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VBT Author Promo: Kenya Carlton

Today, I have author Kenya Carlton on the blog. Check out three of her books :)

Title: Jaded
Author:Kenya Carlton

Genre: Mystery/Romance with paranormal elements
Buy Here: Amazon (Paperback) | Amazon (Kindle)
War correspondent Mia James is back on US soil and ready to tackle a juicy political story that could make national headlines.  A politician’s aid goes missing, and the son of the wealthiest family is the only suspect.

Determined to take down the mayor of the small seaside town, Mia comes up against an angry ghost with her own agenda.

Afraid she may be suffering from post traumatic stress Mia figures that she’s way over her head and enlists the help of resident black sheep Gabe Montgomery.  Now, she must solve the mystery of her not so friendly ghost, stop herself from falling in love with the mysterious winery owner, all while making it out alive.
Martin Conway didn’t know what to expect. He idled in his police cruiser on the curb in anticipation of a few ominous clouds or some menacing lightening to strike down on the house. He wasn’t quite sure since he avoided this place as much as possible.

The manor that sat above Vine was a picture of Victorian splendor. Or at least that’s what the welcome brochure to all new tourists had professed.

No one had occupied the oldest standing mansion in town permanently for years and the historical society made sure no one probably ever would. Restrictions had been placed on the home that most modern families weren’t willing to contend with and older homeowners would be too overwhelmed to be bothered. The most that could be hoped for was the occasional renter. So the mansion that encompassed every viable asset that a haunted house possibly ever could, sat empty.

It didn’t matter that the lawn was cut and the bushes were trimmed. Nor did it matter whether fresh paint was applied every other year or so. Right now all that mattered was that he, Martin Conway, had to get his butt in gear to welcome the new residence of Holloway Manor to Vine.

As Sheriff he took his job seriously. Crime was virtually nonexistent. A few run-ins with the local teenagers now and again were the worse offenses he imagined but that was expected in any small town.

Martin turned the ignition off and grabbed his hat. Vibes of intense displeasure seemed to waft his way from the house, with a deep breath he pushed his apprehension to the side and sorted through his thoughts of what to say to the new neighbors of Vine.

"Good Afternoon, Ma'am." Martin tipped his head to the cute little number at the door. Pleasantly surprised he greeted the woman with all smiles.

"Good afternoon, Officer-"

"Conway, Sheriff Conway," he introduced himself.

The look on her adorable face made him forget the regular spiel he had prepared for all the newbie’s that entered town. She was this tiny little thing with big boobs and a nice ass which was a win-win combination in his estimation. Her smooth cocoa skin made his mouth water not to mention her face was kewpie doll cute but her expression told him she was all about being bad. The pool of her brown eyes seemed to suck him into her.

"Where are my manners? Please come in Sheriff. My name is Tracy and this tired piece of trash over here is my cousin, Mia." He followed the woman into the Holloway home to find it was exactly as he had imagined.

Big and creepy!

The structure was the only house that could be seen from the Carlisle hilltop that looked down on Vine. From the door the stained glass windows cast a colorful dance of colors around the front room. A bright and cheery effect that should have appeared fun and joyful, but came across eerie and haunting instead.

White dust cloths covered what he could only imagine was antique furniture. The unlived look probably lent a helping hand to the spooky factor of the estate.
Entranced with the infamous inside interior of the Holloway mansion, he almost stumbled over this woman. Simply stunned into stupidity by her perfect face he missed the hand that she held out to him.

"Mia James, what can I do for you?" His tongue twisted around his mouth. Ordinarily he would be considered a man of authority but this woman made him babble like a fool.

"I uh, I wanted to welcome you to Vine. I saw your truck and thought I would be first to welcome you to our fine city."

"I appreciate that," she replied.

"We have a little picnic scheduled this evening at The Grove and we would be delighted if you could join us." He flashed his pearly smile in hopes it would be enough to persuade them to come.

"Who is we, Sheriff?"

"The Mayor is sponsoring this little shindig to extend his hand of thanks to the people of Vine."

"Special thanks for what?" Mia asked.

"Uh.” Both women stared at him with something crossed between humor and confusion.

"He wants to thank everyone for their support in Vine and continued support when he runs for Congress."

"Well Conway,” Mia began, “that's a mighty fine invitation but I think I'll pass." she touched his elbow, with the sweetest smile. He was so enchanted with the Egyptian shape of her brown eyes that he found himself outside of the front door without the faintest idea how he got there. "Thank you for keeping us in mind."

"But there's barbecue and fireworks," he stupidly stammered.

"Sounds like a true hootenanny of a good time. We will definitely give it some thought." He understood a polite brush off when he saw one. Mia was so gracious he almost didn't mind how she had just kicked him out of the house.

“Oh well.” He stepped off the wraparound porch. Most likely he would see her again around town. Of course, the lack of information about these women would leave room for the Mayor to be unhappy with his fact finding duties.

Martin headed to his cruiser and figured he would go check across town for those vandals that kept spray painting something as silly as ‘Water’ in the quarry. It was the perfect excuse that he was too busy to be nosey if the Mayor asked.

Sweet As Sin
By Kenya Carlton
Genre: Multicultural Paranormal Romance 
Buy Here: Amazon (Paperback) | Amazon (Kindle)

The rich and available Captain Drake Devilin had the biggest body count in World War I.  Injected with serum that turned him into something unnatural, Drake’s troop annihilated the enemy, but once his tour ended, Drake was plunged into a world of family tragedy and financial ruin.  

  Sienna Caldwell is stunning to even the biggest cynic; with her exotic looks and rich brown skin, the playboy wasn’t exempt from her charms.  Buckling under the pressure of his financially strapped inheritance, Drake makes a deal with the devil to marry the prosperous landowner in order to protect her.  

After one year, he can return the black beauty back to her island and collect on the fortune that will save his family’s reputation, but the task proves far easier said than done.   The war may have made Drake into something lethal, but he soon finds his new bride was born more powerful than he could ever imagine.  Not only does Drake have to figure out away to keep his hands off his alluring wife, but also he has to make sure she stays alive.
“May I?” The shadow at Sienna's small cottage door asked. Drake's muscular frame was a stark contrast to the chaos from the elements beyond him.

“Do you need an invitation?”

“For the sake of my honor and politeness, I certainly do,” Drake admitted. Not completely satisfied with his answer she considered his request. He may not be the undead but he was definitely something.

Sienna sat nestled in her favorite love seat, facing the fire finally relenting, she told him, “Be my guest.” She noted the quick way he surveyed his surroundings when he stepped across the threshold, first the exits-windows, d├ęcor than finally his eyes settled upon her. Unwilling to bend to his close scrutiny, she took a sip from her wine.

“It's cozy here, not anything like the resort. May I?” She nodded for him to help himself to her spirits as he took a seat in a cushioned chair. Masculine man, dainty chair taking up space with his mere presence made Drake appear even bigger and stronger than he had in the gazebo.

“Courage?” she asked him pouring a glass.

“Restraint,” Drake answered before holding it up for a toast. “To good decisions.”
“Good decisions,” she reiterated kissing his glass with hers. A moment was taken to drink and think before he began to press her for answers.

“It's a simple proposition,” he stated.

“Is it?” Sienna tightened the shawl she held around her bare arms, the fire made no difference to the temperature of the room; she merely made the fire for ambiance but now she felt exposed so close to this imposing man. The bright and colorful flames helped with her state of mind as well as the red wine and Mary Shelley book that now lay abandoned on her lap.

“You're exquisite,” he said matter-of-factly.

“That didn't sound much like a compliment, Mr. Devilin.”

“Why aren't you married?”

“A proposal has never come up.”

“I find that hard to believe.” In a single gulp, he finished his wine.
“How old are you, Mr. Devilin?”

“I‟m thirty six. Please call me Drake.”

“And you've never been married?”

His smile was one of a pure blooded playboy. “It's never come up,” he replied with a lopsided smirk.

“What's good for the goose is not necessarily good for the gander, I suppose.”
Sienna grabbed the wine bottle and offered him a refill; he gladly accepted.

“I understand my benefit in this whole crazy scheme but not yours.” He gently pushed.

“Does that make you uncomfortable, not knowing?”

“It makes me question the sanity of this request, Sienna. I don’t believe in one sided deals and I don't believe in modern day martyrs.” From the intense look in his eyes, she believed what he said.

Agitated by this man's closeness and all he would change in her world, she uncurled her feet from beneath her and set them on the floor. The storm beyond her four walls picked up. Sienna crossed to the window to watch the thunder and lightning explode.

“I'm afraid my answer remains the same.”

Undressed Inc
Buy Here: Amazon (Kindle)
Undressed Inc., the women you meet are an eclectic bunch. The connection? The melding of sexual desire and any means necessary to satisfy it. Sit back and enjoy the ride! Four sexy stories bring readers front and center as four dynamic women enjoy every drop of pleasure they can get.

BLACK HONEY by Samara King
Who could she run to?

When Officer Elisha “Elle” Taylor finds out crime lord Monty “Black” Kearns was her father, there is only one man she can turn to in the midst of a deadly plot for revenge. The very man she’d sworn never to touch again. Durant Kane.

Leaning on her father's enforcer and her ex-lover seemed suicidal when the hit on her father was said to be ordered by his own people. Yet, the impulsive and heady sexual chemistry between them was undeniable.

Not at all happy about her long-awaited homecoming, video vixen Brooke Langely finds herself the maid of honor in her best friend’s wedding and face to face for the first time in years with her old high school rivals. But Brooke has her silver lining in the form of Sam Foley, the shy jock in high school that was Brooke’s favorite extracurricular activity after school.

Arizona "Ari" Garrison has made some changes in her life: she’s finally left her abusive ex-husband Fletcher and she’s graduating college with her degree in business. Despite her accomplishments, what she lacks is a real man to be the comforter she seeks. Her vibrator can only do but so much to curb her sexual desires. The night of her graduation, her best friends take her out to have a good time. Little did she know that she'd find love in a jazz club.

TABLES TURNED by Ayanna Pierce
By day, Samantha Long uses her hands and pressure points to help her clients relax as a massage therapist. By night, Sam is Mistress Siren and uses her whips and leathers to make her clients submit as a dominatrix at Destiny Parker’s ultra-hot spot, Awaken. No matter the time of day, her mind is constantly focused on Drew Winger, a man she wants but can’t seem to conjure up her sexy nighttime persona Siren to express her feelings. 

Brooke Langley took a deep sigh to quiet her anxious nerves and tapped her French-manicured nail against the lock. She seriously contemplated a good ole fashion tuck and roll out of the limo.

“One more time around?” Unable to keep his eyes off her massive breast, the Russian driver peered at her through the rearview mirror.

“No,” she murmured, “that was the last dry run. You can drop me off this time.”
Picture perfect, exactly how she remembered it. God, I hate this place, she thought. The driver pulled onto the winding circular drive way to the beautiful brick mansion named The Manor. No sooner had the car stopped in front of one of the country’s premier banquet halls than the large oak doors were thrown open and a gaggle of ladies rushed out.

“You getting married, no?” the driver asked.

“Not me,” Brooke told him as she swallowed the bile that made its way up her throat.

“Good. It would be a shame for one man to have all that chocolate to himself.”

“Aren’t you the charmer.” She snorted, mildly pleased that his dirty old man flirt could put things in the proper perspective for her.

No longer was she that skinny poor kid with the rich best friend, Brooke reminded herself. No sir, she was the best video model money could buy and she now owned the top agency for video vixens in New York. Brooke Langley was officially a self made rich bitch.

“I told you she would come!” She heard Ruby Turlington, her best friend triumphantly cheer as the POPS followed close behind her. The POPS is what everyone called the popular crowd in high school and Brooke couldn’t have been less thrilled to see them. With a withering look toward the automatic lock, Brooke left behind any fleeting thoughts of freedom when Ruby snatched open the door.

“I almost sent in the troops for you,” Ruby hissed while clutching her close. Barely out of her seat, Brooke gave a limp hug in return as she caught sight of her past over her best friend’s shoulder. The cliquish group stared at her in all their snooty sneering glory. Glad to see nothing had changed, Brooke shined on her best bitchy smile back.

“Amanda, didn’t think you would make it,” Tanya the blonde cooed. She had a little more pudge in the face than before but otherwise Tanya looked the same unimpressively average.

“What did you think?” Brooke asked, faintly remembering Tanya was the ring leader to the more vicious pranks, which were mostly played on her.

“I didn’t.” She winked. “I don’t care.”

Before she could tell Tanya where to shove everything but the kitchen sink up her probably still bulimic ass, Ruby jerked her cheery face in Brooke’s line of vision.

“We need to get you briefed and fitted, okay?” she chirped nervously.

“What’s wrong?” Brooke asked, just realizing her friend’s perfect ivory skin seemed a smidge blotchy and her eyes were a tad red.

“Nothing honey,” Ruby lamely reassured, as the word liar ran in Brooke’s brain like the CNN ticker at the bottom of the television screen.

“Really Brooke, I didn’t think shaking you tits and ass in front of a camera could afford you some actual decent clothes,” Amanda smartly quipped about Brooke’s Lucky jeans and Ralph Lauren ensemble that perfectly complimented the Hershey bar tone of her skin.

“If you had some tits and ass maybe you would,” Brooke volleyed back at the red head. Amanda’s straight-edged hair cut sort of flattered her sharp face but couldn’t hide the look of stupid that swam in her empty eyes.

“It’s so vulgar,” Amanda muttered with less bravado than she had before.
“Tonight is free after rehearsal and tomorrow is dinner,” Ruby quickly rattled off as she interrupted the cat fight that had been brewing for more than 17 years.

“I don’t think the dress is going to fit her,” Paula pointed out without judgment or emotion. She was the only other black girl in the POPS and Paula was only half black which means she was never really any help to Brooke at all.

For the most part, Paula stayed neutral, and if there was ever a time to pick a side, Brooke could always put money on Paula not picking hers. It was usually Ruby and Brooke against the majority and due to her poor people stamp of approval, she generally had no vote to speak of.

“Her dress isn’t like the rest of yours,” her best friend announced proudly. “Brookey’s the maid of honor.” Ruby threw at them her gotta love it smile before she grabbed Brooke’s arm. Ripped from the present and straight back into her past, she was practically drug through the thick double doors and into the house.

Author Bio
Kenya has a B.A. in Mass communication, Television and Radio. She has fifteen years in production of television and film and five in television engineering. In 2009 Kenya Produced Dawn a short film and Executive Produced Destination Everywhere the pilot for a travel series through her production company Black R.O.K Productions established in 2008.

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