Sunday, July 24, 2016

Review: Love Reclaimed

Last but not least, I have reached the end of the Market series. I may or may not have given the author an idea about one of the characters of this last book. Fingers crossed that she'd actually write one down the line ;)

Title: Love Reclaimed
Series: The Market, #3
Author: Sorcha Mowbray
Publisher: Amour Press
Release Date: June 21, 2016
Pages: 78
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The whole series is also available as a boxed set.


Owner of one of the most successful brothels in London, Madame Marie Marchander has seen and done it all. Jaded by the hand life dealt her, she gave up on love the night her virginity was auctioned off twenty years earlier.. But then the boy, now a man, she once loved walks in to her establishment. 

Jonathan Pierce, Baron Heartfield, had waited too long to save the woman he loved. A man no longer bound by the vows taken as a boy and under the influence of his father, he is determined to woo and win the heart of the only woman he ever loved. The fact she was forced in to prostitution is of little consequence beyond the guilt he bears for not interceding with her father. 

Resolved to prove to Jonathan that she is not in need of saving, nor is she an appropriate wife, Marie agrees to take him as a lover for six months. Steadfast in his love, he launches an assault on her heart with all the strategy his years in the military afford him. His only goal, to reclaim her love.

Jonathan was one man determined to get what he wanted, in whatever tactic necessary.

This book started out a bit slow for me, but when it picked up, I really enjoyed it! Jonathan was very persistent though he kept getting mixed signals from Marie. He trusted his heart and had faith that Marie would see reason. It wasn't easy.

Marie thought that her new occupation might put off Jonathan, but she didn't realized just how serious he was about pursuing her. Instead of pushing him away, Jonathan actually liked the new things that Marie showed him. I was telling the author that in one of those attempts, if only Marie had chosen a male-male-female menage, she might have had a better chance of pushing Jonathan away. But yes, maybe she really didn't want to make him run for the hills.

This story was a bit more mature since Jonathan was trying to rekindle a love that existed twenty years ago. But I think, if you gave it a try, you would enjoy it, like I did. My favorite part was when Jonathan pretended to be sick, even moaning just so Marie would tend to him. What an insufferable, brilliant man!

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