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Beauty Enchanted Beasts by Jessica Frost (Promo + Giveaway)

Beauty’s Enchanted Beasts  
Spells of Seduction—Book 1
By Jessica Frost
Genre: Erotic Historical Fantasy/Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, werewolves

Elizabeth Stuart thought she couldn’t hate the Duke of Norfolk any more than she did. After he wins her in a bet and she’s forced to live in his castle, she learns she was wrong. Penniless and distraught, she moves in, vowing to make him pay.

Richard Albert has loved Elizabeth for so long. When her father asks his help in protecting Elizabeth from the evil sorceress Pondora, he agrees wholeheartedly, not knowing Elizabeth’s father lied about why she’ll be staying with him. Now she thinks he’s evil incarnate.

George Albert’s not happy his brother brought Lady Elizabeth there. Considering the danger that lurks in Castle Norfolk’s dungeon, she’s no safer with them. But after seeing how much Richard loves her and realizing she’s the woman of George’s sexual dreams, whom he so desires, he changes his mind and plans on making every one of his erotic dreams come true.

Soon these three get caught in a web of deceit, sex, and love. Little do they know Pondora has figured a way past the castle’s enchantment and intends on executing her deadly curse.


Elizabeth continued to search, opening doors to empty rooms or storage areas, until she came to a door and, upon opening it, was surprised to see a man sat on a chaise longue reading a book.

“I’m terribly sorry. I thought this was the door leading outside,” she said blushing, trying to close the door behind her.

He instantly stood up, a look of shock plastered on his face. His wide eyes just stared at her while he remained silent. Then he broke eye contact and cleared his throat.

“It’s quite all right.” He approached her with a bright smile. The sparkle in his sharp eyes looked familiar and she lost her breath for a moment. “You must either be Lady Elizabeth or her sister, Ann.”

He took her hand and bowed, bringing her hand to his warm lips. Never breaking his fixed gaze on her, he continued, “But from my brother’s description, you must be the beautiful Lady Elizabeth, no doubt.”

Her cheeks warmed at his compliment and she couldn’t help but stare back at him in a trance. His beautiful azure eyes bewitched her, as did his full lips and strong chin. When she finally acknowledged in her mind she had been gawking, she immediately lowered her gaze to the floor in embarrassment. Words to reply came languidly as time seemed to stop. After taking a shallow breath, she said, “I didn’t realize the Duke of Norfolk had a brother.”

He chuckled. “Younger brother who gives him more headaches than he’d care to have, I’m afraid. Perhaps that is the reason he never mentioned me. My name is George.”

“Oh, well, your brother and I haven’t really spoken often, or for long. We’ve barely conversed.”

His brow lifted in apparent surprise. “Really? And yet here you are, Norfolk Castle your new permanent residence.”

“That, my lord, is your brother’s doing, not mine. I had no say in this arrangement he and my father made.” Her anger rose.

“Ah, yes, the supposed bet. Yes, yes, I had forgotten about that.” He walked around her tapping his index finger on his pursed lips while he looked her over like a prize.

It was obvious the Duke’s brother had his same rude manners and disrespect for women. Yet surprisingly a part of her found George’s admiring attention flattering. Before she could open her mouth to put him in his place, he remarked, “What if there were no bet, my lady?”

“Pardon me?” She frowned, not understanding his question completely.

“What if there really were no bet? Would you have come to live here just the same?” he asked as he came to stand before her a mere few inches away. She could swear she heard his heart beating for how close he stood. His virility seemed to intoxicate her that instant.

“If there were no bet? Well, of course I wouldn’t.”


“Ever!” she reiterated with a firm tone.

“Even if your life were in danger?” George said, inching his face closer to hers while his gorgeous eyes fixed on her lips.

Her lips throbbed under his hungry stare and her voice cracked. “No, not even then.”

He broke his gaze then and frowned. “I see.” He turned and walked to the window, staring outside with a blank, far-off expression for a moment.

Feeling awkward, and disappointed he had diverted his attention elsewhere, she made her way to the door. “I’m sorry for interrupting you. I’ll be on my way now.”

He turned to look at her. “Where was it you were headed, my lady?”

“I was trying to find the door that led to the garden outside. I saw it from my bedroom upstairs and wanted to take a leisurely walk in it.”

“It’s a beautiful day outside and the perfect time for a walk in the gardens.” He walked up to her and extended his arm for her to take. His brow lifted and a smile spread over his lips. “If my lady would allow me the honor of showing her our prized gardens, I’d love to show them to you.”

Blushing once more, she replied, “I don’t want to be a bother, my lord. You were reading when I interrupted you.”

“Yes, and the book was dreadfully boring. I’d much prefer the company of a beautiful lady.”

Her brow lifted in warning at his wording and he laughed at his gaffe. “I mean I’d much rather accompany a beautiful lady to see our gardens than read a boring book.”

She looped her arm through his. A tiny shock, when her hand made contact with his, traveled through her arm and targeted her chest. Her breath caught in her throat and her legs became weak for a second.

He pulled her in closer, wrapping his arm around her waist, and began to guide her through the door into the corridor.

Being so close to him as they walked made her palms sweaty and her mouth dry. She wished the lump in her throat would dislodge so she could begin to breathe again. Her bodice tightened on her breasts as she tried to expand her chest to take in air. Then an uncontrollable, arousing urge she had never before experienced overcame her.

In fear of the unbounded excitement surging in her body, she desperately wanted to break free from him and run in urgency.

About the Author:
Jessica Frost has always had a passion for fiction and the written word. Add to that her wild, vivid imagination and her pure romantic tendencies and she soon realized she had the traits needed to become a romance author. She decided to take the very big first step not that long ago and wrote her first erotic romance story. And she has not looked back since. Being a romance writer is a dream come true for her. Having the opportunity to create fantasy worlds where anything and everything can happen is an amazing feeling. She hopes these worlds and the delightful characters she creates will bring hours of enjoyment to her readers as they have done for her.

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Interview with Diane Alberts + Giveaway

Title: Try Me
Take a Chance #1
Author: Diane Alberts
Publisher: Ever After (Entangled Publishing)
Release Date: May 24, 2012
Buy Here: Amazon|Barnes & Noble

What happens in Vegas…can lead to romance.
It took one wild night for Sergeant Jeremy Addison to realize that Vegas? Was a bad idea.
Bloody. Bruised. Dehydrated. Abandoned in the desert, and left to stagger down the road. The only way this leave could get worse was if his savior was his ex-best friend’s sister…and the girl he’d loved since childhood.
The last person Erica expected to find on the roadside was her high school crush. She hadn’t seen Jeremy in seven years—ever since the night he said he loved her, and she ran away. Losing him then had been a mistake, but wanting him now could be catastrophic if he discovered the secret that chased every other man from her life. But with a tall, tattooed Marine determined to prove he’s always been faithful, can Erica resist his advances…or will she surrender ground and give love a try?
Thanks you so much for inviting me here today! I’m so excited to get a chance to talk about the first book in the Take a Chance series, Try Me! Before we start, I want to tell everyone about a fun contest I’m having! If Try Me hits the Top 100 on Barnes and Noble—I’m giving away a signed picture of Jeremy’s abs! So don’t forget to tell all of your friends! The more people who know—the better chances you walk away with hotness! <3

Click on the cover above to add Try Me to your Goodreads TBR list!
Kayla: Where did the idea for Try Me sprout from?

Diane: The first scene I got in my head from the book is the one in the beginning, where Jeremy is stranded and confused, and feeling completely down on himself about his life. He’s bitter, sore, and abandoned, and desperately looking for a re-do. He wants so much out of life, but just can’t seem to pull it together enough to get what he wants.
Then, I pictured Erica, his ex-best friend’s sister that he could never, and would never, have. Cue the car coming, with Erica inside…and the rest came together from there!

Kayla: How was the gorgeous cover of Try Me decided on?

Diane: Oh, all of that credit goes to my editor, who is also my cover artist. He’s amazingly talented in so many ways, and I had talked to him about it a little bit. I did want to see abs and tattoos—and man, he gave me more than I could have ever hoped for. I mean, LOOK at it. :D

Kayla: What was the writing process of Try Me like?

The book itself really came easily to me. This story needed to be told, and the characters were just so much fun! Jeremy and Erica are perfect for one another, but they just needed a little shove to make it happen. I wrote it fairly quickly, but I’m not a plotter. It all just sort of…comes. Weird, I know. But true!

Kayla: Did you end up changing anything in "Try Me"?

Diane: Hmm, we added the last chapter in the book in, before the epilogue, to lead into the epilogue better. More of a transitional period, so to speak. And I’m so glad it got added in, because I absolutely adore that scene.

Kayla: Were there any surprises that came up while you were writing this book?

Diane: No, I don’t think so! ~thinks~ Wait, yes. I realized how much of the military life I knew about. My husband was in the Marines but got out in 2004. But writing about the lifestyle, the housing, and the hardships that those heroes and their families face reminded me that I remember all of it. Sometimes, it’s easy to forget the small things, but it all came rushing back to me the moment I started this book.

Kayla: Why Vegas???

Diane: ~laughs~ Where else would Jeremy get drunk, left in a desert to die, and have no idea why? Vegas, baby!

Diane: Thanks so much for having me here today! I hope to come back and visit again soon! Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter or FB so you see any announcements about that hot giveaway!

Kayla: I really enjoyed having you here Diane! I know everyone else has too! I LOVED Try Me, it was so good! I cannot wait to read your next book!!! If you haven't already you should read it. If you would like to read my review of Try Me by Diane Alberts "Click Here".

Speaking of Giveaways, Diane has offered me the option to Giveaway one e-copy of Try Me to a lucky winner! There have been a lot of Giveaways going on here at ROTWS lately… I hope you guys enjoy them! Thank you Diane for allowing me to Giveaway an e-copy of Try Me! Don’t forget about that other Giveaway she was talking about at the first of the post! To enter this Giveaway all you have to do is fill out the Rafflecopter form below and that’s it! Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
dianealbertsDiane Alberts current contracted works with Entangled Publishing are:  ON ONE CONDITION (February 2012, Ever After line), DIVINELY RUINED (Divine Temptations Trilogy #1, April 2012, Ever After line), and TRY ME (Take a Chance #1, May 2012, Ever After line). Her current works with Decadent Publishing are: KILL ME TOMORROW (October 2011, 1NightStand series),  RECLAIMED (December 2011), ABSOLUTION (March 2012, Honor Guard series), BROKEN (March 2012, 1NightStand series), and ESCAPE TO ME (TBA, 1NightStand series).

Diane Alberts has always been a dreamer with a vivid imagination, but it wasn’t until 2011 that she put her pen where her brain was, and became a published author.  Since receiving her first contract offer, she has yet to stop writing. Though she lives in the mountains, she really wishes she was surrounded by a hot, sunny beach with crystal clear water. She lives in Northeast Pennsylvania with her four kids, a husband, and a Senegal parrot. In the rare moments when she’s not writing, she can usually be found hunched over one knitting project or another.

She is a multi-published, bestselling author with Entangled Publishing and Decadent Publishing. She is repped by her fabulous agent, Lauren Hammond of ADA Management. She has, as of this date, two books with Entangled Publishing, and five books with Decadent Publishing. Her February release with Entangled Publishing, ON ONE CONDITION, hit #18 on the Barnes and Noble Bestseller List. She has a lot of projects currently being shopped around by her fabulous agent, and her goal is to write so many fantastic books that even a non-romance book fan will know her name.

Find Diane Here:

Eversworn by Hailey Edwards (Promo)

Eversworn 200x300

Title: Eversworn
Daughters of Askara, Book 3
Author: Hailey Edwards
Series Title: Daughters of Askara
Release Day: June 26, 2012
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
Buy Here:
Amazon|Barnes and Noble

Steal the salt. Bind the grimoire. Escape the male.

When an exchange of stolen goods in the Feriana marketplace turns sour, Isabeau stumbles from the encounter bruised and laden with new orders to complete an even larger heist. With her child’s life at stake, there’s no room for error—or allies.

Armed with a lethal book of spells, she strikes a dangerous bargain with Roland Bernhard. Steal a shipment of salt from the Feriana colony, and she’ll have her freedom—and her daughter. It’s all she’s ever wanted. At least it was…until she runs into Dillon Preston.

Dillon is out of commission after a mine explosion, and itching for a distraction. He gets it when the female who saved his leg arrives at the colony with nothing but flimsy excuses and even flimsier attire. She’s after something, but is it him—or the salt?

Trapped in a desperate bid to gain true freedom, Isabeau is willing to sacrifice her life for her daughter’s, but Dillon has other plans. He wants a package deal, and he’s not willing to lose either female, even if it means the future king of Sere’s head will roll.

Warning: This title contains a heroine desperate to save her daughter and a hero determined to make them a family. It also includes wings, horns and other assorted appendages.


Chapter One Realm of Askara, City of Feriana Runes burned hot across my wrists where slave bands were inked into my skin. Inhaling the rich mélange that was Feriana on market day, I wished I was anywhere other than here, anyone other than me. Shifting my bag, I patted the bulge weighting its bottom. Good. It was still there. As it had been the last five times I’d checked. Guilt flavored each swallow to wet my throat. Remain calm. Impossible when my tattoos stung persistent warning. You have what he wants. All will be well. I choked on a dry laugh. All was never well. Those who penned fairytales should be stabbed through the heart with their quill. Pretending interest in the fresh produce, I surveyed the crowd. He was here, but where? “Isabeau?” A firm hand tugged at my sleeve. “I asked what you thought of these dates.” I spared them half a glance, then continued skimming the crowd. “You’ve chosen well.” Lindsay’s smile lit the corner of my eye, and regret tugged at my conscience. She deserved more attention than I could afford to give her. I’d make it up to her later, assuming I had the chance. Procuring supplies wasn’t a priority for me, though I knew it should be. Right now, other worries occupied my mind. Such things as how willing I was to use defensive glamour if I must. As the telltale burn of building magic scalded my palms, I supposed I’d made my choice. Another tug at my arm swiveled my head toward Lindsay. “I’d like to search the scarves, if I may. I had hoped to purchase a mating gift for Emma.” Emma. What would she think if she knew my reason for being here? Tugging at my collar, I swallowed past the sensation of her strong fingers wrapped about my throat. As acting consul of Askara, she’d wring my neck for this betrayal, and I would deserve it. Living at the consulate with her, putting my healing craft to good use, helping ex-slaves begin new lives in either the city of Feriana or its colony…I loved that life. And it was all a lie. Glamour crackled over my skin, but the only things I concealed were the black spell-crafting runes inked from my forearms to my fingertips. Still, the static shock of power coating my skin led others to believe my concealment was more than cosmetic, a misconception I let flourish. Given my consulate position, most assumed I was a female Evanti hiding in plain sight. They were wrong. “Go.” I indicated my favorite stall. “Enjoy yourself.” “I will.” Swiping flaxen hair from her eyes, Lindsay cast me a broad grin. Despite being a halfling, she resembled the Askaran side of her parentage more than the human. “I promise I won’t touch anything I don’t intend to buy, and I won’t break anything.” She rushed to add, “If something happened, by accident, I’d pay the damages from my wages.” “You’re fine.” I shooed her. “I trust you.” Trust was a broad word. Lindsay wouldn’t break any of the wares on purpose, but she was a halfling mastering self-control late in life. Enslaved in an outland mining camp since birth, she’d had no need for learning social graces, only the art of survival. Relying on the brute strength that characterized her breed saved her from playing the role of camp whore. Now she wanted more, better, and as someone familiar with the other half of the equation, I wanted that for her as well. Hissing as my skin throbbed with renewed heat, I gasped as the impression of male lips and teeth left their damp sting on my bare neck. Roland. Sultry whispers caressed my ears, beckoned come unto your master, and I was helpless not to obey his summons. Pressure from his phantom fingers compelled me toward a figure coalescing in the shade of a billowing tent. Swirling tendrils of power cloaked him from passersby and elicited a shiver of recognition from me. Inclining his head, he acknowledged me, and his smile made my pulse race with the stirrings of genuine fear. Fighting the urge to check my bag, I dove into the crush of bodies, and they engulfed me. When I reached the spot where Roland had stood, he was gone. “You kept me waiting.” Hot breath hit my nape before he shoved me against a sandstone wall. My shoulder bounced as Roland pressed into me. His hand snaked around my waist, teased the underside of my breasts, squeezing before slipping under the flap of my bag. “Is this all?” “It’s what we agreed upon.” I winced. “Where is my proof?” “Are you so eager to be rid of me?” He pressed a string of kisses down my throat. “Well?” Yes. My voice was a husky rasp. “Is bedding you a requirement for obtaining my proof?” His chuckle caused my gut to clench. Nothing good came of his laughter. “I prefer my partners willing.” A lie wrapped in a pretty half-truth. He was accomplished in magic, as all those trained by Sereian priests were. Glamour, the root of his power, twisted minds to suit his whims. I knew, because mine bore the spiral imprint of his amusement. “Here is the proof I promised you.” He slid an envelope in my bag and waited. “Aren’t you going to open it?” I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of witnessing my reaction. “I trust you.” Trust was a broad word indeed. “This is exquisite,” Roland murmured. I glanced over my shoulder in time to see him hold his prize aloft. A fist-sized chunk of embolite sat heavy across his palm. “You did well, but this is no longer enough.” Stomach roiling, I pushed from the wall and said again, “It’s what we agreed upon.” “We agreed once I had control of the mine, your services would no longer be required.” His grip on the sample whitened his knuckles. “The entire point of freeing you to work for Emmaline was to monitor the Feriana colony’s mining operation and the Evanti controlling its distribution.” He struck before I saw him swing. Jagged rock hit my cheek and sliced it open. “Such an arrangement no longer benefits me since Emmaline has mated the Evanti in charge and is more protective of Harper than ever. Since he won’t negotiate for exclusive rights to the mine, alternate means of procurement are required.” His gaze met mine. “Wouldn’t you agree?” I swallowed past the pain. “What do you have in mind?” “We are eager today, aren’t we?” He pocketed the embolite. “Somewhere you’d rather be?” Anywhere other than here. “No.” “Good,” he said, smiling, “because you’re going on a trip.” “I am?” I glided a wary step back. “How is that Evanti you tended?” He appeared thoughtful. “I believe he’s called…Dillon.” My pulse spiked at the mention of his name. “I don’t know. I haven’t seen him in weeks.” He measured me for a moment longer, and I wondered why he had mentioned Dillon at all. The wounded Evanti demon had spent weeks under my care at the consulate before returning to the freemen colony on the outskirts of Feriana. Withdrawing a handkerchief from his pocket, Roland dabbed my split cheek. “During those weeks, nothing happened between you?” I sensed a trap but was unable to locate its mechanism. I stilled myself against the urge to strike his hand. My blood allowed his glamour to work on me no matter what our proximity. A single drop, a murmured spell, and he could find me, taunt me, anywhere. His illusionary kiss was benign compared to the power blood sparked in our connection. But why ask if something happened between Dillon and me…? Mortification tightened my chest. “You’re a bastard.” Of course he would spy on me, and my behavior around Dillon made heat creep up my neck. “I assure you, I’m not. Bastards can’t become kings. You’re Sereian.” He stalked me until I backed into the wall. “You’d do well to remember Askara’s antislavery laws don’t apply to you.” As if he ever let me forget. When his gaze fixated on my mouth, I reminded him, “You cast me aside years ago.” “Still bitter are we? I’m in the market for a wife.” He cupped my cheek. “And you,” he said, so near his lips brushed mine, “are a whore.” His thumb swiped over the fresh wound he’d given me, and my wince resulted in a low growl of approval from him. “Albeit, you’re a talented one.” “You have what you came for.” I gritted my teeth as he pressed on the cut. “Leave me.” “Not quite and not yet.” He painted my lips with blood, its copper tang curling my tongue. “As I said, the terms of our agreement must be altered. As a token of appreciation for pleasure you once gave me, for the loyalties I still enjoy, I’m offering you a chance at earning freedom.” I gave the ringing in my ears a chance to subside. “What are your terms?” “I want a full shipment of salt delivered to my estate.” He patted the pocket where his core sample resided. “I don’t mean this. I have no use for embolite in the rough. I want the processed salt.” He waved a dismissive hand. “The silver portion of the shipment is unimportant. Keep it if you wish. Use it to finance your new life.” His sigh rang with displeasure. “It will mean showing restraint, but it will suffice. I must have the salt. Do you understand? It’s of critical importance.” I blinked. “Are you mad? I’d have to steal direct from the colony, and there’s an enormous difference between me pocketing core samples after they’ve been tested and hijacking an entire caravan.” I leaned into the wall for support. “The former goes unnoticed, the latter is…suicide.” One life exchanged for the good of many. It was Harper’s credo, and I was not of the many. “I’m sure you’ll think of something,” he murmured. “I heard Emma and Harper are visiting their siblings, on Earth.” I gave him no confirmation. He had no way of knowing where they had gone, and I wasn’t about to tell him. “They’re no doubt spreading their happy news.” His motive became clearer. “That leaves your patient in charge of the colony in Harper’s absence. I’m sure two such friends can find understanding. After all, he owes you for saving his leg, doesn’t he?” What he implied made my cheeks burn. Of course he would spend me so cheaply. Still, despair and hope warred within me. “And if I manage this feat…” He tapped my wrists, and fresh pain flared. “Then you will be freed.” I lifted my chin. “My freedom is not the only price I require.” “So I assumed.” His pause left me breathless. “Deliver the salt, and the girl is also yours.” A pent-up breath whistled between my lips. “Give me your word, and it’s done.” Words held power. Breaking his promise would weaken that power. Roland wouldn’t risk it. Not around me. “My word is given.” He turned and black mist shrouded him. Then he was gone. As the sting in my slave bands lessened to a dull throb, I sagged against the wall. The girl is yours. With trembling fingers, I reached into my bag and withdrew the envelope. Tucked into the crease was a lock of auburn hair with a slight curl at the end. Fishing into a different pocket, I withdrew a similar strand and compared the lengths. One hung slightly longer than the other. I held it to my nose and inhaled the violet-scented strands until hot, useless tears pricked my eyes. I knew this was a disaster in the making, but he’d baited his trap too well for me to resist. Footsteps warned me in time to hide my bribe. Past the wall, I spotted Lindsay barreling toward me, scanning the area where Roland had stood seconds earlier. She ducked past the tent. “Are you all right?” She grabbed my chin and tipped my head back. “What happened?” Her voice took on a dangerous edge. “Your poor face.” She noticed my bag. “Who did this? A thief?” “Yes.” In a manner of speaking, he was. I choked on the insane urge to laugh, to scream that freedom was within my reach, but I tamped it down. “The thief took something dear from me.” I wiped away my tears. “Don’t worry. I will get it back.” Taking her arm, I led her from the alley into the sun. I basked in its heat. Let it chase the chill of Roland’s presence. “Are you finished?” “I—” She frowned at my eager tone. “Yes. I suppose I am.” “Good.” I compensated for the slip with a wobbling smile. “Let’s go home.” I had plans to make. Different worlds, different colonies, but still the same damn meetings. Responsibility weighted the air on this side of the desk. Each inhale settled heavily in Dillon’s lungs. He’d much rather occupy his usual spot by the tent flap, his gaze trained on the dunes beyond than wear the mantle of interim colony leader. Harper hadn’t done Dillon any favors by yoking him to the colony bandwagon, asking him to lead with fanfare in his absence. Rolling his shoulders, he cast aside the niggling suspicion Harper had made the appointment out of pity. Another time he might have gloated when Harper brought in two males a quarter of his age as his replacements. Instead, it made him feel every day of his ninety-eight years. No dancing around it. He was getting old, even by their race’s standards. He should be finding a female, settling down, doing his duty to pump fresh blood, pure blood, into their dwindling race. His leg twinged when he shifted in his seat, a reminder of how he ended up paper-pushing in the first place. Pinning his shoulders to the back of his chair kept him from leaning down and rubbing the dull ache in his calf, or where his calf used to be. His jaw tightened. No need to go there. Not now. Not while two fresh faces were staring him down, looking for signs of weakness. While drumming his fingers on his knee, he inspected the two newest transplants from Earth. Two young males eager to taste what Askara had to offer, curious to see if their memories of enslavement held up against the new reality of this being a kingdom of freemen. Their optimism made him cringe. Then again, he’d seen the files the freeborn legion had kept on them. They had both belonged to the sthudal slave caste, and slaves with that designation recalled their time spent in labor camps with fewer nightmares than those who wore the title of sthudai. Dillon knew which life he would have chosen. Better to break his back in a mine, die of hunger or thirst, than live on the end of a chain like a f**king animal, fed and watered only when his performance merited such a reward. Bile rose in his throat. He swallowed hard and ground his heel into the packed sand floor. Ruined muscle screamed in protest, but the burst of agony was his reward, his reprieve from the memories always a stray thought away from choking him. Yeah, he would have loved to have been sthudal. Figuring he’d kept the pair waiting long enough, Dillon asked, “You two have any questions?” He lifted a cup and swallowed its tepid contents down to the grit in the bottom. His teeth crunched when he set his jaw. Damn, he’d be glad when the new aqueduct was completed. “Yeah.” Church eyed the tent flap warily. “Is there anything out here besides sand?” “Sure there is.” Dillon suppressed a grin when Church’s shoulders relaxed. “Didn’t you see all the tents? That’s why the colonists call this place tent city. The only buildings with walls are the clinic and the stable. You’ll get acquainted with those soon enough.” Harper would strangle him for adding, “You two arrived just in time for the winter sandstorm season. When they hit, all we can do is pack ourselves like sardines into those buildings and pray the spell crafting holds.” Church cast one more glance past the flap to the desert beyond. “Great.” He twisted in his seat and eyed the male beside him. “Russ, you got any last requests before we’re blown away?” Russ’s smile was faint. “What are our duties while Harper’s away?” Scratching his cheek, Dillon admitted he wasn’t sure what to do with the pair. Until his leg mended, he was on light duty, in theory. These two had prior experience, as most legionaries did, so they knew the basics of guard duty. The rest, training them as bodyguards, hinged on Harper and Emma’s return since Dillon was a big believer in learning in the field. Sink or swim. Until that happened… “You’ve got two choices. Our courier is swamped. One of you can train with Mason. He deserves the break.” He paused in consideration. “The other can train with Uriah, our silversmith. He oversees the extraction of silver and salt from the embolite we mine.” At their blank expressions, Dillon exhaled on a curse. Their files expounded the fieldwork each had done for the freeborn legion, and each had service records spotless enough he felt Harper would be safe with them, but his decision to skim their locational information had just jumped up and bit him on the ass. “Where were you two working when the legion found you?” “The outlands,” they replied in unison. Okay, so maybe he had read their information right. “Were you in the mines?” “No.” Church frowned. “I was a brickmaker by trade. I still am, or was, on Earth.” Ah. That explained why Harper had picked him. As the colony expanded, so did the need for structures beyond tents they used for, well, everything. Dillon sized up Russ. “How about you?” Russ held up ink-smudged fingers. “I was a scribe employed by an exiled noble.” A scribe was, well, less useful. Dillon asked, “Do either of you know what progesaline is?” “Females need it during pregnancy.” Church shrugged, signaling the end of his contribution. Russ appeared to consider his answer. “Progesaline is a supplement females of some demon breeds require during pregnancy. Without it, they become anemic. They might die before or during childbirth, as could the children, unless they consume enough to maintain healthy levels.” Dillon blinked. Maybe having a scribe around wasn’t such a bad idea. “It’s found in rare salt veins,” Russ continued. “While I’ve never heard of it being found in veins of embolite, it’s certainly possible. I’d think the problem would be extraction.” He paused at Church’s scowl. “Embolite is a mineral containing both salt and silver in their natural forms.” “Someone did his research.” Otherwise, he wouldn’t have guessed embolite over chlorargyrite. Dillon gave Russ a slow second glance. There was something familiar about him. Russ frowned. “I’d hardly accept the position otherwise.” “So what gives?” Church twisted in his seat. “How did Harper get such a sweet deal?” “I’ll hazard a guess the queen’s advisors signed over this tract of land for two reasons.” Russ waited until Dillon nodded. “First, it shares a city with the vernal castle, which means it’s near enough for First Court to monitor and close enough for the queen’s troops to attack if necessary.” “Go on.” Dillon caught himself leaning forward. “Second, the mine had potential, enough First Court’s gift appealed to Harper and their offer wasn’t insulting. Though I bet they assumed even if he was foolhardy enough to work the mine, he wouldn’t figure out how to process the embolite and separate the silver and the salt from the core mineral. Yet he did, and he likely doubled his profits.” Russ smiled slowly. “Am I right?” “Damn.” Church whistled. “That explains the raiders, plus the bounty on Harper’s head.” “Right on both counts,” Dillon said, forcing his attention from Russ. He was right, though Dillon and Harper were just drawing the same conclusions. They had guessed the only reason the queen’s advisors had given consent for Harper to take over the mine was they were certain there was nothing here worth mining. Now that Harper had proven them wrong? Yeah, they were pissed and wanted a share. Damn if Dillon didn’t find that a little bit funny. “This colony pays its bills with the mine, and, as Russ said, we mine embolite.” No two ways about it, Harper must have told Russ. “It’s damn hard work and not worth much in the rough, if anything at all. Then Uriah works his magic and we get pure silver and pure salt. Six times more silver than salt, but silver has its uses and our salt, well, it’s almost pure progesaline.” Russ murmured something Dillon didn’t catch because Church stood with a grunt. “So do we pick now or what?” His back popped as he stretched. “Mason or Uriah, right?” Good to know Dillon wasn’t the only one bored by meetings. “Yeah, have at it.” Church didn’t miss a beat. “I’ll take Uriah.” Dillon almost felt sorry for him. While they were the obvious match, Uriah burned through apprentices faster than he could match faces to names. Not that he tried too hard. Mostly he called them all the same thing, dier hest eirdth or eirdth for short, which was the Demonish equivalent of dirt. Those under his tutelage chose to believe he meant they were clay and he was molding them into…whatever struck their fancy. Dillon suspected Uriah meant the more literal translation of ground beneath my feet. His attitude explained why even his ex-masters had given him a wide berth. The male was a god at his forge, and he knew it. The fact a story was floating around about him flinging molten silver in the face of an Askaran noble had cemented his reputation as a bastard. Something Dillon could respect. So long as Uriah did his job, Dillon didn’t care. “That leaves me with Mason.” Russ slanted a look toward Church that punctured his mood. “If I’m playing courier, then I guess I’ll find out if there’s any life beyond those dunes after all.” “Now that we have that settled,” Dillon said, giving Church time to school his glower, “you’ll each pull border patrol and sentry duty. That won’t change even after Harper gets back.” Russ frowned. “We won’t alternate day and night shifts?” Church stilled. “Harper needs someone watching his back at night too.” “He has someone.” Dillon stood, Church’s restlessness feeding his own. “Her name’s Emma.” Before they earned enough rope to hang themselves, he silenced their protests. “One of you will remain on perimeter duty after dayshift ends. That means frequent passes by their tent. The trick is being close enough you can keep an eye on Harper—and Emma—while giving them the illusion of privacy.” He admitted grudgingly, “No one’s more invested in Harper’s wellbeing, and few are more capable of ensuring his safety. Plus few realize what she is before it’s too late.” Once they moved past the honeymoon period in their relationship, Harper might not need a guard beyond his mate. Emma was a halfling, stronger than most full demon males, and Harper had trained her to protect her sister, Askara’s Princess Ascendant Madelyn DeGray, since they were children. If it meant protecting Harper and Maddie, there was nothing Emma wouldn’t do. Dillon ignored the tightness in his chest and sharpened his scowl. He wasn’t jealous. “Fair enough.” Russ pushed from his seat. “Where do you want us?” “Head back to your tents for now. I’m handling border patrol tonight.” No reason not to while Harper wasn’t here to bench him. “I expect to see both of you here at six.” Russ’s gaze dipped toward Dillon’s leg, his brow furrowing, but he kept his mouth shut. Good. He just might make it here after all. “The faster you learn your way around, the better.” Dillon crossed the tent and brushed aside the flap. “I want you two broken in by the time Harper and Emma get back.” His first step outside blinded him. Hot air rushed into his lungs, baking them, and his tongue dried in the time it took for his mouth to open long enough to say, “Welcome to Askara, boys.”

About Hailey: Hailey is a wife turned mother turned writer, who loves her husband, her daughter and alone time with her computer. Whenever southern living strikes her as too ordinary, she can be found squinting at her monitor as she writes her next happily-ever-after or with her nose glued to her Kindle’s screen. Wings and/or cupcakes are usually involved…

She loves to hear from readers. Drop her a line here.

You can also swing by her blog or subscribe to her newsletter for all her latest news.

Find Hailey Here:


VBT Author Promo: Kenya Carlton

Today, I have author Kenya Carlton on the blog. Check out three of her books :)

Title: Jaded
Author:Kenya Carlton

Genre: Mystery/Romance with paranormal elements
Buy Here: Amazon (Paperback) | Amazon (Kindle)
War correspondent Mia James is back on US soil and ready to tackle a juicy political story that could make national headlines.  A politician’s aid goes missing, and the son of the wealthiest family is the only suspect.

Determined to take down the mayor of the small seaside town, Mia comes up against an angry ghost with her own agenda.

Afraid she may be suffering from post traumatic stress Mia figures that she’s way over her head and enlists the help of resident black sheep Gabe Montgomery.  Now, she must solve the mystery of her not so friendly ghost, stop herself from falling in love with the mysterious winery owner, all while making it out alive.
Martin Conway didn’t know what to expect. He idled in his police cruiser on the curb in anticipation of a few ominous clouds or some menacing lightening to strike down on the house. He wasn’t quite sure since he avoided this place as much as possible.

The manor that sat above Vine was a picture of Victorian splendor. Or at least that’s what the welcome brochure to all new tourists had professed.

No one had occupied the oldest standing mansion in town permanently for years and the historical society made sure no one probably ever would. Restrictions had been placed on the home that most modern families weren’t willing to contend with and older homeowners would be too overwhelmed to be bothered. The most that could be hoped for was the occasional renter. So the mansion that encompassed every viable asset that a haunted house possibly ever could, sat empty.

It didn’t matter that the lawn was cut and the bushes were trimmed. Nor did it matter whether fresh paint was applied every other year or so. Right now all that mattered was that he, Martin Conway, had to get his butt in gear to welcome the new residence of Holloway Manor to Vine.

As Sheriff he took his job seriously. Crime was virtually nonexistent. A few run-ins with the local teenagers now and again were the worse offenses he imagined but that was expected in any small town.

Martin turned the ignition off and grabbed his hat. Vibes of intense displeasure seemed to waft his way from the house, with a deep breath he pushed his apprehension to the side and sorted through his thoughts of what to say to the new neighbors of Vine.

"Good Afternoon, Ma'am." Martin tipped his head to the cute little number at the door. Pleasantly surprised he greeted the woman with all smiles.

"Good afternoon, Officer-"

"Conway, Sheriff Conway," he introduced himself.

The look on her adorable face made him forget the regular spiel he had prepared for all the newbie’s that entered town. She was this tiny little thing with big boobs and a nice ass which was a win-win combination in his estimation. Her smooth cocoa skin made his mouth water not to mention her face was kewpie doll cute but her expression told him she was all about being bad. The pool of her brown eyes seemed to suck him into her.

"Where are my manners? Please come in Sheriff. My name is Tracy and this tired piece of trash over here is my cousin, Mia." He followed the woman into the Holloway home to find it was exactly as he had imagined.

Big and creepy!

The structure was the only house that could be seen from the Carlisle hilltop that looked down on Vine. From the door the stained glass windows cast a colorful dance of colors around the front room. A bright and cheery effect that should have appeared fun and joyful, but came across eerie and haunting instead.

White dust cloths covered what he could only imagine was antique furniture. The unlived look probably lent a helping hand to the spooky factor of the estate.
Entranced with the infamous inside interior of the Holloway mansion, he almost stumbled over this woman. Simply stunned into stupidity by her perfect face he missed the hand that she held out to him.

"Mia James, what can I do for you?" His tongue twisted around his mouth. Ordinarily he would be considered a man of authority but this woman made him babble like a fool.

"I uh, I wanted to welcome you to Vine. I saw your truck and thought I would be first to welcome you to our fine city."

"I appreciate that," she replied.

"We have a little picnic scheduled this evening at The Grove and we would be delighted if you could join us." He flashed his pearly smile in hopes it would be enough to persuade them to come.

"Who is we, Sheriff?"

"The Mayor is sponsoring this little shindig to extend his hand of thanks to the people of Vine."

"Special thanks for what?" Mia asked.

"Uh.” Both women stared at him with something crossed between humor and confusion.

"He wants to thank everyone for their support in Vine and continued support when he runs for Congress."

"Well Conway,” Mia began, “that's a mighty fine invitation but I think I'll pass." she touched his elbow, with the sweetest smile. He was so enchanted with the Egyptian shape of her brown eyes that he found himself outside of the front door without the faintest idea how he got there. "Thank you for keeping us in mind."

"But there's barbecue and fireworks," he stupidly stammered.

"Sounds like a true hootenanny of a good time. We will definitely give it some thought." He understood a polite brush off when he saw one. Mia was so gracious he almost didn't mind how she had just kicked him out of the house.

“Oh well.” He stepped off the wraparound porch. Most likely he would see her again around town. Of course, the lack of information about these women would leave room for the Mayor to be unhappy with his fact finding duties.

Martin headed to his cruiser and figured he would go check across town for those vandals that kept spray painting something as silly as ‘Water’ in the quarry. It was the perfect excuse that he was too busy to be nosey if the Mayor asked.

Sweet As Sin
By Kenya Carlton
Genre: Multicultural Paranormal Romance 
Buy Here: Amazon (Paperback) | Amazon (Kindle)

The rich and available Captain Drake Devilin had the biggest body count in World War I.  Injected with serum that turned him into something unnatural, Drake’s troop annihilated the enemy, but once his tour ended, Drake was plunged into a world of family tragedy and financial ruin.  

  Sienna Caldwell is stunning to even the biggest cynic; with her exotic looks and rich brown skin, the playboy wasn’t exempt from her charms.  Buckling under the pressure of his financially strapped inheritance, Drake makes a deal with the devil to marry the prosperous landowner in order to protect her.  

After one year, he can return the black beauty back to her island and collect on the fortune that will save his family’s reputation, but the task proves far easier said than done.   The war may have made Drake into something lethal, but he soon finds his new bride was born more powerful than he could ever imagine.  Not only does Drake have to figure out away to keep his hands off his alluring wife, but also he has to make sure she stays alive.
“May I?” The shadow at Sienna's small cottage door asked. Drake's muscular frame was a stark contrast to the chaos from the elements beyond him.

“Do you need an invitation?”

“For the sake of my honor and politeness, I certainly do,” Drake admitted. Not completely satisfied with his answer she considered his request. He may not be the undead but he was definitely something.

Sienna sat nestled in her favorite love seat, facing the fire finally relenting, she told him, “Be my guest.” She noted the quick way he surveyed his surroundings when he stepped across the threshold, first the exits-windows, décor than finally his eyes settled upon her. Unwilling to bend to his close scrutiny, she took a sip from her wine.

“It's cozy here, not anything like the resort. May I?” She nodded for him to help himself to her spirits as he took a seat in a cushioned chair. Masculine man, dainty chair taking up space with his mere presence made Drake appear even bigger and stronger than he had in the gazebo.

“Courage?” she asked him pouring a glass.

“Restraint,” Drake answered before holding it up for a toast. “To good decisions.”
“Good decisions,” she reiterated kissing his glass with hers. A moment was taken to drink and think before he began to press her for answers.

“It's a simple proposition,” he stated.

“Is it?” Sienna tightened the shawl she held around her bare arms, the fire made no difference to the temperature of the room; she merely made the fire for ambiance but now she felt exposed so close to this imposing man. The bright and colorful flames helped with her state of mind as well as the red wine and Mary Shelley book that now lay abandoned on her lap.

“You're exquisite,” he said matter-of-factly.

“That didn't sound much like a compliment, Mr. Devilin.”

“Why aren't you married?”

“A proposal has never come up.”

“I find that hard to believe.” In a single gulp, he finished his wine.
“How old are you, Mr. Devilin?”

“I‟m thirty six. Please call me Drake.”

“And you've never been married?”

His smile was one of a pure blooded playboy. “It's never come up,” he replied with a lopsided smirk.

“What's good for the goose is not necessarily good for the gander, I suppose.”
Sienna grabbed the wine bottle and offered him a refill; he gladly accepted.

“I understand my benefit in this whole crazy scheme but not yours.” He gently pushed.

“Does that make you uncomfortable, not knowing?”

“It makes me question the sanity of this request, Sienna. I don’t believe in one sided deals and I don't believe in modern day martyrs.” From the intense look in his eyes, she believed what he said.

Agitated by this man's closeness and all he would change in her world, she uncurled her feet from beneath her and set them on the floor. The storm beyond her four walls picked up. Sienna crossed to the window to watch the thunder and lightning explode.

“I'm afraid my answer remains the same.”

Undressed Inc
Buy Here: Amazon (Kindle)
Undressed Inc., the women you meet are an eclectic bunch. The connection? The melding of sexual desire and any means necessary to satisfy it. Sit back and enjoy the ride! Four sexy stories bring readers front and center as four dynamic women enjoy every drop of pleasure they can get.

BLACK HONEY by Samara King
Who could she run to?

When Officer Elisha “Elle” Taylor finds out crime lord Monty “Black” Kearns was her father, there is only one man she can turn to in the midst of a deadly plot for revenge. The very man she’d sworn never to touch again. Durant Kane.

Leaning on her father's enforcer and her ex-lover seemed suicidal when the hit on her father was said to be ordered by his own people. Yet, the impulsive and heady sexual chemistry between them was undeniable.

Not at all happy about her long-awaited homecoming, video vixen Brooke Langely finds herself the maid of honor in her best friend’s wedding and face to face for the first time in years with her old high school rivals. But Brooke has her silver lining in the form of Sam Foley, the shy jock in high school that was Brooke’s favorite extracurricular activity after school.

Arizona "Ari" Garrison has made some changes in her life: she’s finally left her abusive ex-husband Fletcher and she’s graduating college with her degree in business. Despite her accomplishments, what she lacks is a real man to be the comforter she seeks. Her vibrator can only do but so much to curb her sexual desires. The night of her graduation, her best friends take her out to have a good time. Little did she know that she'd find love in a jazz club.

TABLES TURNED by Ayanna Pierce
By day, Samantha Long uses her hands and pressure points to help her clients relax as a massage therapist. By night, Sam is Mistress Siren and uses her whips and leathers to make her clients submit as a dominatrix at Destiny Parker’s ultra-hot spot, Awaken. No matter the time of day, her mind is constantly focused on Drew Winger, a man she wants but can’t seem to conjure up her sexy nighttime persona Siren to express her feelings. 

Brooke Langley took a deep sigh to quiet her anxious nerves and tapped her French-manicured nail against the lock. She seriously contemplated a good ole fashion tuck and roll out of the limo.

“One more time around?” Unable to keep his eyes off her massive breast, the Russian driver peered at her through the rearview mirror.

“No,” she murmured, “that was the last dry run. You can drop me off this time.”
Picture perfect, exactly how she remembered it. God, I hate this place, she thought. The driver pulled onto the winding circular drive way to the beautiful brick mansion named The Manor. No sooner had the car stopped in front of one of the country’s premier banquet halls than the large oak doors were thrown open and a gaggle of ladies rushed out.

“You getting married, no?” the driver asked.

“Not me,” Brooke told him as she swallowed the bile that made its way up her throat.

“Good. It would be a shame for one man to have all that chocolate to himself.”

“Aren’t you the charmer.” She snorted, mildly pleased that his dirty old man flirt could put things in the proper perspective for her.

No longer was she that skinny poor kid with the rich best friend, Brooke reminded herself. No sir, she was the best video model money could buy and she now owned the top agency for video vixens in New York. Brooke Langley was officially a self made rich bitch.

“I told you she would come!” She heard Ruby Turlington, her best friend triumphantly cheer as the POPS followed close behind her. The POPS is what everyone called the popular crowd in high school and Brooke couldn’t have been less thrilled to see them. With a withering look toward the automatic lock, Brooke left behind any fleeting thoughts of freedom when Ruby snatched open the door.

“I almost sent in the troops for you,” Ruby hissed while clutching her close. Barely out of her seat, Brooke gave a limp hug in return as she caught sight of her past over her best friend’s shoulder. The cliquish group stared at her in all their snooty sneering glory. Glad to see nothing had changed, Brooke shined on her best bitchy smile back.

“Amanda, didn’t think you would make it,” Tanya the blonde cooed. She had a little more pudge in the face than before but otherwise Tanya looked the same unimpressively average.

“What did you think?” Brooke asked, faintly remembering Tanya was the ring leader to the more vicious pranks, which were mostly played on her.

“I didn’t.” She winked. “I don’t care.”

Before she could tell Tanya where to shove everything but the kitchen sink up her probably still bulimic ass, Ruby jerked her cheery face in Brooke’s line of vision.

“We need to get you briefed and fitted, okay?” she chirped nervously.

“What’s wrong?” Brooke asked, just realizing her friend’s perfect ivory skin seemed a smidge blotchy and her eyes were a tad red.

“Nothing honey,” Ruby lamely reassured, as the word liar ran in Brooke’s brain like the CNN ticker at the bottom of the television screen.

“Really Brooke, I didn’t think shaking you tits and ass in front of a camera could afford you some actual decent clothes,” Amanda smartly quipped about Brooke’s Lucky jeans and Ralph Lauren ensemble that perfectly complimented the Hershey bar tone of her skin.

“If you had some tits and ass maybe you would,” Brooke volleyed back at the red head. Amanda’s straight-edged hair cut sort of flattered her sharp face but couldn’t hide the look of stupid that swam in her empty eyes.

“It’s so vulgar,” Amanda muttered with less bravado than she had before.
“Tonight is free after rehearsal and tomorrow is dinner,” Ruby quickly rattled off as she interrupted the cat fight that had been brewing for more than 17 years.

“I don’t think the dress is going to fit her,” Paula pointed out without judgment or emotion. She was the only other black girl in the POPS and Paula was only half black which means she was never really any help to Brooke at all.

For the most part, Paula stayed neutral, and if there was ever a time to pick a side, Brooke could always put money on Paula not picking hers. It was usually Ruby and Brooke against the majority and due to her poor people stamp of approval, she generally had no vote to speak of.

“Her dress isn’t like the rest of yours,” her best friend announced proudly. “Brookey’s the maid of honor.” Ruby threw at them her gotta love it smile before she grabbed Brooke’s arm. Ripped from the present and straight back into her past, she was practically drug through the thick double doors and into the house.

Author Bio
Kenya has a B.A. in Mass communication, Television and Radio. She has fifteen years in production of television and film and five in television engineering. In 2009 Kenya Produced Dawn a short film and Executive Produced Destination Everywhere the pilot for a travel series through her production company Black R.O.K Productions established in 2008.

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Winners Post!


Today I am going to be announcing the Winners of past Giveaways! So without further adieu here they are:

The Winner of the “What If.. by Kelly Rae” E-Book Giveaway is Ness @ Always Be A Friend!

The Winner of the “Cornwall Coven Trilogy by Kayden McLoed” E-Book Giveaway is June M.!

The Winner of the True Blog Giveaway Hop” is Cassandra Pearson!

The Winners from the “Shameless Summer Giveaway Hop” are Stephanie Verhaegan (who won the physical copy of Bared to you by Sylvia Day) and Elizabeth Hyatt (who won any one book from the Demonica Series by Larissa Ione).

The Winner of the "Stacey Kennedy Swag Pack" is Shadow (@LuvToRead09)

The Winner of the Physical Copy of "The Most Coveted Prize" is Yi

-ALL of the winners have been notified via E-Mail and have 48 hours to reply, if not I will choose different winners! Thanks to everyone who participated in these Giveaways! I wish that all of you could win, just keep trying and I’m sure you will!

Back To You by Natalie-Nicole Bates (Promo)

Book Title: Back To You
Author: Natalie-Nicole Bates
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Publisher: Bradley Publishing
Publication Date: January 30th, 2012
Words: 26,000
"On the surface, Lynsey Reznor seems to have it all. She is beautiful, brilliant, and a successful true-crime writer who has been living the past decade in Miami. But what Lynsey lacks is what she needs the most—a family.

After the death of her mother, and yet another failed relationship, Lynsey makes an impulsive decision to return to her hometown of Unity. But Unity will present its own bittersweet memories, most notably, her first love, Nick Lincoln.

Twenty years ago, Nick broke teenager Lynsey’s heart when he decided to marry another. He had his own private reasons—reasons he never explained to Lynsey. Now she is back, along with a chance to reclaim her love. But Lynsey wants answers from him that he may never be able to give out of duty and guilt.”

When he heard her, he came to her, took her into his arms, and kissed her. It was a comfort that he wasn’t regretting their lovemaking. She didn’t think she could handle being rejected by him twice in her lifetime.

“Do you have to leave soon?” she asked.

“I’m sorry. I don’t want to, but I have to.” He went to the stove and prepared her a cup of coffee. “I think we should start planning our wedding. We could be married at Christmas.”

She was taken aback. Is this his proposal? This was supposed to be so romantic and memorable, not talk about planning a Christmas wedding while he stirred a cup of coffee.

“Do you even want to get married?” She took the coffee mug he offered. “I mean, it wasn’t that long ago that you told me you weren’t sure you ever wanted to be married again. You said you didn’t see fatherhood in your future, and Nick, I want a baby…more than one. I grew up as an only child and I was so alone. I don’t want my child to have to experience that.”

“Well, I didn’t use a condom last night. You could be pregnant right now,” was his reply.

Heaviness descended upon her heart. This was so not how she wanted this morning to be, and certainly not the marriage proposal she had dreamed of. “I’m on the Pill—I won’t get pregnant if that’s all you’re worried about.”

“I’m sorry, that’s not the only reason we should get married.”

“Then why?” she asked suspiciously.

He let out an exaggerated sigh. “Lynsey, I don’t have time to get into this with you right now. What do you want me to say in the five minutes I have before I leave for work?”

She couldn’t believe his glib attitude. “How about saying something to me like…‘I love you, Lynsey, and I made a tremendous mistake by not marrying you twenty years ago?’ That would take you less than thirty seconds to say, and you could have easily gotten to your precious job on time.”

Suddenly his jaw set and his eyes narrowed. “I didn’t make a mistake by not marrying you twenty years ago! I let you go to become a success in life—and you did. I can’t regret that!”

“So, what I thought all these years was correct. I was nothing to you but a quick and easy way to shed your virginity.” Just saying the words was devastating.

“That’s not it at all,” he vehemently insisted. “You were always so intelligent. I mean, you were a sixteen-year-old senior in high school! Just how many grades did you skip over, anyway?”

“Two,” she answered in a low voice.

“Do you know what would have happened if I hadn’t married Kelly?” He didn’t wait for her reply. “I’ll tell you what. You and I would have been ostracized by everyone in this town! We would have had to be married right away, and we would have had to live with your mother, because I had no money.”

“My mother loved you. She would have been happy to have us live with her,” she interjected.

“And we were so naïve, Lynsey. You would have graduated high school with either a big belly, or a baby in your arms…if you had graduated at all.”

She crossed her arms over her breasts and looked at the floor. She was too afraid that if she looked at him she would break down. “Some of the girls in school were married. A few of them had babies.”

He lifted her chin and forced her to make eye contact with him. “And you were too smart to be stuck in this town, and just another housewife. You would have become bored and resentful.”

“I wouldn’t have known the difference,” she countered.

“I had serious doubts then. I still have doubts now,” he admitted.

Her dark lashes flew upward. “What is that supposed to mean?”

“I believe that you will become bored and restless in Unity and will want to go back to Florida or maybe California. I have a job and a family here, Lynsey. I don’t ever want to give that up. I’m afraid that we’ll have a child, and you’ll take my baby and leave. I can not allow that to happen.”

She couldn’t believe what he was saying. Nothing was further from the truth. “Do you think I would have sunk so much of my savings into that house just to abandon it? I would never, ever do what you’re saying. But if circumstances changed, I would expect you to support what was best for our family. Couples who are committed make sacrifices for each other!”

It was becoming clearer and clearer that things were rapidly falling apart between them.

“Lynsey, didn’t what happened between us last night mean anything to you?” he asked.

She chuckled unpleasantly. “I suppose that with us living in such close proximity, last night was inevitable. But don’t worry about it happening again, Nick. When you get home this evening, I won’t be here.”

“Where are you going to be?”

She wanted to hurt Nick like she was now hurting. “I’m sure that Caleb wouldn’t mind me bunking down at his house for a week or two.”

“Over my dead body,” he seethed. “I will drag you away from him kicking and screaming if it comes to it. I’ll handcuff you to my bed if need be. Believe me, Lynsey, I’ll do it!” He flopped down into a kitchen chair and buried his face in his hands.

“I have to go now, Nick. I’m meeting your sister for breakfast. Listen to me. You need to pull yourself together. In your line of work, bad things happen when you lose your concentration.”

When he didn’t reply, she let out a sigh of resignation and headed for the door. At the last minute she turned to him. “Thanks for almost making it happen between us.”

Book Trailer:

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Interview with Maeve Greyson + ARC Giveaway


Title: Eternity’s Mark
Author: Maeve Greyson
Publisher: Brava
Release Date: March 27, 2012
Pages: 320
Buy Here:
Amazon|Barnes & Noble

Sacred blood flows in Hannah MacPherson’s veins; she’s just too hardheaded to realize it. After losing a husband to the Iraq war, she’s squirreled herself away in a tiny town where she snarls at any man who gives her a second glance. But Taggart de Gaelson knows more about Hannah than she could ever fathom. As her assigned protector, Taggart’s grown tired of Hannah ignoring his messages from Scotland—and now he’s come to retrieve her.

The balance of the Continuum depends on a race of sacred creatures who maintain the strength of the portals. Only Hannah’s touch can release the hatchlings from their eggs. Sworn to protect Hannah from others who lust for control of the beasts, Taggart must win her trust. But as he battles at her side, can he protect his heart?

Click on Eternity’s Marks’ Cover to add it to your Goodreads TBR list!


Maeve: First of all, I’d love to thank Kayla for inviting me over to her lovely cyber-home and to show my appreciation to all her readers, I’d like to offer an ARC (advanced reading copy) of Eternity’s Mark and a signed Eternity’s Mark cover flat to a randomly drawn commenter on this post.

Kayla: How did you choose to write in the Paranormal Romance genre?

Maeve: Well. That’s a tough one to put my finger on. I don’t know that I chose it so much as it chose me. Paranormal romance is one of my favorite genres to read so when my muse started whispering in my ear, I guess it was only natural those stories would be filled with magic, dragons, and reality-hopping heroes.

Kayla: What was your favorite book to write?

Maeve: To date, my favorite to write has been Eternity’s Mark. I adored creating the Draecna’s world and fleshing out the different personalities of those magical dragons.

Kayla: Could you tell us a bit about your newest release Eternity's Mark?

Maeve: A broken heart. A forbidden love dared. An entire race endangered. Eternity’s Mark is the coming together of two lonely souls and how the heat of their passion not only melds their union but also regains a birthright, saves a sacred race and frees a world of a sadistic ruler.

Kayla: What projects are your currently working on?

Maeve: I’ve completed two more paranormal romances. One is a spin off novella about Trish Sullivan from Beyond a Highland Whisper and the other is a full length that’s the next story in my Escape through the Highlands Series (tentative name).

Kayla: Who is your favorite Paranormal Romance Author?

Maeve: It’s impossible to name just one. Of course, I’m uber-partial to my Writing With the Stars mentor, Rebecca Zanetti from Kensington Brava. She’s taken vampires to an entirely new smokin’ hot level. I also really enjoy several Wild Rose Press authors such as S.G. Rogers, Clair Ashgrove, and Emma Lai to name just a few.

Kayla: What would a perfect day be like for you?

Maeve: Any day I wake up on this side of the grass is a perfect day for me. ;-) But in all seriousness, I guess a perfect day would be where I open my laptop at 3 a.m. and get so lost writing my latest story that the next time I look up at the clock it’s already 3 p.m. and I’m so stiff from sitting in one position that I’m like the rust-paralyzed Tin Man from Oz.

Kayla: What has been the biggest compliment you've gotten from a reader?

Maeve: Biggest compliment? Had to be the email I got from a reader telling me to hurry up because she’d finished reading Beyond a Highland Whisper and couldn’t wait for the next visit with the MacKay clan and what was taking me so “doggone” long?

Kayla: What is your writing schedule like?

Maeve: I’m still chipping away at the day job I’ve had a steel mill for the past twenty five years. So my writing day is divided into increments. I rise at about 3 a.m. and write until time to get ready and leave for work at 5:30 a.m. Then I write a bit in the evenings and get major chunks done on the weekend.

Kayla: What do you think of social networking?

Maeve: I like Facebook but I get frustrated with it because about the time I figure out how to work the silly thing, Facebook changes everything around and then I’m as lost as last year’s Easter Egg again. But I enjoy posting pictures and staying caught up with everyone I know there. I find Twitter a bit easier to use when it comes to visiting with cyber-friends even though it’s sometimes a challenge to condense a conversation down into 140 characters. I must confess I suffer from SPORADIC BLOGGING DISORDER (SBD). *hangs head in shame* I always intend to do regular blog posts but you know what they say about good intentions…


As Maeve mentioned above, she is going to be giving away an ARC copy of Eternity's Mark to one lucky commenter! So get to commenting :) Oh, and good luck!

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