Thursday, August 6, 2015

Promo: Darkness Rising

Today, we have a prequel to a paranormal series you probably have seen before. If you've not seen it before, check out Dark Stranger here.

Title: Darkness Rising
Series: Chateau Seductions, #0.5
Author: Lisa Carlisle
Release Date: July 7, 2015
Pages: 61
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Antoine Chevalier harbors a secret.

Born a gargoyle shifter in Paris, he wants nothing more than to cultivate his art. His hard work pays off the night he completes his greatest sculpture. But the excitement of his accomplishment doesn’t last.
He’s drawn the eye of the wrong group—a coven of vampires. Antoine wakes into darkness, changed. Shattered. His dream of becoming a renowned sculptor is destroyed.
One question remains—how will he ever survive an eternity of darkness alone?
Darkness Rising is part 0.5 of the Chateau Seductions series by USA Today Bestselling author Lisa Carlisle.
Readers have requested more on the dark and mysterious Antoine. In this short story, Antoine tells his tale, which continues in the series with Dark Velvet. Dark Velvet is written from Savannah’s perspective as a newcomer to an art colony, intrigued by the proprietor.

About the Author
USA Today bestselling author Lisa Carlisle loves stories with dark, brooding heroes and independent heroines. She’s honored to be a multi-published author writing in different genres since she’s wanted to be a writer since the sixth grade.  For much of her professional career, she’s written non-fiction — but she’s discovered writing romance is the most fun. Her romances have been  named Top Picks at Night Owl Reviews and All Romance Ebooks.
When she was younger, she worked in a variety of jobs, moving to various countries. She backpacked alone through Europe,  and lived in Paris before returning to the U.S. She owned a bookstore for a few years as she loves to read. She’s now married to a fantastic man, and they have two kids, a cat, and many fish.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Review: Touchstone of Love

Title: Touchstone of Love
Author: Beth Barany
Publisher: Firewolf Books
Release Date: January 5, 2014
Pages: 93
Buy Link: Amazon


From present day modernity to medieval France. 

When a thunderstorm transports software expert Rose Waldman to thirteenth century France, she meets hunky stonemason Julien, who is secretly creating a gargoyle in defiance of his master mason. Can independent gadget loving Rose trust her life and heart to Julien, and can she really never go home again? 

Rose was a very logical woman who knew what she wanted in life and how she would get it. In a way, I liked that she was practical and focused on finding a solution as opposed to being upset about her situation going awry. 

On the other hand, Julien was a traditional man who was definitely not accustomed to modern women like Rose. I enjoyed the scenes where Rose would do something completely acceptable like touch his skin, and Julien would be completely offended.

This book was about love transcending time. It was quite beautiful. I'd recommend it if you want a short and sweet read :)