Saturday, July 16, 2016

#RWA16 Day 1: July 13

The first day of the Romance Writers of America Conference was so much fun! There were over 400 authors at the Literacy Autographing event. I was half an hour late, but I was glad that I made it there with my friend. I never fangirled ever, but I did for this conference. I couldn't help myself. I was really happy and I was in my element.

My first stop was Laura Kaye. I knew she was going to be there so I made a beeline to her table with my friend in tow. Luckily, she wasn't talking to anyone when I got there, so I was able to say hi right away, get a hug, and then a selfie. First fangirl moment!

My next stop was Sorcha Mowbray. She writes really steamy books. Thankfully this time, I could take a photo with her! This was actually the second time we met, but the first time, I couldn't take a photo. 

I don't remember the order from here, but I also met Linda Thomas-Sundstrom. The legend behind the rich world of paranormal romance. She brought her vampire wine and a new addition, which was a ken doll that looked pretty much like the cover model of one of her books. Awesome!

I had no idea that Melissa Cutler was going to be at the signing, so when I saw her, I lost my sh**. Fangirl to the extreme! She's one of my absolute fave, albeit local, author :) So, of course, I bought the book she had at the table, duh :)

Next up was Catherine Bybee. This woman was the epitome of all things goals. She always looked like that woman you wished you could be. She also had an amazing shoe collection that's stored in the most amazing closet. I swear, Catherine is probably secretly royalty of some country.

When I saw Jaci Burton, I knew I had to meet her. I own a couple of her books, but hadn't read them. That sure didn't stop me from telling her that and buying her newest book, though!

Up next was PC Cast. She wasn't the one signing, but she was so excited nonetheless. I was so happy to finally meet half of the duo that was responsible for the series that made me into the bookworm I am now. I wasn't able to chat with Kristin, but I was kind of star struck for some reason. These two are such legends!

I was supposed to meet Brenda at the LA Times Book Festival, but she had already left when I got there. So, when I saw her at the signing, I had to introduce myself because Carlene Love told me I needed to meet her. There she was, with cake pops at her table. Then my friend ended up fangirling, so there was that :)

Finally, I met Sylvia Day. I also have a few of her books, but I hadn't had the chance to read them. But I still came to meet her and she was such a sweetheart. Also, her face and her books were all over the hotel! I totally fangirled and possibly embarrassed myself a little bit. (Okay, maybe a lot.)

Towards the end, I saw a table with Nora Roberts' name on it, but there was no Nora! I was so bummed that I missed her. I didn't even know she was going to be there, but I would have loved to meet such a legend! Even authors I love are fans of her.

Anyway, the whole event was such a blast that I didn't even want to leave. But alas, we had to pay for our books and then go home. My friend and I stopped by In-N-Out before heading to our respective cities.

Stay tuned for Day 2 and Day 3! :)

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