times in the war zone, she also was not intimidated by Shane's brothers. As one of his brothers said, Leo had brass balls :)

     You're all jackasses. I'll say it, since all of you are being babies about it: Yes, Shane and I were having sex. Right there where you're sitting, actually, Luke.
     Luke made a face and scooted over nearer his brother.
     Shane laughed silently, his shoulders shaking. "Way to be, Leo. I think you just scarred Luke forever."
     Luke squirmed, stood up, and crossed to the other side of the room. "I didn't need to see that, didn't need to know that." He grinned at me, though.
     "None of my business," Rob said, still not looking at me. "You're both consenting adults. Shane can screw who he wants."
     "My only issue is the middle of a civil war might not be the best place for it," Jon said. "But then, it ain't me doing it. Sexual arousal is a natural reaction, thought. The body needs a way to purge the hormones released during the stress and adrenaline of a battle."
     "That's what Shane told me," I said. "We were just testing his theory."
     The Sorrenson brothers were all suppressing chuckles, trying to maintain their composure by not looking at anyone or anything. For some reason, this irritated me. Something told me if I wanted the respect of these men, I'd have to earn it.
     "So, Shane," I said, as casually as I could, "are you feeling purged? Or should we ask your brothers to step out for a few minutes?"
     Shane choked on his laughter, glancing at me in surprise, then at his brothers, who were all red-faced and shaking.
     "I think I could go for another purging," Shane said.
     "I ain't moving," Jon said, not opening his eyes. "But feel free. I won't interrupt."

This book is only $0.99 cents. Go get it and enjoy :D

Click here to read my review of the first book: Biker Billionaire: A Wild Ride