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Married by Monday by Catherine Bybee (Review & Spotlight)

I'm happy to be participating in this tour for Catherine Bybee. I love brides in books. Check out the blurb and my review!

Title: Married by Monday
Weekday Bride Series
Author: Catherine Bybee
Release Date: May 25, 2012
Pages: 296
Buy links: Amazon (Paperback) | Amazon (Kindle)

If you are interested in getting the first book, Wife by Wednesday, here are the buy links: Amazon (Paperback) | Amazon (Kindle)

Carter Billings: Sandy blond hair and Hollywood good looks, Carter Billings could have any woman he wants. However, when he makes his bid for the Governor's seat in the state of California, he needs to settle down and become a family man. Eliza, the woman he secretly adores, embodies the perfect amount of spice and passion to suit his marital needs, but she’s not interested in becoming Mrs. Billings. She can't even stand to be in the same room with him.

Eliza Havens: It’s much easier to drive Carter away than to give into desire. Matching couples is how she earns a living, but getting married isn’t an option. The secrets she carries are too dangerous to entangle anyone else. When her hidden identity and past threaten her future, she’s left with little choice. Carter is quick to offer solutions to both their problems, but saying yes could mean endangering the man she’s growing to love. 


He folded his arms over his chest. “I suppose you could say I’m following Blake’s lead. Marriage solves a few fundamental problems in my career path.”

She stared at him full on now, not trying to look away. “Your problems. Not mine.”

“Problems you helped play a role in.” He saw the spark in her eye before she managed her first syllable of defense.

She sat the tea down and placed a hand on the counter. “That’s low, Carter.”

“And true or you’d be the first to tell me I’m wrong. If I had a choice, I’d be married by Monday to help dispel all the media crap created by yours and Gwen’s night on the Texas town. I thought I could come to you and obtain a little bit of cooperation.”

“A little bit of cooperation. Marriage is a tad more than a little bit of anything.” Her voice rose and her knuckles started to grip the counter.

“Yet you earn your living arranging marriages or partnerships on trite reasons less important than mine.” How dare she follow a moral high ground. Maybe she’d forgotten how well versed he was on her and Samantha’s business.

“You forget that our clients have to approve of the relationships we arrange. They have to like the person—”
He laughed, interrupting her. “Do you really want to pretend we aren’t friends to prove your point?”

Her cheeks grew rosy which he had to admit was a much better than the pasty color she’d been sporting when he walked into the house. He felt the fire burning inside her as she shot daggers with her eyes.

“You’re my best friend’s husband’s friend. If you’re looking for a wife you might peek into your little black book, or whatever it is you use, and draw another name.”

Carter let his arms drop and took two steps closer. The angrier she became, the more his blood churned. His body responded to her outrage, but not in anger. “I don’t want to draw another name.”

*sniff* *sniff*
What a beautiful book!

Dislikes: There were considerable amount of misspellings and grammatical errors that were noticeable. However, the book was so good, I would let it slide.

Eliza - she was strong, brave, independent, and Carter's heaven. She had a secret and it all came out as soon as she married Carter (by Monday, get it?). It was marriage of convenience as opposed to a marriage of love. But as with most romance novels, we all know how they ended up.

Carter - he was running to be the next governor in California. He sounded like such a really good candidate. If there was a candidate like him in real life, I'd go against my habits and actually sign up to vote. He was very protective of Eliza and probably the first man I've read about who showed fear in his eyes for the woman he loved. It was so endearing when he would be fearful for her and would start freaking out about her safety.

Samantha and Blake - If I'd read the first book of this series (Wife by Wednesday), I could understand more of their story. But they were such amazing friends to Eliza and Carter. No one could ask for better friends.

Gwen - she was Blake's sister. She's so adorable! She had such cute expressions and she sounded very regal and proper with a hint of sin ;)

Neil - he was the lead bodyguard who was guarding Gwen. He sounded super cool, too. I like a man with power such as his.

Sanchez - he was the bad guy. It was irritating how a criminal, IN PRISON, would still have connections to the outside world and attempt to do damage. That is just wrong.

Overall, this book was absolutely amazing, not to mention unexpected. I definitely didn't expect the climax to be as it was. When an author surprises me like that, I believe they are made for greatness. I would recommend this book for sure!

Check out my favorite scenes!
Eliza: "So who is going to watch these cameras, Neil?"

Neil: "You'll have 24-hour surveillance from the same eyes watching Samantha and Blake. Any questions?"

Eliza: "Just one." Neil was silent on the line. "How come Samantha didn't call me with these details?"

Neil: "I told her I would take care of it."

Eliza: "She's afraid I would talk her out of it?"

Neil: "Something like that."

Eliza: "And there's not arguing with you."

Neil: "Few have even tried."

Eliza: "I'll bet."
Eliza: "You do know that women are told never to pick crab to eat on a date, right?"

Carter: "They are?"
Eliza: "It's messy and usually expensive. Nothing says class like eating with your fingers."

Carter found himself worrying if he'd pick the wrong restaurant. He'd enjoyed playing golf and listening to Eliza talk about her parents, and he'd hoped to keep the night moving in the same easy-going direction.

Carter: "So what are you going to order?"

Eliza: "King crab legs with extra butter." Her answer was quick.

He tossed his head back and laughed.

Carter: "What about first date impressions? Aren't you worried about setting your gender back a notch or two?"Eliza: "I like crab."
Carter: "What does desirable smell like?"

Eliza: "Mmm. Sexy. I think I understand what pheromones are now."

Carter: "Pheromones? As in what animals emit when they're ready to mate?"

Eliza: "Exactly. I've heard females have a unique scent, but I think it's men who draw women in."

Carter: "All men?"

Eliza: "I've never smelled a man's need like I do yours."

Carter: "Be ego is growing."

Eliza: "That's not the only thing growing."
Gwen: "You worry too much."

Eliza: "I have to be able to take care of myself. No one knows better than I that guarantees in life are nonexistent."

Gwen: "Poppycock. Carter cares for you deeply, and you've nothing to worry about."

Eliza: "Poppycock? Did you just say poppycock?"

Gwen: "Don't make fun of my expressions. You know what I say is true."
Eliza: "So when will you be home tomorrow?"

Carter: "I have that luncheon and then I'll be outta here."

Eliza: "By dinner then?Carter: "You sound excited to see me."

Eliza: "Need to feed your ego much?"

Carter: "I missed you, too."

Eliza: "Call me from the airport. I'll order our pasta and chill the wine."

Our pasta from our place. God, he loved this woman.

Author of New York Times Bestseller, Wife by Wednesday presents, Book Two in the Weekday Bride Series

New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author Catherine Bybee has been addicted to romance since her teens. After spending a decade of her life working as an RN in urban emergency rooms, Catherine is now dedicated to writing happily-ever-afters for the world to love. Catherine is married and raising two sons in Southern California.

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