Tuesday, March 1, 2016

ARC Review: Trapped

Title: Trapped
Series: Condemned, #1
Author: Alison Aimes
Publisher: Orchid Publishing
Release Date: March 1, 2016
Pages: ~197
Buy Link: Amazon


Cadet Bella West has one simple objective when she joins the scientific mission to Dragath25, the notorious penal planet housing Earth’s condemned. Earn the credits necessary to save her family from starvation. But when her shuttle crashes and the majority of her crew perish, her simple mission becomes complicated fast. Now, to stay alive she’ll have to depend on one of Dragath’s own. But such protection doesn’t come free. 

Convicted of a crime he didn’t commit, 673 has become more beast than man after eight grueling years on an unforgiving, hazardous planet of dirt and rock—and even more treacherous inhabitants. He doesn’t look out for anyone but himself and he certainly never grows attached. So when the bold female offers him pleasure in return for protection, he takes the deal without hesitation. He never expects how her touch will alter him. Or the growing realization that saving her may be the key to his own salvation. 

But as dangers mount and their ‘simple’ deal unravels will he prove to be her surprise savior or her ultimate downfall? Because caring for someone on Dragath25 may prove the greatest hazard of all. 

A tale of unbridled desire, stunning sacrifice, and unwavering love, Trapped is an action-packed, sexy sci-fi romance that takes you to the brink of oblivion on a planet where only the strong survive. 

Brilliant, just absolutely brilliant!

I don't usually read sci-fi stories, but when the author approached me about reviewing this book, I read the blurb and decided to give it a try. I was only too glad that I did! This book was absolutely amazing, especially for a debut novel! The imagery was literally out of this world, but it was so easy to picture in my mind. 

Cadet Bella West was a headstrong and stubborn woman who cared a lot about her colleagues. She would die for her siblings and she had a big heart. Although her stubbornness became annoying at times, I appreciated that it was part of her personality. She was truly a well-rounded character, filled with flaws and endearing qualities.

Dragath25 prisoner 673 was different from the very beginning. Unlike other prisoners in the planet, he wasn't vicious or murderous or a total beast. He was only there to survive. Being alone for eight long years, he thought himself closer to a beast than man, but Bella clearly had other ideas.

Their chemistry was simply explosive. I also appreciated that this book was not at all predictable. I kept trying to guess what could have put 673 on that planet, but I couldn't have guessed it, besides that he was framed and wrongly accused. 

Overall, the characters in this book were all well-developed, which is what made this book such a joy to read. If you're looking for that one book that could get you out of a reading slump, I would suggest this book. Bear in mind that this wasn't a clean, sweet romance, though.

*I was lucky to have edited this book.