Tuesday, July 24, 2012

10-Day Meme: Day 7: Four Turn Offs

This meme was originally from http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/10+day+meme.

I am not very tolerant of people so I have a lot of turn offs. However, I suppose I have to narrow it down to four. Depending on my mood, it might vary sometimes. When I wrote this post, the following were my top 4.

-I admit, I can be stupid sometimes, but only because I'm doing it on purpose, perhaps to annoy someone. What is unacceptable to me is people who are stupid when I need them to be competent. I've worked with many "stupid" people and it baffles me how many there are in the world. My female supervisor even implied that the world is crawling with them. Why? Is that really what America has come to? I'm usually very impatient when dealing with such people.

Uncensored Mouths
-I curse except around family. I don't mind if you curse, either. What I do mind if is you curse OFTEN, or if your mouth simply spews vulgar words such as someone's body parts, etc. I don't appreciate people with such filthy mouths. I lose respect for them almost instantly.

Absolutely No Inhibitions
-I admire people who feel comfortable in their own skin. However, there is a thin line from being confident, to being trashy. I don't like trashy people. It tells me they don't respect themselves enough to carry themselves with pride, grace, and class.

-One of my biggest pet peeve are know-it-alls. These people make me cringe. They won't stop talking because they just have such a wide knowledge of a subject and they think they must voice out their opinion at every single opportunity. It really is annoying when you are in a classroom or a group of people and the same person is the one answering all the questions and they have that air of superiority around them.

So tell me, what are four things that turn you off?

UPDATE: I totally forgot to mention one BIG turn-off: Stinky people. Seriously, even poor people can afford DEODORANT. 


  1. haha I love the Hermione and Snape picture! I agree. You must be a nice medium. Don't act like an idiot or know it all.

  2. There are even people who are idiots and smell worse than a sewer.. Even worse. Ugh.