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Dark Secrets by Desirre Holt (Promo)

darksecretsTitle: Dark Secrets
Author: Desiree Holt
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Length: 116 pages
Genres: Contemporary Western Erotic Romantic Suspense
Buy Here: Decadent Publishing|Amazon| Smashwords

Hawk Blackwater thought Freewill, Wyoming was the place to get his life back together. Riley Scott thought it the best place to hide, half a country away from those hunting her. For Hawk his focus was on finding the killer of the previous sheriff and discovering the cause of the mysterious lights in the Laramie Mountain. For Riley her goal was to stay under the radar until she could get damning evidence to the right authorities. Neither realized they were on a collision course, or that the explosive chemistry between them would change both of their lives.  

Excerpt #1: “Interesting, “ Hawk commented, watching the woman leave the restaurant. “Wonder what her secret is?” Brady lifted an eyebrow. “Secret? How do you even know she’s got one?” “Instinct. Half lawman, half Yavapai. All the signs are there. If I didn’t know better I’d think she might have something to do with John Foster’s death. Or even the lights in the Laramies that come and go.” “How do you know she’s not?” Brady asked. “If she’d killed Foster or been a party to it, she’d be long gone, not hanging around here. Besides, she showed up months after the murder. But I wonder if she has something to do with these strange lights that are driving me crazy.” Brady frowned. “What makes you think that?” Hawk shrugged. “The lights didn’t show up until a couple of weeks after she got here. And she sure acts like she’s got something to hide. ” “Maybe she’s running away from something,” Brady suggested. “Or someone. Don’t you think that’s more likely? She lands here in a place that’s not exactly a destination spot for people. Unless they’re going to the Misbegotten Gaines Ranch. She doesn’t exactly reach out to people. Just keeps to herself. As far as I know the only places she goes besides work are the bookstore, Wyoming Eats and the grocery.” “She’s not on any Wanted list. Could be she just likes her own company.” “If you’re so curious you could always drop in at Books and More and the two of you could have a reading hour together.” Brady grinned. “You do read, don’t you, Hawk?” Hawk made a face. “Very funny. But I might just drop by Darnell’s place. I’m out of feed for the horses and few other things.” “You could always call in your order.” Brady laugh. “Save yourself a trip.” Hawk just shook his head shoved his hands in his ranch jacket and walked towards the feed store. Leave it alone. You have other things more important to focus on. But he hadn’t been able to get her out of his mind. He didn’t know why she was bugging him. She certainly wasn’t any of his business, but his curiosity was on full alert. As was another part of his body. Deliberately he tamped down the feelings surging through him. He had no business letting himself get involved with anyone. Especially someone who was obviously carrying a pound of trouble. Go back to your office. Haven’t you got enough going on without piling on more? But his feet kept moving in the direction of Freewill Feed and Supplies, trying to remind himself he had more important things than scoping out a woman doing her best to blend into the background. One of these days his curiosity was going to get him into real trouble.

Excerpt #2: Jason was livid. Almost two weeks had passed since Riley had taken off, and none of the idiots who worked for him could seem to find a trace of her. “I’m telling you,” he raged at Art, “she had to have help from someone. Her friends are calling, saying they’ve tried to reach her at the spa only to be told she’s not taking any calls. It’s costing me a pretty penny to get the spa to go along with the story. Now, her friends are hounding me. I need to come up with something in case one of those idiot women decides to drive out there.” “I know this is not good,” Art Valderrama began but Jason interrupted him. “Not good? Let me tell you what will happen if we don’t find her quickly. My ‘business partner’ will do it himself. He has far more resources than I do. Then, not only will Riley be dead, but we’ll probably be right behind her. I don’t know about you, but I’m rather fond of breathing.” He leaned forward on the desk. “I have a good life here, Arturo, and planning for a better one. You have a good life. But if we’re dead, we won’t be enjoying it very much.” Valderrama shifted from foot to foot. “I’m doing my best. We all are. But trhere’s not a sign of her anywhere. And I mean anywhere.” “Goddamnit!” Jason slammed his hand on the desk. “That’s jiust not acceptable. What I want to know is how the fuck she did it?” “I’ve worked every one of our usual sources and them some. No one knows anything.” Art sat in one of the client chairs, his bdy stiff. “I’ve got a suggestion.” “Yeah? Let’s hear it.” “I’m not sure—” “Now, damn it,” Jason spat. “What about using our own network? We can cover a good part of the country with them.” Jason stared at him. “Are you crazy? You know what kind of people we’re dealing with. What do you think they’d say if they found out I can’t even keep track of my own wife?” “Not as much as they’d say—or do—if we don’t find her before she can go to the feds,” Art pointed out. “We don’t have to tell them who we’re looking for. Just get her picture to them and tell them we’d appreciate their help in finding her.” Jason sat in silence for a long moment, staring out the large window that overlooked downtown. “All right,” he said. “But tell everyone to keep it under the radar. If this gets out, everything falls apart. Besides, the network operates almost invisibly. That’s why this works. Anything that calls attention to it is bad news. For all of us.” “I’ll handle it.” Art placed his empty mug on the credenza. “Trust me. I’ll make this all go away.

Excerpt #3: Riley was still shivering in his arms as Hawk carried her into the house. When he sat her on the couch and tried to assess her state, he realized she was unaware of her surroundings. Her eyes still had that wild look, and she was paler than moonlight. “Hold on one second,” he told her, knowing that she might not even hear him. “Let me get some things taken care of, and I’ll get you warm.” Grabbing the blanket hanging on the back of the couch, he wrapped her in it then went to get a fire started in the fireplace. When he had a nice blaze going, he knelt beside her and attempted to remove her wet clothes. Her jacket, jeans, and shoes were soaked from the rain and the puddle. Riley just sat there, hands tightened into fists, while he removed them. He paused before going any further, not knowing how she’d react. But what he did know was she’d catch pneumonia if he didn’t take care of her. Uttering a silent prayer that she wouldn’t run shrieking into the rain or sock him in the jaw, he slid her jeans down her legs with great care and slow movements and tossed them aside. She tensed when he unbuttoned her blouse and eased it from her body but didn’t protest. He gritted his teeth and reached for every bit of self-control as his gaze swept her body. The lace and silk lingerie—fancier than he would have expected from a little mouse in Freewill—did little to disguise her nicely rounded body. Her nipples, darkened from the cold, showed through the insubstantial bra. He could almost feel her legs wrapped around him. Shit! She needed comfort and security, not the randy thoughts of a horny sheriff. Forcing himself to move, he swaddled her in the blanket once more and tucked her into a corner of the couch. The fire was throwing out plenty of heat now. His next move was to warm her up from the inside out and convince her she was safe with him. After throwing her clothes in the drier, he fetched a bottle of brandy and poured some into a snifter for her. She was still sitting the way he’d left her, scrunched into a corner of the couch, fingers holding the edges of the blanket in a death grip. Hawk sat down beside her and eased her closer to him, wrapping one arm around her. “Come on, Riley. You need to drink some of this. Get rid of that chill.” He brushed the rim of the snifter against her lips slowly, the way he’d seen women try to get their kids to drink. At last she opened her mouth enough to take a swallow. She choked, and her eyes watered. “Hey. Easy there, sweetheart,” he told her. “You don’t want to kill yourself here.” He rubbed his hand in gentle circles on her back until she was able to breathe again. “Okay, good. That’s better.” As he fed her sips of the brandy, he watched some color come back into her face. Her body relaxed by slow degrees against him, almost molding herself to him. Telling himself he was ten kinds of a fool, he lifted her onto his lap and cradled her in his arms. There was no doubt he was playing with fire here.

Thanks to Liz @ CBLS Promotions and Desirre Holt I am able to offer one e-copy of Dark Secrets to ONE lucky commenter! So, comment away and I will pick a winner on June  25th!

About the Author:
Desiree Holt has lived a life of excitement that brings the color to her writing. She was a summer fishing guide, a summer field hand where she was one of only three women working, a member of a beginning ski team that skied in competition (and no, no broken bones!). She spent several years in the music business representing every kind of artist from country singer to heavy metal rock bands. For several years she also ran her own public relations agency handling any client that interested her. She is twice a finalist for an EPIC E-Book Award, a nominee for a Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award, winner of the first 5 Heart Sweetheart of the Year Award at The Romance Studio, and is published by four different houses. Romance Junkies said of her work: “Desiree Holt is the most amazing erotica author of our time and each story is more fulfilling then the last.”

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