Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Most Coveted Prize by Penny Jordan (Review + Giveaway)

The Most Coveted Prize
Author: Penny Jordan
Publisher: Harlequin
Release Date: October 18, 2011
Pages: 192
His latest acquisition . . . 

Russian oligarch Kiryl Androvonov has one rival: billionaire Vasilii Demidov. Luckily, Vasilii has an Achilles’ heel – his younger, over-protected half-sister Alena... Kiryl’s master plan is to seduce the tantalisingly beautiful Alena. Then, once he’s had his fill, use her to blackmail Vasilii for the contract that will complete his business empire. It’s a winner-takes-all situation for the Russian tycoon, as Alena herself might well be the most coveted prize of all. Until she discovers just how ruthlessly Kiryl has been using her...

This book was amazing based on the story itself. The writing however, was painful most of the time. Punctuation, spelling, grammar, run-on sentences, and the list went on. Anyway, instead of being mean, I think I should focus on the good things about this book. First a character breakdown:

Alena – OH MY GOSH. She is the most naïve, ignorant, and blind person I’ve known or read about. She was 19 years old and never been with a man, much less fallen in love. When she set eyes on Kiryl, she was hooked and fell to the point of no return. She was definitely honest…honestly stupid! She confessed her love and everything – things a smart woman should NEVER do, especially after making love with someone she just met YESTERDAY! Wow, most of the time, I was speaking out loud how irritating her character was and how literally fragile she was. Even when she was angry and supposedly earned a new resolve of strength, I didn’t believe it. She was weak and her weakness was Kiryl.

Kiryl – WOW, this guy is a PREDATOR. From the first time he interacted with Alena, I saw the danger in him. Dang, even Alena kept telling herself that he was. He knew how to manipulate women and boy, was he good at it. He called it his male instincts but I think it’s just his personal skill. The sexual tension he created with Alena was insane! He was ruthless, or at least he wanted to be. Too bad Alena got under his skin. Poor man, he was just another man who fell for the spell of a beautiful woman.
"No. Don't close your eyes. I want to look into them when I kiss you. I want to watch the pleasure we shall create together being born. Pleasure such as previously you can only have imagined, little virgin. Tell keep you want that. Tell me you want me as much as I want you."
"Is this good for you? Is it what you want? Tell me Alena. Tell me you want the caress of my mouth against your naked breasts, the taste of your sex against my lips."

Overall – this book was irritating yet invigorating at the same time. The sexual tension as well as the emotional tension between the two characters were so strongly written, I applaud the author for that. My favorite parts, however, were the time when Alena was so mad at Kiryl, she gave him a piece of her mind and just absolutely BROKE THROUGH HIS SHIELD. She really was powerful beyond her imagination when it came to him. If the writing was a little better, this book would have made it to one of my favorite books.

Sexy Snippet:
      "What will I need to pack?"
      "Very little."
      When Alena's face went bright red and she dropped her lashes over her eyes Kiryl laughed. He had been so intent on his plan that he had forgotten for a minute how inexperienced she actually was.
      "Ah, I see," Kiryl teased her. "You are imagining that I plan for you to wear only the minimum amount of clothing?" He shook his head. "That was not what I meant at all. I should have said that you need only pack a few essentials. The rest we will buy when we reach our destination." He paused and then told her softly, "Besides, when I make love to you it will not be "very little" you will be wearing, it will only be your own skin--because the only covering you will need will be my hands, my touch, my kiss and my body."

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  1. I did with my ex.... it didn't last LOL

  2. I've never had the strong of a connection with someone.

  3. Jennifer BielmanJune 14, 2012 at 5:04 PM

    I've never had the strong of a connection with someone.

  4. yes and we have been together for 10 years

  5. I felt a strong connection with one man and now he is my husband! :) so yes, I guess you can say I did something about it haha