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Interview with Maeve Greyson + ARC Giveaway


Title: Eternity’s Mark
Author: Maeve Greyson
Publisher: Brava
Release Date: March 27, 2012
Pages: 320
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Sacred blood flows in Hannah MacPherson’s veins; she’s just too hardheaded to realize it. After losing a husband to the Iraq war, she’s squirreled herself away in a tiny town where she snarls at any man who gives her a second glance. But Taggart de Gaelson knows more about Hannah than she could ever fathom. As her assigned protector, Taggart’s grown tired of Hannah ignoring his messages from Scotland—and now he’s come to retrieve her.

The balance of the Continuum depends on a race of sacred creatures who maintain the strength of the portals. Only Hannah’s touch can release the hatchlings from their eggs. Sworn to protect Hannah from others who lust for control of the beasts, Taggart must win her trust. But as he battles at her side, can he protect his heart?

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Maeve: First of all, I’d love to thank Kayla for inviting me over to her lovely cyber-home and to show my appreciation to all her readers, I’d like to offer an ARC (advanced reading copy) of Eternity’s Mark and a signed Eternity’s Mark cover flat to a randomly drawn commenter on this post.

Kayla: How did you choose to write in the Paranormal Romance genre?

Maeve: Well. That’s a tough one to put my finger on. I don’t know that I chose it so much as it chose me. Paranormal romance is one of my favorite genres to read so when my muse started whispering in my ear, I guess it was only natural those stories would be filled with magic, dragons, and reality-hopping heroes.

Kayla: What was your favorite book to write?

Maeve: To date, my favorite to write has been Eternity’s Mark. I adored creating the Draecna’s world and fleshing out the different personalities of those magical dragons.

Kayla: Could you tell us a bit about your newest release Eternity's Mark?

Maeve: A broken heart. A forbidden love dared. An entire race endangered. Eternity’s Mark is the coming together of two lonely souls and how the heat of their passion not only melds their union but also regains a birthright, saves a sacred race and frees a world of a sadistic ruler.

Kayla: What projects are your currently working on?

Maeve: I’ve completed two more paranormal romances. One is a spin off novella about Trish Sullivan from Beyond a Highland Whisper and the other is a full length that’s the next story in my Escape through the Highlands Series (tentative name).

Kayla: Who is your favorite Paranormal Romance Author?

Maeve: It’s impossible to name just one. Of course, I’m uber-partial to my Writing With the Stars mentor, Rebecca Zanetti from Kensington Brava. She’s taken vampires to an entirely new smokin’ hot level. I also really enjoy several Wild Rose Press authors such as S.G. Rogers, Clair Ashgrove, and Emma Lai to name just a few.

Kayla: What would a perfect day be like for you?

Maeve: Any day I wake up on this side of the grass is a perfect day for me. ;-) But in all seriousness, I guess a perfect day would be where I open my laptop at 3 a.m. and get so lost writing my latest story that the next time I look up at the clock it’s already 3 p.m. and I’m so stiff from sitting in one position that I’m like the rust-paralyzed Tin Man from Oz.

Kayla: What has been the biggest compliment you've gotten from a reader?

Maeve: Biggest compliment? Had to be the email I got from a reader telling me to hurry up because she’d finished reading Beyond a Highland Whisper and couldn’t wait for the next visit with the MacKay clan and what was taking me so “doggone” long?

Kayla: What is your writing schedule like?

Maeve: I’m still chipping away at the day job I’ve had a steel mill for the past twenty five years. So my writing day is divided into increments. I rise at about 3 a.m. and write until time to get ready and leave for work at 5:30 a.m. Then I write a bit in the evenings and get major chunks done on the weekend.

Kayla: What do you think of social networking?

Maeve: I like Facebook but I get frustrated with it because about the time I figure out how to work the silly thing, Facebook changes everything around and then I’m as lost as last year’s Easter Egg again. But I enjoy posting pictures and staying caught up with everyone I know there. I find Twitter a bit easier to use when it comes to visiting with cyber-friends even though it’s sometimes a challenge to condense a conversation down into 140 characters. I must confess I suffer from SPORADIC BLOGGING DISORDER (SBD). *hangs head in shame* I always intend to do regular blog posts but you know what they say about good intentions…


As Maeve mentioned above, she is going to be giving away an ARC copy of Eternity's Mark to one lucky commenter! So get to commenting :) Oh, and good luck!

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laughingmaeveNo one has the power to shatter your dreams unless YOU give it to them. That’s Maeve Greyson’s motto whenever she hits the proverbial bump in the road. Maeve writes paranormal romances with a Celtic twist from her cozy little home not too far from Kentucky Lake. Tucked away in the middle of a five acre wood, Maeve listens to the wind whispering through the trees and hears her character’s voices. Her work is proofed by her sharp-eyed dog, Jasper. He keeps her alert by sneaking underneath her desk and chomping down on green squeaky toy when she least expects it. Her promotional manager is her long suffering husband of over thirty years who’s learned to ignore Maeve’s habit of mumbling to her computer screen and leaving sticky notes filled with bits of conversation all over the house.

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