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Deadly Addiction by Kristine Cayne (Review)

Title: Deadly Addiction Find Kristine Here:

Deadly Vices #2
Author: Kristine Cayne
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: April 23, 2012
Pages: 280
-Only $3.99 for an E-Copy, this book is worth way more than that, so grab it while you can!
Rémi Whitedeer, police officer turned substance-abuse counselor, dreams of restoring order to his tribe. Violence and crime are rampant throughout the unpoliced Iro
quois reserve, and a civil war is brewing between the Guardians, a militant traditionalist group, and other tribal factions. As the mixed-race cousin of the Guardians’ leader, Rémi is caught in a no-man’s land—several groups lay claim to him, but all want him to deny his white blood.

A maverick cop on an anti-drug crusade.
When she infiltrated the Vipers to take down the leader of the outlaw biker gang responsible for her brother’s death, police sergeant Alyssa Morgan got her man. But her superiors think she went too far. Her disregard for protocol and her ends-justify-the-means ethics have branded her an unreliable maverick. To salvage her career, she accepts an assignment to set up a squad of native provincial officers on a reserve.
A radical sovereigntist bent on freeing a nation.

Decades of government oppression threaten the existence of the Iroquois Nation. But one man, Chaz Whitedeer, is determined to save his people no matter what the price, even if it means delving into the shadowy world of organized crime.

When Rémi and Alyssa uncover the Guardians’ drug-fueled scheme to fund their fight for true autonomy—a scheme involving the Vipers—Rémi must choose between loyalty to family and tribe or his growing love for Alyssa.

Can Rémi and Alyssa leave everything behind—even their very identities—for a future together?

My Review:
When you take a fiesty cop and an ex-cop both reaching for their own goals you get a really banging book! I have been anticipating this book ever since I finished the last page of the first book "Deadly Obsession". If I could give this book a rating higher than 5 I definitely would. Kristine has once again captured me with not only an action packed mystery, but also a touching romance full of heat.
Remi's character was my favorite, I love how caring he is and how he is always looking out for everyone. Despite the hardships he went through when he was a little boy, he doesn't act like a victim. I like that Remi is a fighter, and he fights for what he wants including Alyssa who is an SQ COP, not only that but she is WHITE... which is a big problem/ NO NO on the reserve. When you read Deadly Addiction you will find out why, so I won't ruin it for you. I DID NOT like Chaz... he made me so angry that I wanted to take him out myself. I'll say he is a phenomenal villan. This story was so complex, with different points of views told which I really enjoyed. I like that I always knew what was going on in everyone's heads, and I love the depth of Kristine's books and the world she created. Alyssa also has a past with the Vipers (a gang) because they killed her brother and she wanted revenge. Alyssa went through a lot gaining their trust and busting them which makes it really hard to uncover the mystery of drugs on the reserve. While uncovering this mystery with Remi they are both faced with each other's pasts... The ending left me like WHAT? Really? I want to know more!! It was so fun reading this book, I stayed up late late reading it because I couldn't put it down, I just had to know what was going to happen next.

Remi and Alyssa have so much chemistry and attraction to each other that it was hard to even read about them because there was so much sexual tension, and I kept thinking JUST KISS ALREADY! But, let me tell you the tension is totally worth it ;) *wink wink*
DEFINITELY READ THIS BOOK! I would recommend this to anyone who loves romance and mystery. I had never read any mystery books until I read Kristine's books and now I am hooked!



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