Sunday, July 17, 2016

RWA16: Day 2 - July 14

I brought my new roommate with me on the second day. We were so late because I got the times wrong! I totally missed the Kensington signing and I was so bummed, but I did make it towards the end of the Indie Signing. I met Crista McHugh, finally! She had three awards at her table -- what a legend! The rest of the authors I planned to see already left :'(

I saw Sorcha Mowbray hanging out so I chatted with her for a bit. She advised that I go back and see who else I could meet, so I did. Someone told me that the books were actually free and my mind was blown to bits. I was so excited that I got to meet authors AND get their books to read! I ended up with three books, all romantic suspense -- my faves!

After I met everyone I could, I texted my client Pamela DuMond to see if she wanted to meet up. Thankfully, I caught her just in time before she went on to her meeting. What a lovely woman. She was talking about me to her friend Angie Fox while I was still there. My heart swelled in gratitude. Oh, did I mention I brought her a Chocolate Chocolate Chip bundtlet from Nothing Bundt Cakes? One of her main character is a baker so I thought it was only appropriate ;)

After meeting Pam, I waited an hour for a special author. I really just wanted a hug and a selfie, but she didn't see my tweet until later, but no worries, I waited with my roommie anyway. When I finally saw her, it gave me pure joy. Who wouldn't be happy to see Lisa Kessler? That woman beamed happiness!

Overall, Day 2 was a success. I had fun even though we were so late!

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  1. It was SO fun to see you TWICE Arianne!!! :D

    I'm so glad you had fun and got some new books too! :)


    Lisa :)