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Promo: The Highwayman's Bride

Title: The Highwayman's Bride
Author: Jane Beckenham
Publisher: Entangled: Scandalous
Release Date: December 9, 2013
Pages: 228
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England, 1813

Forced into a marriage...

Compelled by her uncle to marry a man who has a predilection for violence, Tess Stanhope resorts to a ploy from her favorite novels to fund an escape - highway robbery. But her attempt is botched by a maddening, handsome rogue named Aiden.

Driven by  revenge...

Aiden Masters, the Earl of Charnley, is hell-bent on avenging his sister's brutal treatment at the hands of the criminal Florian Nash. He single-mindedly seeks vengeance at the expense of all else - even by furtively roaming the highways at night.

Blackmailed for love...

At a London party Tess meets up with Aiden once again and blackmails him... marry her or she'll divulge to society his clandestine life as a highwayman. She desires a marriage in name only -  but the more time they spend fighting their desire, the closer they come to giving in.

Monday, December 30, 2013

ARC Review: One Rogue Too Many

Title: One Rogue Too Many
Series: Rival Rogues, #1
Author: Samantha Grace
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Release Date: January 7, 2014
Pages: 352
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From the Betting Book at Brook's Gentleman's Club:
Wager: £2,000 that Lord Ellis will throw the first punch when he discovers Lord Throne is wooing a certain duke's sister.

All Bets Are Off When the Game is Love

Lady Gabrielle is thrilled when Anthony Keaton, earl of Ellis, asks for her hand in marriage. She's not so pleased when he then leaves the country and four months pass without a word. Clearly, the scoundrel has changed his mind and is too cowardly to tell her. There's nothing to do but go back on the marriage mart...

When Anthony returns to town and finds his ultimate rival has set sights on Gabby, his continual battle of one-upmanship with Sebastian Thorne ceases to be a game. Anthony is determined to win back the woman who holds his heart--but he's not expecting Gabby herself to up the stakes...


Infuriatingly wonderful story!

This book was literally infuriating at some point. Lady Gabrielle was hell bent on punishing herself because she thought she deserved to forgo happiness in exchange for her duty to her family. There were multiple instances when I wanted to strangle her and knock some sense into her. I was just glad when Lord Ellis finally came to his senses, thanks to the lady's caring sisters.

I immensely enjoyed the humor of this book! There were many times when the characters would argue as if they were children! They were absolutely wonderful! These were the moments I truly cherished and they helped me forgive Lady Gabrielle for such ridiculous thoughts that went through her head.

Anthony: "You know nothing, you little fool."
Gabby: "A fool? You call me a fool and I am supposed to believe you love me."
Anthony: "I didn't mean to call you a fool. But not realizing I needed to keep my distance to remain a gentleman makes you seem kind of foolish."
Gabby: "And you seem kind of like an overbearing jackanapes who has no sense of how to woo a lady. Fool, indeed. I would have to be one to marry you."
Anthony: "What are you saying?"
Gabby: "I've changed my mind. See yourself out."
Anthony: "Well change it back."
Gabby: "Change what back? My mind?"

I also enjoyed the fact that Lord Ellis was essentially a part of Lady Gabrielle's family. Her brothers were like brothers to him, as was with her mother being a motherly figure to him. Not only did they have such camaraderie among each other, they also fought like family!

Anthony scrambled to pin him to the floor, but Drew threw a hand up to block him and jabbed Anthony's eye.
Anthony: "Goddamn your boney fingers!" He rocked back on his heels, covering his left eye.
Drew was propped on his elbows, frozen in place. The absurdity of their situation must have hit them at the same time, although their reactions differed. The fight drained from Anthony while dimples pierced his friend's cheeks.
Drew: "Boney fingers?"
Anthony: "They are like bloody daggers."

The secrets and omission of truth also got on my nerves. None of the crazy situation would have happened if Lord Ellis and Lady Gabrielle were just honest with everyone, least of all with each other. Gosh, the ways of society back then drove me crazy!

Anyway, this was a great book. As much as Lord Ellis drove Lady Gabrielle mad, they were good together. And just as this book drove me mad, I also enjoyed it very much :)

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Review: Biker Billionaire: A Wild Ride

Title: Biker Billionaire: A Wild Ride
Series: Biker Billionaire, #1
Author: Jasinda Wilder
Pages: 42
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The night I met Shane Sorrenson started off as the worst one of my life. I had just broken up with my fiance, John, after a huge fight. I decided I would rather walk home in the rain than drive with him another minute. Then Shane pulled up next to me on his Harley. He was huge, sexy and dangerous. Everything I'd never even dared fantasize about. I should have made him take me to a hotel, or a friend's house, or anywhere. Instead, I let him take me to his condo where he turned the worst night of my life into the most erotic, sensual experience I never would have imagined in my wildest dreams.


This book was so yummy!

Shane was judged by his appearance. I would probably be guilty of doing the same thing. However, the way he reacted and the way he proved Leo wrong was definitely something to be desired by any woman. I had the utmost respect for Shane when he revealed what he did for a living, and when he exercised honor instead of pouncing on Leo and taking liberties with her in the beginning. I admired that most about him, besides his other "skills" ;)

"You're gonna get sick, ma'am. Why don't you let me take you somewhere. I'll behave, I promise. I'll just drop you off, and that's it. I won't even ask for your number."

He was such a tender heart that his appearance really was off the mark. However, he was the perfect package in my opinion. Sexy and dangerous on the outside, and soft and tender on the inside. He's like a piece of yummy Lindt truffles! ;)

     "I hurt you, didn't I?" He seemed frightened of the thought, abjectly sorrowful. "I did. You're crying."
     I shook my head and forced breath into my lungs, shoved the tears away.
     "No, no. Shane..." I rolled over to flop onto his chest, and his arm wrapped me into him.            "I'm crying because I've never...because you...just rocked my world until I couldn't see straight."
     "Is that a good thing?" He was searching my eyes, still looking worried.
     "Oh, god, yes. Hell, yes." I couldn't figure out how to make him understand what I'd just experienced. "You've ruined me, you know."
     "What?" He looked panicked. "I used a condom! It's still on, I swear!"
     I laughed, realizing how that had sounded. "No, I just meant you've ruined me for all other men. It's impossible for anyone to ever do that to me again."
     Shane sighed in relief. "Shit, you scared me."

This series is definitely a must-read! It has humor, sexy biker, and... what else can you ask for?!

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Review: Unraveled (Part 2)

Hi everyone! Here is part 2 of my Unraveled review. Sorry it took so long ;)

Title: Unraveled (Anthology)
Authors: Sara Fawkes, Julia Kent, Opal Carew, Vivi Anna, Cathryn Fox, Sarah Castille, Lauren Hawkeye, and Daire St. Denis
Publisher: Unraveled Group
Release Date: November 1, 2013
Pages: 678
Buy LinkAmazon - it is only $2.97 as of December 15, 2013!


This book contains stories that may excite you, particularly if you like alpha males, singly or in pairs, who will use any and every means possible to realize a woman's darkest fantasies and most hidden desires, from commands to cuffs, and from ropes to ribbons.18+

YOURS TO TAKE by New York Times Bestselling Author Cathryn Fox
Revenge takes on a sexy twist when a powerhouse lawyer is stripped of her control by the handsome multi-millionaire she once took down in the courtroom.

YIELD TO ME by New York Times Bestselling Author Sarah Castille
An ambitious MMA fighter struggles to resist her attraction to the dangerously sexy fight coach who awakens in her secret desires that could destroy her fighting career.

COMPLETE ABANDON by New York Times Bestselling Author Julia Kent
Six months after having her baby, Laura finds that her relationships have cooled, even as her naughty desires heat up her eReader. When their best friends take the baby for an overnight, Mike and Dylan show Laura just how alpha they can both be, as Laura surrenders herself to them with complete abandon.

THREE LITTLE WORDS by New York Times Bestselling Author Lauren Hawkeye
Two years ago serious law student Malachi Hunter broke wild child Adele Cavanaugh's heart. When Mal is thrown back into her life... and she meets Dorian Marshall, a bad boy with a soft spot for her... Adele doesn't know how to choose just one when they both help to ease her pain.

TAKEN BY STORM by New York Times Bestselling Author Opal Carew
Jessica doesn't like to take risks, but when she's almost run over by a red hot rock musician named Storm on his motorcycle, she realizes that some risks are worth taking.

Click here to read Part 1 of the review for the stories above!

HOW TO CHOOSE A COWBOY by New York Times Bestselling Author Daire St. Denis
When Tessa Savage is forced to choose between two hunky cowboys while vacationing at the Lazy L Dude Ranch, she finds herself at a loss; the Marlboro Man look-a-like or the fun-loving exhibitionist. Help Tessa decide in this smokin' hot interactive tale.
REVIEW: Tessa Savage is one sexy woman! She's not one for a monogamous relationship. Her friend called her "pansexual" which apparently meant she cared not whether the partner was man or woman. Well that made for fun times, didn't it?

Choosing between two cowboys must have been crazy difficult. I absolutely enjoyed the interactive aspect of the story. It allowed for an alternate twist to the story, but both stories were just as steamy. Wade was brooding and very serious, while Connor was carefree and flirtatious. The contrast in both men made for even hotter encounters! The twist of the story was even better ;) Definitely a must-read...and then read all the other Tessa Savage stories :)

     Wade and I don't speak as we follow a few stragglers in the direction of the lodge and then turn down a path toward my cabin. When we got to my door, I pause before fitting my key in the lock. "Would you like to come in? There's still wine..." My words trail off because I'm thinking about what Connor said about Wade not getting close to guests.
      Wade watches me with this stony expression and I have no idea what he's thinking, whether he's going to say yes or no.
     "Or not," I say. "I know you have an early morning tomorrow."
     "No. I'd like to come in. But..." It's his turn to not finish his sentence. He glances over his shoulder. Like he's looking for someone.
     "But what?"
     "I don't want to seem presumptuous."
     He leans against the doorframe, watching me with that brooding stare. "I'm attracted to you Tessa. I'm not going to lie."
     "If I come inside..." his words trail off again as his eyes focus on my lips. They move lower to the front of my dress.
     "I'd like you to come in," I whisper.
     "Are you sure?"
     I nod. Enthusiastically.

THE VAMPIRE DESIGN by New York Times Bestselling Author Vivi Anna
A naive young artist travels through Europe searching for the most infamous painter ever to live... who also happens to be a 300 year old vampire.
REVIEW: This story was interesting and mysterious. Obviously we know there is a vampire in the story. I love that he was a painter. I love it when vampires are able to capitalize on their talents the older they become. The experience of the young artist was like going back in time. I enjoyed reading about the "castle" that the vampire painter lived in and how it resembled the 1800s. I love medieval architecture! The author did a good job painting a picture in my head ;) (pun intended). It was a brief story but it was a story that promised more, and I wished it had a sequel...

ANYTHING HE WANTS: ATONEMENT by New York Times Bestselling Author Sara Fawkes
Jeremiah and Lucy have been through the fire and barely escaped with their lives, but can their love survive the real world?
REVIEW: I didn't know what to expect from this story, but the introduction to the story sure was STEAMY! I absolutely enjoyed the beginning :) However, beyond the sex, this story had depth. I was able to get to know both characters through Lucy's perspective. The surprise towards the end of the story was also such a heartwarming twist. I loved the passion that the characters had for each other, and that they genuinely cared. I especially enjoyed when Jeremiah defended Lucy in front of his mother. That was sexy ;)

"If I ever hear you bad-mouth Lucy in my presence again, I will make it clear to the world that any friends of yours are not friends of mine. I will cut you off, mother, as surely as Rufus ever did."

"This lunch was meant to be just for Lucy and I. I do not remember inviting you. I'll make certain to tell the host as much when I make reservations from now on."

Overall, this boxed-set anthology was a work of art! It will get you hot and bothered for sure!

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Review: The Couple

Title: The Couple
Author: Harlie Williams
Publisher: MuseItUp Publishing
Release Date: December 26, 2012
Pages: 20
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Short 'N Spicy Romance

A woman has one thing on her mind tonight…sex. Dirty, sweaty, kinky sex with a cowboy. With her man gone more than he is at home, she needs the release.

After being away for two weeks, a cowboy goes looking for someone to play with for the night. Being away is part of the job but not having someone to come home to is hurting his soul. Feeling disconnected in his love life, the red head will be perfect.
Once they meet, can one night of pure passion led to more than just a one night stand for either of them? Communication is the key to every relationship. Can these two find a way to connect emotionally or are they destined for heartache.


So hot and unexpected!

The woman in this story was determined! She had one goal in mind and nothing can deter her from getting what she wanted. She moved with purpose and she could barely contain her desire. It was so hot! On the other hand, the cowboy saw her from across the room and decided to come over and say hello. Granted he used a super cheesy pick up line, but the woman obviously didn't care. I probably would have laughed no matter how determined I was!

Anyway, the "during" of this story was intense, I just loved it. There's not much since it's only 20 pages, but the story was beautiful :) It's the second story I read with the same ending twist, and I just love it!

Go read it :)

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Promo: Harper's Wish

Title: Harper's Wish
Series: Montana Series (Christmas Novella)
Author: Krista Ames
Publisher: Roane Publishing
Release Date: December 18, 2013
Pages: 51
Buy LinkAmazon


Christmas is supposed to be a joyous time of year, but for Harper Donaldson it’s just another day. Orphaned at an early age, she doesn’t have a single good memory of Christmas.

But, when a Santa’s Mailbox mysteriously appears in the lobby of the post office where she works as postmistress, Harper wonders what it could hurt to send her own letter to Santa.

Could he bring her the family she’d always wanted?

About the Author:

Born and raised in Northern Indiana, Krista now resides in Northern Lower Michigan.  She is married to a very supportive man who allows her to follow her true passion of writing and never complains when she is pirated away on her computer for hours.    Krista is also a mother of 4 ornery children who keep her plenty busy.  With an addition of 2 beautiful chocolate lab sisters and a playful kitty, there is never a dull or spare moment in her household. 

Krista has always loved to read and would often sit up for hours into the night not able to put down a book until she was finished.  She still reads when she can but her main focus is creating her own stories to share with the world. 

She loves to communicate with her readers so please feel free to drop her a line anytime at krista@kristaames.com or visit her at her

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Promo: The Billionaire Bundle

Who else enjoys billionaire stories? Sure, their wealth makes them attractive, but what's hidden underneath, whether it's a dominant side or a tender side, makes them quite irresistible :)

Title: The Billionaire Bundle
Authors: Nina Croft, Rachel Lyndhurst, Michele de Winton
Publisher: Entangled: Indulgence
Release Date: November 11, 2013
Pages: 464
Buy LinkAmazon


The Boss and her Billionaire – Michele De Winton

Investment billionaire Dylan Johns always gets what he wants. He is used to giving orders—not taking them—until he’s forced to go on hiatus from his investment company. To bide his time and carry out an old dream, he takes a job on a cruise ship—and ends up taking orders from his gorgeous, but frigid, new boss. He is determined to loosen her up with a fun onboard romance, but their no-strings fling turns serious and Dylan is forced to confess his lies. When the affair threatens to shatter Michaela’s own career dreams, she finds herself caught between the devil and the deep blue sea.

Blackmailed by the Italian Billionaire – Nina Croft

Olivia Brent is happy with her quiet life in the country, until the loss of her home forces her to search for her estranged father. When she meets the stunningly gorgeous and enigmatic billionaire Luc Severino, her world is turned upside down. Jimmy Brent’s daughter was the last person Luc ever wanted to be with, but she’s the key to finding her father, the man Luc has wanted revenge on for over ten years. He’s willing to use any methods available, including blackmail, to persuade Olivia to help him find Jimmy and put the past behind him. And if blackmail doesn’t gain her total cooperation, then perhaps a little seduction will…

The Spanish Billionaire’s Hired Bride – Rachel Lyndhurst

Blackmailed to marry against his will, Ricardo Almanza needs a wife before he’s thirty, and time is running out. Helen Marshall can’t believe she’s considering Almanza’s outrageous proposal, but she must help clear her parents’ debts or they face financial ruin. The small print on the marriage contract changes to read three months as his wife in every way—including in the bedroom. Has she gotten in too deep, or will she need a new contract addendum, extending their marriage forever?

What's your favorite billionaire story? :)

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Review: Unraveled (Part 1)

Hi everyone! Today's post is part one of the Unraveled anthology. I have been so busy with work, I haven't had much time to read. Since, there's 8 stories in this anthology, it was too long for me to finish in one weekend. So, here's my review of the first 5 stories for now. I will post the rest when I finish them.

This will be a bit different. My review will be right below the blurb of each story.

Title: Unraveled (Anthology)
Authors: Sara Fawkes, Julia Kent, Opal Carew, Vivi Anna, Cathryn Fox, Sarah Castille, Lauren Hawkeye, and Daire St. Denis
Publisher: Unraveled Group
Release Date: November 1, 2013
Pages: 678
Buy LinkAmazon - it is only $2.97 as of December 15, 2013!


This book contains stories that may excite you, particularly if you like alpha males, singly or in pairs, who will use any and every means possible to realize a woman's darkest fantasies and most hidden desires, from commands to cuffs, and from ropes to ribbons.18+

YOURS TO TAKE by New York Times Bestselling Author Cathryn Fox
Revenge takes on a sexy twist when a powerhouse lawyer is stripped of her control by the handsome multi-millionaire she once took down in the courtroom.
REVIEW: This was quite the story. Quinn was a Dom and Rebecca was the woman he wanted to submit to him. Rebecca was a lawyer who won a case against Quinn. As a millionaire, Quinn didn't have much to lose, and he also owned an island. Taking Rebecca there was a risk, but it was something he was willing to take. It got even more interesting when Quinn ordered Rebecca to be completely nude for the entire weekend - his servants be damned. That must have been completely nerve wracking! This story was very short and not as memorable as the others. I think it was because the characters only had a weekend to themselves.

YIELD TO ME by New York Times Bestselling Author Sarah Castille
An ambitious MMA fighter struggles to resist her attraction to the dangerously sexy fight coach who awakens in her secret desires that could destroy her fighting career.
REVIEW: Ah yes, one of my favorite authors. So far, Ms. Castille haven't failed to tease me with such steamy stories... Until now. Don't get me wrong, this story was great, but it didn't have the same earth-shattering, bothersome steamy scenes that Against the Ropes and Barely Undercover had. I'm not sure if it was because the story was short, or that the characters didn't have enough time to develop. Despite that, I loved how open Jax was. As an alpha male, it wasn't the norm for him to be so honest and vulnerable, but he was. I liked that about him.

COMPLETE ABANDON by New York Times Bestselling Author Julia Kent
Six months after having her baby, Laura finds that her relationships have cooled, even as her naughty desires heat up her eReader. When their best friends take the baby for an overnight, Mike and Dylan show Laura just how alpha they can both be, as Laura surrenders herself to them with complete abandon.
REVIEW: A threesome - oh my. This story has the classic woman who was insecure about the way she looked, while the two men in her life couldn't care less. I absolutely LOVED the way the characters talked to each other, especially Josie and Alex. I was glad that I got to meet them and enjoy their little escapades aside from Mike, Dylan, and Laura.

Mike: "You can't just drop virgin princesses and butt plugs into a conversation and not explain."
Josie: "Sure I can! Especially with a menu like this to distract us."
Dylan: "Want one of everything? The homemade mac 'n cheese made with lobster and asiago," he moaned.

Another thing I enjoyed was Dylan's apparent impulse issues. He had absolutely NO CONTROL! That was just so adorable. He sounded so cute!

Mike: "I say order one of everything from those books and see what happens."
Dylan: "You realize you're talking to a guy with nearly unlimited money and zero impulse control?"
Mike: "You realize you are talking to a guy who has had sex twice in six months?"
Dylan: "What are we wasting time talking for, then? Let's start clicking."

I also enjoyed that the book mentioned real authors, making me believe that everyone mentioned were the author's favorite writers :) The author even referred to their stories as "crack for romance lovers". How awesome is that!

THREE LITTLE WORDS by New York Times Bestselling Author Lauren Hawkeye
Two years ago serious law student Malachi Hunter broke wild child Adele Cavanaugh's heart. When Mal is thrown back into her life... and she meets Dorian Marshall, a bad boy with a soft spot for her... Adele doesn't know how to choose just one when they both help to ease her pain.
REVIEW: This story caught me off guard the most. I thought it was going to short and sweet. Two lovers find each other, they fight, they lose contact, and they meet again. Nope, not the case. Adele and Mal's story was great and hot and sexy. However, things didn't quite work out. Mal was young and stupid, and Adele experienced something extremely life-changing. Enter Dorian. He was the lead singer of the band "Three Little Words". Given that, he was irresistibly sexy.

Dorian: Picking up the cookie, I broke off a small piece. It must have just come out of the oven, because it was still warm. I took a bite then, as I swallowed, held the remainder up to Adele's lips. "My mama always said I needed to share."

Dorian met Mal at a frat party, and somehow, a couple years later, they ended up as roommates. This is when things started getting unpredictable for me. At one point, I wondered if Mal or Dorian were bisexual! You'll have to read the book to find out for sure.

Mal: "Not all of us are into rock star orgies, you pervert."
On his way out of the room, Dorian passed behind the couch. Laying his hand on (Mal's) shoulder, he leaned in to speak directly into (his) ear.
Dorian: "There's a pervert in all of us, mate. Some just hide it better than others."

Without spoiling anything, let's just say this story is HOT, HOT, HOT. So much sex, so much love, so much incredible story. Oh! I also enjoyed Dorian's little encounter with an orange cat. Let's just say the cat had other reasons to purr ;)

TAKEN BY STORM by New York Times Bestselling Author Opal Carew
Jessica doesn't like to take risks, but when she's almost run over by a red hot rock musician named Storm on his motorcycle, she realizes that some risks are worth taking.
REVIEW: So far, this was my favorite. What can I say, I'm a sucker for badass bikers with tattoos...and spiked hair. Something about that just sounds so sexy. Jessica agreed with me on that. At first, she was scared, and it was understandable. However, Storm quickly remedied that idea. He was so sweet and the complete opposite of his stereotype. I couldn't believe it. I was waiting for a big conflict to happen. There was a conflict, but it wasn't that big. Overall, Storm was just absolutely wonderful and Jessica was one lucky woman! Ms. Carew is definitely on my favorite author radar!

Review for the rest of the stories below will come soon in a different post!

HOW TO CHOOSE A COWBOY by New York Times Bestselling Author Daire St. Denis
When Tessa Savage is forced to choose between two hunky cowboys while vacationing at the Lazy L Dude Ranch, she finds herself at a loss; the Marlboro Man look-a-like or the fun-loving exhibitionist. Help Tessa decide in this smokin' hot interactive tale.

THE VAMPIRE DESIGN by New York Times Bestselling Author Vivi Anna
A naive young artist travels through Europe searching for the most infamous painter ever to live... who also happens to be a 300 year old vampire.

ANYTHING HE WANTS: ATONEMENT by New York Times Bestselling Author Sara Fawkes
Jeremiah and Lucy have been through the fire and barely escaped with their lives, but can their love survive the real world?

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Promo: Fall Into Me

Title: Fall Into Me
Series: Heart of Stone, 2
Author: K.M. Scott
Publisher: Cooper Key Media, LLC
Release Date: November 24, 2013
Pages: 233
Buy LinksAmazon (Paperback) | Amazon (Kindle)


Wealthier and more powerful than most men his age, Tristan Stone merely has to give voice to his desires and whatever he wants is his. Money has given him the ability to say nothing and no one is beyond his reach.

Except for Nina. Stripped of her memory after an accident, she doesn't remember the man who loves her. Now he must find a way to show her why she fell in love with him, but the past is always just a step behind, threatening to take her away forever.

Unsure of everything about the past four years, Nina believes Tristan loves her. But will the secrets he holds tear them apart just when she needs him most?

K.M. Scott Social Media
Twitter: @kmscottromance

GIVEAWAY: 2 $25 Amazon gift cards at the end of the tour .....

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Promo: Romance Abroad

It's release day, and that means new Indulgence books for you to Indulge in.  Get those eReaders out and enjoy!

Enjoy 3 books for the price of 2 with this Affair Series bundle by the incomparable Annie Seaton.  

Holiday Affair

Book one in The Affair series! Staid professor Lissy McIntyre believes that choosing a mate should be based on common sense. And Lissy would certainly never pick a rolling stone like Nick Richards for long-term love. But a red-hot, tropical romance? Oh, yeah. He’s got a body made for sinning and his sizzling kisses leave her senseless. But what will happen when she discovers her new neighbor and co-worker is the same man she shared one night of forbidden island pleasure with?

Italian Affair

Free-spirited sex therapist Brianna Ballantine has four days to find a fiancĂ© so she can inherit her birth mother’s Italian villa. Commitment is not on the agenda. When finance guru Tomas Richards offers a marriage of convenience to help Brianna secure her inheritance, the sizzle between the sheets promises an affair to remember, despite family complications at every turn. Now Tom must convince her to stay, and make this Italian affair a lifelong commitment.

Outback Affair

Jessica Trent needs to land a one-on-one interview with the reclusive Alessandro Ricardo, a man hell-bent on staying out of the limelight. But she wants the ruggedly sexy fisherman taking her to Crocodile Springs—in the Outback--to get it. Alex Richards protects his privacy and his heart in equal measure, but the Yankee bombshell he’s helping cross the Australian wild threatens both. Their attraction ignites, but will his lie destroy them both?

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Review: Stranded With A Hero

Title: Stranded with a Hero (Anthology)
Authors: Karen Erickson, Coleen Kwan, Cindi Madsen, Roxanne Snopek
Publisher: Entangled: Bliss
Release Date: November 11, 2013
Pages: 350
Buy LinkAmazon


Getting snowed in never felt so good as boundaries are crossed, opposites attract, and friends discovering more promise a Christmas no one will ever forget.

Loving Mindy by Karen Erickson
Mindy can’t believe she's stuck with her ex–best friend—and the man whose heart she broke years ago—for the holidays, though the tension between them is more than enough to keep them warm. Josh Powers never forgot Mindy, but he can’t risk his heart a second time.

White-Hot Holiday by Coleen Kwan 
Naomi’s sworn off men like Aaron—rich, cocky, and dismissive of holiday traditions. Aaron decided to spend Christmas in sunny Australia to avoid snowy New York, not to fall for the woman his best friend warned him away from. But when a volcano grounds him, Aaron and Naomi's relationship becomes eruptive.

An Officer and a Rebel by Cindi Madsen
The last person police officer Nate Walsh expected to discover in a snowstorm is his brother's ex and former town rebel, Kelsey Cooper. She’s his complete opposite and totally off-limits, but as they wait out the storm together, all he can think is how he wishes she'd stay forever.

Saving the Sheriff by Roxanne Snopek
Frankie Sylva was determined to free the reindeer cruelly held for a holiday roadshow, even if it meant risking her own life. Deputy Sheriff Red LeClair set out to save a stranger in a snowstorm, never expecting he’d be the one to be rescued.


I sure love my holiday stories!!

Loving Mindy
I really enjoyed the humorous banter between Mindy and Josh. I enjoyed reading the interaction between them, clearly demonstrating that they've known each other for a long time. I specifically enjoyed their cookie time :)

Just as he remembered, the cookies were melt-in-his-mouth delicious, buttery and sweet, and the frosting was good, too. He ate one for every three he frosted, laughing when Mindy glared at him, pointing her green-frosting-covered knife straight at him in an accusatory way.

"I saw you eat that cookie, Joshua Powers. I believe it's the third one you've devoured in fifteen minutes."

"And I've frosted at least ten." He waved a hand at the cookies he'd already finished, which sat on the cookie sheet. "You've frosted what, three?"

His gaze dropped to the paper plate Mindy was using to set her frosted cookies on. They were like little works of art, frosted carefully, sprinkles scattered across the top, whereas he'd just frosted and moved on like he was some sort of machine.

"Well, they are a little prettier than mine," he conceded when she hadn't said anything.

She set a pretty green tree with red and white stars sprinkled on top on the plate, watching him with both brows raised. "A little prettier? Josh, your cookies are sort of...clumpy-looking."

"Fine, a lot prettier." He sighed, then snagged one of the clumpy-looking cookies off the pan and shoved it in his mouth.

"And clumpy is definitely edible, I might add," he said once he swallowed.

Shaking her head, she started in on another cookie, her knife moving precisely over the cookie. "You haven't changed a bit. All about getting it done and not paying attention to the details."

"What are you talking about? I'm all about the details." Now he was offended. He was an arson investigator for God's sake.

Looking for the details was what he did for a living.

"Not when it comes to frosting cookies."

"I don't need to make them look pretty. They taste so damn good, no one's going to notice. They'll be too busy shoving them down their throat like I am." 

I also enjoyed the time when Mindy would come on to Josh a bit strong. I treasured those moments when a woman took the initiative and went for what she wanted. I was proud of Mindy for that, no matter how long or short it lasted.

White-Hot Holiday
Aaron was so adorable! He was charming all around, so naturally, how could Naomi resist him? He was definitely sexy the way the author described him. I liked his personification of his dimples!

"I'm very good at customer service. See these dimples here? They're my secret weapon. I've closed major deals with them...They don't teach you the proper use of dimples at Columbia. It comes from experience."

Oh, did I mention Aaron was the Grinch in sexy form? Poor Naomi, she'd been shocked countless by Aaron's "honest" declarations about Christmas.

"For once in my life, I need some darn mistletoe."

I also enjoyed the longing that was in this story. Aaron missed his family, something he didn't expect. It reminded me of how I should be feeling about mine. Anyway...

"Can you make things clear for the dumb male here? Are you going to kiss me for real now or push me away after one little peck?"

Finally, I enjoyed the big gestures that Aaron and Naomi did for each other. Definitely could feel the love.

An Officer and a Rebel
In this story, I really enjoyed Nate's awkwardness. He was the guy who always did the right thing, even when it meant possibly giving up his happiness. Holding back his feelings sure made him plenty awkward. That was adorable. It seemed he wasn't very good with the ladies, though I have no way of proving that. He also tended to say things that left Kelsey thinking about what he really meant.

"Because you are the prettiest thing I'd every laid eyes on, and I was afraid everyone would notice I was staring."

When it became apparent that he couldn't hold it any longer, I loved the way he expressed his feelings toward Kelsey. It was indirect, but definitely swoon-worthy.

Kelsey: "Okay, so foreign vacation. Then where would you go?"
Nate: "Let's just cut to the chase and say wherever you'd go."

Finally, I enjoyed Nate's and Kelsey's little quirks like Nate scrunching his eyebrows and Kelsey wrinkling her nose. So adorable.

N: "One day you're going to get me tossed in jail for indecent exposure."
K: "I certainly hope so."

Saving the Sheriff
This story was the one story that was hardest to get into. The romance took FOREVER. Sure, the tension was there, but the attraction seemed almost non-existent the way things were going. It was slow and uneventful. Despite all that, I did enjoy the innuendos between the characters, even if they were unintentional sometimes.

Frankie: "Are you kidding me? You're taking my boots?"
Red: "You'd prefer handcuffs? I've got the equipment. Say the word."

I also enjoyed Frankie's rambling when she got really nervous. She could talk without even taking a breath! Whew! That was exhausting just reading it. It was one of my favorite things about her :)

As a rare treat, I enjoyed a supporting character named Bliss. She was the housekeeper of the Three River Ranch. She was something, alright. She said what was on her mind, but she was still old and half the time, didn't know the double meaning of the things she said.

"The only one with problems is you, gal. Now, come help me with breakfast. The rest'll be here any minute. And you!" She poked a finger in Red's direction. "Put your clothes on. I'm pretty sure she's already seen what's what. No need to keep flogging that horse." A laugh burst out of Frankie. "What? What'd I say this time?"

Finally, I loved the way Red and Frankie communicated with each other through a song. When they both had something important to say or a confession, they would bust out in a song. It was absolutely wonderful. Even if I couldn't hear Red's voice, I could imagine what a beautiful voice he had.

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Character Interview: A Long Time Coming

Title: A Long Time Coming
Series: Perfect Timing, #2
Author: Heather Van Fleet
Publisher: Sunshine Press
Release Date: November 8, 2013
Pages: 266
Buy LinksSmashwords | ARe | Sunshine Press | Amazon | BN



Abigail Orson has a problem. A love problem to be precise; and she has absolutely no idea how to go about fixing it.
For years now, she has been chasing her best friend’s brother—demanding things from him that he’s never wanted to give. For one? A real relationship that surpasses well beyond that dreaded ‘just friends’ zone. You see, David Anderson is her idea of perfection to a T. The one and only guy who has ever had the ability to make her heart beat faster; make her toes curl with the simple blink of his long, girly lashes. But David is also a recovering amputee, and the only thing he really wants from Abigail is to be left alone. Abigail is a fighter though, and losing the one guy who has ruined her for every other is no longer an option.

A guy with one leg who has lost his motivation to live—to love—to actually be a man. David believes he’s a waste of space. If only the beautiful girl of his unattainable dreams would get that through her perfect, blonde, stubborn head! He’s not the right guy for Abigail. He’ll never be worthy of what she deserves. However, staying away is almost impossible, especially when he’s just as in love with her as she is with him. But Abigail has a life ahead of her, one that’s definitely livable without a nineteen–year–old gimp like him holding her down. What makes her want to stick around is beyond questionable to David’s mind.

Choices will be made. Lines will be drawn. And together, they will face challenges that nobody saw coming. David and Abigail may have had almost fourteen years to fall in love, but the thing is, timing and love have never exactly worked in their favor.
It has been years in the making, and definitely A Long Time Coming for David and Abigail. Let’s hope they don’t screw it up before they actually have the chance to get it right…

Excerpt :

She spun around, nibbling on her lip, grabbing both of his hands as she pulled him slowly along with her. Her eyes were so focused and shiny that he barely remembered his own name, let alone what he was about to say.
“No crutches, David.” 

They made it to the edge of the floor, just as the tempo of the music slowed, to that of a seductive, rhythmic beat. She pulled his hands towards her, and he took that non–verbal command, wrapping his arms around her waist. His fingers knew just what to do, settling into the curves of her body right above her perfect ass. Those damn traitorous body parts had a mind of their own. 

“I won’t let you fall…” she whispered in his ear, running her fingers through the back of his hair like a vixen who he wanted to steal away forever, only, though, so he could lock her up with him in the backseat of her car again.

Shit …it wasn’t the fear of falling that worried him. Oh no…it was the fear of never wanting to let her go again.

Character Interview

Me: Hey David, have a seat! We need to have a little chat! *smiles knowingly as David sits across the table from me* Note to self: he looks a little pissed at me. Can’t imagine why? :)

David: What’s this all about anyway? You bring me here to mess with my life some more?

Me: *cringes* Um, yeah…about that? I’m sorry.

David: *shrugs* Guess it’s your job as an author, huh? *smiles…just a little bit* I should probably apologize too. I haven’t been the easiest of characters to write about, huh?

Me: Let’s just call it a tie and shake on it, k? *reaches across the table to shake*

David: *Grins and shakes his head…and my hand*

Me: Okay then. I brought you to my humble abode today because I wanted to just hang. Find out what’s been going on since I last left you on that dance floor with your wife might I add? *See…I’m not all that bad*

David: *Sits back in his chair and folds his arms over his chest. That grin of his face is truly infectious might I add.* I’ve been really good, actually. You did well. Abs is at home on bed rest though…did you know about that? *raises one brow in suspicion*

Me: *giggles* Nope, not this time buddy. Is she okay?

David: She’s great. Better than great. Just dealing with a little blood pressure issue. Nothing major. She’s set to be induced next Monday.

Me: *claps all too giddily for my own good* Well hot damn. I can’t wait to be a book auntie. You ready to tell us about this baby now?

David: *Smiles brightly* You mean, about my daughter? Heather?

Me: *gets all teary eyed* You seriously did not name your baby after me, did you?

David: *leans forward resting his elbows against my table* Of course we are. You and fate brought us together in the end, so we figured that was the perfect thanks.

Me: *tears* Okay…moving on before I get blubbery. Tell me about you…how you’ve been feeling. How the leg is, and what you’re doing now?

David: Well, I’m feeling really good. The prosthetic is finally working out right. I just finished school a week ago and am now a full time physical therapist. Mainly I work with kids though. Easier than dealing with cranky asses like myself. 

Me: *nods* Yeah…you got way too broody for me for a while there in your story, you know. I think you irritated a few of my readers even. 

David: *frowns, but doesn’t respond.* 

Me: *Leans over the table to pat his hands* It’s all good. That was just you. I get it and I wouldn’t have you any other way.

David: *grins again* 

Me: *Man…this boy/man is something else.* Okay, let’s talk about something serious. What were you thinking that night in the car when you and Abs first got together?

David: I wasn’t thinking. I was drunk and stupid. 

Me: No…you were in love and needing her.

David: Okay, fine. Yes. I admit it. But it wasn’t the right time for us. Timing is everything, right? I mean, I needed to grow up. Be a man. It just took me a long as time to get there. Don’t knock me for wanting to make sure, Ms. Van Fleet.

Me: *Grins and shakes head* Yeah, I get it. Moving on. How’s your mom?

David: Healthy. Happy. Eagerly waiting for her first grandchild to be born. I really feel sorry for my little Heather. She’s in for it being the first Anderson grandchild and all.

Me: *smiles* She’s amazing. I love that woman like my own mom.

David: She is. I treated her pretty badly in the past, but we’ve never been closer.

Me: Good to hear. Give her my love. And your dad the mountain man hugs too.

David: Yep, no problem.

Me: Okay, rapid fire question time. You ready for this?

David *brows pinch together. The evil glare is back.*

ME: Number one: boxers or briefs.

David: *throws head back to stare at the ceiling. His cheeks are bright red* Boxers.

Me: Fate or Destiny.

David: What’s difference?

Me: Just answer it.

David: *frowns* Fate.

Me: Next one: favorite flower type?

David: What am I, a girl?

Me: *growls*

David: Fine. Roses. Wasn’t that obvious enough for you?

Me: Oh yeah. The infamous flower/wooing scene. I think I might have swooned over you a bit myself.

David: *rolls eyes*

Me: Final one before I let you go back to your wifey.

David: Good. *huffs*

Me: *rolls eyes* Who do you look up to the most in your life and why?
David: There are two people I look up to the most. One is my twin sister, Harley. That girl is one hell of a fighter.

Me: She is, isn’t she? I miss her. Off the subject, how is she?

David: Good, her and surfer boy are hauled up in Santa Cruz still. She got a job at a local architect firm and Masons probably slacking in the ocean somewhere like a fool.

Me: Hey, don’t knock Mason. I heart that boy.

David *rolls eyes.*

Me: Okay, moving on again. Who is the other person you look up to the most?

David: My mom. She’s a fighter too. Cancer free and living a life most twenty year olds would dream of. Now that dad’s retired, they’re renovating the house. Just got a puppy to fill the ‘empty nest’ syndrome.
Me: Aww…I love those two.

David: *frowns and reaches into his pocket to pull out his vibrating cell* Shit. *Eyes me with evil disdain* 

Me: *Grins knowingly. I am the author in fact. I really do have all the control here.* You best get to your butt to Abs. My guess is this is not going to be an easy labor.

David: *Stands from the table, glaring down at me* 

Me: Love you too David! 

David: Ha! *shakes his head, smiling anyways as he heads towards the door.*

That boy is going to be one amazing daddy. :)

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ARC Review: Deception's Web

Title: Deception's Web
Series: The Deizian Empire, 33
Author: Crista McHugh
Self-PublishedRelease Date: December 7, 2013
Pages: 280
Buy LinkAmazon


A soldier looking for redemption falls into the arms of the empire's Black Widow...

Galerius, former Captain of the Legion, is honored to be given a chance to redeem himself by discovering who is behind the failing barrier. A series of anonymous letters all point to Hostilius, governor of Lucrilia, but Galerius thinks he'll learn more about the plot by seducing the governor's thrice widowed daughter, Claudia. Although he warns himself not to fall into snare of the empire's most deadly temptress, one kiss leaves him begging for more.

Claudia has spent years as a pawn in her father's political games and longs to break free of his rule, even it means betraying him to the emperor. When Galerius arrives in Tivola, she's not sure if he's there to aid her father or stop him. She willingly submits to his seduction, despite their class differences, in order to find the truth. What she doesn't expect to find is a man who indulges her secret fantasies, satisfying her in a way none of her previous husbands did, and treats her as something more than a conquest. As time runs out to thwart her father's plans, she must decide if she can trust Galerius not only with her life, but her heart.


This book is hotter than the first two books! Gosh, I don't even know how to write this review. It's so good, words are not enough to express it!

Galerius quit when he failed to save the first emperor and to protect the second emperor. His pride was wounded and he decided quitting was the best solution. A few months later, he was dragged back into the empire. He was presented an opportunity to redeem himself. I was so glad he didn't give up, and he wasn't the kind of soldier who became disrespectful when they were harboring self-loathing.

The first time Galerius and Claudia met, they shared a steamy time together. The second time, they shared another steamy time. The third, yet again. You get my idea? They can't keep their hands off each other! I absolutely enjoyed that. They were hopelessly attracted to each other; it was sometimes hard to focus on their mission.

Claudia was described as such a beautiful woman, I can't believe I was one of the people who didn't care much for her. Yes, she was the Black Widow, but she was only doing her duties, as horrible as that might have been. What choice did she have?

Claudia had a slave who had a son named Kafi. The kid was so clever! I wished whatever happened to him in the book didn't happen. He had so much potential and deserved so much more.

Claudia's father and brother were sick! The author did such a great job portraying them as practically monsters. They treated Claudia as if she was one of the slaves. The way her brother treated her like a whore was just wrong.

This story lacked the humor I enjoyed from the first two books, but the amount of steam definitely made up for it. When I think of this book, I'm filled with so much warmth, as if I was enveloped with Galerius and Claudia's emotions :)


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Review: Barely Undercover

Title: Barely Undercover
Series: Legal Heat, #2
Author: Sarah Castille
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd
Release Date: December 3, 2013
Pages: 270
Buy LinkAmazon


With passion at full throttle, there's no turning back. 

When private investigator Lana Parker follows a dangerous biker into an underground sex club, James Hunter is the last man she expects to see. But there he is, all dark looks and chiseled charms, ready to break her heart all over again.

Danger is the name of the game for an undercover cop. And the last thing James wants is for the fiery beauty to come anywhere near the notorious biker gang he's trying to take down. Yet Lana has no intention of giving up her case, which means he'll have to keep her close to keep her safe. A risky proposition--especially when their blazing sexual chemistry reignites an unforgettable passion.

But when a dark terror emerges from the past, Lana goes on the run...and James gives up everything to save her. Backed into a corner, Lana must face her fears, including the one thing that frightens her most...her overwhelming feelings for the man whose searing glance sparks her most hidden desires, the man she should not trust, but cannot resist.
Warning: The book contains violence, explicit sex, light BDSM, heavy swearing, motorcycle sexytimes, bad-ass biker naughtytimes, and an exceptionally hot hero who will get down and dirty anywhere but under the covers.


So hot, so steamy, so good!!!

This is the second book I've read of Sarah Castille, and I haven't been disappointed. Oh my gosh, I promise she is the only author that can get me so bothered ;) *fans self*

James was an undercover cop for two years, the same time he walked away from Lana. His transformation wasn't something he enjoyed, but it was necessary. Lana and I, on the other hand, are in love with him! He's so "hot as in H-O-T" as Jackie had put it. He was dangerous, sexy, and can talk dirty. Perfect combination for sure. No wonder Lana was always ready to jump him ;)

Lana had a dark past, one she was still running away from. Getting involved with James was not the best idea, but really, who could resist him? I especially enjoyed his deadpan responses to Lana's questions or statements. I could just picture James's shoulders shrugging as he said the words nonchalantly. *swoon*

Lana: "You broke it."
James: "I wanted to come in."
Lana: "Most people would take the closed door as a refusal and not an invitation."
James: "I took it as a challenge."

Then, there's Jackie, Lana's best friend. They basically saved each other when they were at their lowest. She's absolutely adorable! She cracked me up whenever she had a scene with Lana, regardless of how serious the situation was!

Lana: "I would introduce you, but I don't know what name you go by, and since you're leaving anyway, it doesn't matter."
James: "Ice."
Jackie: Jackie. So you're the hot undercover cop. I've heard a lot about you. Mostly bad things. I'm afraid as Lana's best friend I have a duty to hate you vicariously for breaking her heart, which is a shame because you're kind of cute, and the whole kicking the door thing..." She fanned herself and finished with a light giggle. (Please note that Jackie NEVER giggled before according to Lana.)

There was also James's loyal biker friend, Ryder. He was also super hot. I really wish that there would be a book about him and Jackie. I want them to end up together. Their fire would totally blend and explode into an inferno! I would LOVE to read that (*wink* to the author)

Ryder: "A man sees you, Roxie (Lana), you're burned into his brain. No matter what you're wearing."

One of my favorite parts were the German-speaking scene between Lana, James, and Ryder. That was absolutely filled with sexual tension! I also enjoyed how mad James was, Ryder wasn't bothered at all, and Lana was scared and considered hiding. It was absolutely hilarious!!

Yet another hilarious scene was when James and Ryder were talking about being set free from their cell by the villain's wife. I could not believe it! Ryder was scared! I was about to have a fit!

Voices. Low. Urgent. Crack! A grunt.

"Don't tell me I don't got any say," Angel shouted. "Last I heard, I was still married to the cheating bastard, which makes me the number one old lady in the club, which makes you dirt under my fucking shoes. See these shoes? He bought 'em for me as an apology for fucking the babysitter. They look pretty but they got steel toes. You know why they got steel toes? So I could kick losers like you in the balls and cause some permanent fucking damage."

Thud! A long, low pained groan.

James winced. Beside him, Ryder grimaced and the color drained from his face.

"You sure it was a good idea calling out for her? What if she's pissed at us too?"

"I told you," James said, with a confidence he didn't feel in the least. "She owes me a favor."

"She doesn't owe me." Ryder paced his way to the back of the room. Away from the door.

James gave a harsh laugh. "She's half your size. Maybe even less."

Ryder shook his head. "Size means nothing. She scares me. Just like black widow spiders and scorpions scare me. They're so small and you can't see them coming, and by the time you do, it's too late." He drew a line across his throat. "You're dead."

Lana's tragic past was so vivid, I could practically see every painful thing she experienced. When her eyes showed she lost all hope, I felt it, too. The author did such a great job, I'm completely blown away. I did enjoy James's last minute rescue every time she needed him. He was definitely a real hero for her. One thing I wanted to find out, though, was how James got his biker name, Ice. That would have been such a cool story to read. Check it out below - exclusive!!

Character Interview

Lana, you and James met under unusual circumstances. Was it love at first sight? Did you know even then he was the one for you?

Lana: [Lana grins]. It was definitely lust at first sight. He was working security at the underground sex club, Carpe Noctem when I sneaked in to do a little investigative work. Unfortunately or maybe [turns to James and winks] fortunately he caught me and dragged me to his office for an interrogation. I couldn’t stop staring at him. I mean he was all pissed off and playing the bad-ass but for some reason that just made me hotter and, of course, he kept checking me out.

James: [snorts] Babe. I wasn’t checking you out. I was wondering whether you were gonna freeze to death in that tiny, electric fucking blue outfit that hugged every curve of your beautiful body when I booted your ass outside for sneaking into the club.

Lana: Like I said, checking me out.

James: Like I said, wondering about the outfit and what was underneath

Lana: Every time I met him on that case, he was checking me out. Once he even pretended he needed to frisk me so he could look at my ass.

James: My girl’s got the fucking sweetest ass...

Lana: [shakes her head and sighs] He swears a lot since he’s become a real biker. “You aren’t fucking going out in that barely fucking there strip-of Lycra lap dancer disguise,” he says to me when I’m about to go on surveillance. “Get your ass to bed,” he says, as if I’m gonna run to do his bidding.

James: [slides his hand under Lana’s tumble of red hair and curls his fingers around her neck, leaning close]. Babe, you like to do my bidding. And far as I can recall, your ass hit the bed in record time.

Lana: [blushes] Well I hadn’t seen you in twelve hours, and then you stalk into our apartment, looking bad-ass breathtaking in your leathers and smelling of diesel and the ocean. And you’ve got that look you get after you spend the day cruising around with Ryder and the Rogue Riders on your Harleys just looking for trouble. What’s a hot-blooded girl supposed to do?

James: You certainly had some ideas.

Lana: So did you. You never seem to run out of ideas. Sometimes your imagination scares me.

James, what about you? Two years went by after you left Lana and broke her heart. What did you think when you saw her again? Was the spark still there?

James: Fuck, yeah. Thought I’d have a heart attack. Not a day went by that I didn’t think about her and there she was. Christ, you shoulda seen her in that sex club wearin’ a naughty police outfit with these stockings that criss crossed all the way up her gorgeous legs. My brain fuzzed and I couldn’t think beyond wantin’ to get her the hell outta there ‘cause every guy in that place was panting over her.

Lana: Not every guy.

James: I’m a guy, babe. I know when other men are wantin’ my woman. Sixth sense. Was wondering how many I could take out on my own...

Lana: [shifts in her seat]. I wasn’t your woman then. I hated you for leaving me. I’d even given you a nickname, Heartless Bastard.

James: [squeezes her hand] You’ve been mine since the first day we met. Just needed a kick in the ass to see it.

Lana: [rolls her eyes] So romantic. Possessive and potty mouthed.

James:  You love my mouth, babe. Last night after you got your ass in bed, you said...

Lana: James!

James: ...you loved...

Lana: James!

James: Me.

Lana: Oh. Yeah. I do have a fondness for rough, gritty, breathtakingly handsome alpha male bikers with potty mouths.

James: [presses kiss to her forehead]. She loves me.

Lana: You might have mentioned you loved me too.

James: Didn’t think you heard me.

Lana: [softly] I hear you every time you say it and I’ll never get tired of hearing it.

James: Maybe we should get it tattooed on your ass...

Maybe we should ask the big question everyone has been wondering about. James...how did you get your road name, Ice?

James: [smirks] Well, one night I was with the Rogue Riders in the Cecil strip club on Main Street...

Lana: Omigod. You were in a strip club?

James: I wasn’t lookin’ at the girls, babe. I was just there for a coupla drinks with the boys.

Lana: It’s amazing strip clubs stay in business given the number of men who say they just went with their friends for a few drinks and don’t look at the women dancing. If you want to drink with your friends, why not go to a bar where women aren’t ripping off their clothes and slithering around a pole?

James: Babe?

Lana: [frowns] What?

James: I ever lie to you?

Lana: You sneaked out in the middle of the night and left me two years ago.

James: But did I lie?

Lana: Okay. No. You’ve never lied to me. But that doesn’t excuse the fact you were at a strip club, and if I ever catch you at a strip club again, you’ll be a very, very sorry biker.

James: Noted.

Lana: I guess I’ll let you tell the story.

James: Much appreciated. So, I was at the strip club and this little cherry bomb with flamin’ red hair and a teeny tiny l’il red dress with nothin’ underneath is crawling over my lap...

Lana: [muffles a snort] Not liking the story, James...

James: Well, I’m gonna finish anyway ‘cause it’s the polite thing to do. So, she offered to gimme the Cecil Special for half price in the back room and all the guys are drooling ‘cause she was a hot piece of—an attractive girl—but she offered the special only to me. But I said no.

Lana: [says dryly and rolls her eyes] I’m so pleased.

James: I said ‘no’ because I was thinking of you, babe. Even though I’d made the biggest mistake of my life and left you, I never stopped thinking about you. She had hair just like yours and I wanted it to be you crawling on my lap, with your hand between...er...your breasts in my...um...I wanted you. Only you. So I turned her down and the guys said I had to be made of ice to turn down someone as hot as her. But I was thinking my Lana was hotter and sweeter and sexier than any other woman I’d ever met. Anyway, the name stuck. Ice.

Lana: [Clasps James’ hand] That’s kind of sweet in a twisted  kind of way.

James: That’s me, babe. Sweet but twisted.

James and Lana, thanks for joining us today. We wish you every happiness in your future.

Overall, this book was incredible - definitely a bestseller in my book. Sarah Castille is brilliant!