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Interview with Aleah Barley (Author of Too Hot To Handle)

Title: Too Hot To Handle
Author: Aleah Barley
Publisher: Entangled Publishing
Release Date: May 15, 2012
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She was playing with fire...
Honey Moore has made her pledge: no more stealing cars and no more lusting after Jack Ogden. But when an arsonist torches her house and chases her all over Los Angeles, she’s forced to throw herself on Jack’s mercy. No one will look for a convicted felon in an LAPD detective’s apartment, right?
…and he didn't want to get burned
Jack doesn’t need a woman like Honey in his life. She might be sexy, but trouble follows her everywhere. But it’s hard to walk away from someone who lives at full throttle—and even harder to keep her safe. Now he’ll have to sacrifice everything to protect Honey from the arsonist determined to kill her.
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Kayla:  Welcome to Reading on the Wild Side Aleah, I’m very excited to have you here with us! Could you tell us about your new release “Too Hot to Handle”

Aleah: “Too Hot to Handle” is about Honey Moore, a spunky ex-car thief with a big problem, and Jack Ogden, the one man she knows will be able to keep her safe. With an arsonist bearing down on them, the only thing hotter than the fire is the sexual tension. Really, the logline says it all: ‘He stole her heart. She stole his car.’

Kayla: What is something (anything) that you want people to know before they finish reading this Interview?

Aleah: I want them to know that Detroit is an awesome city, the Dodge Super Bee was a great car, and “Too Hot to Handle” is a fantastic book. If they could also learn how to juggle that would be cool too, but I’m a writer not a miracle worker.

Kayla: Where did you get the idea for “Too Hot to Handle”? (I am really liking the sound of a Troublemaker and a LAPD Detective together *wiggles eyebrows*)

Aleah: “Too Hot to Handle” started with an image in my mind, a tired man coming home from work and discovering there was someone waiting for him in his apartment. What would make that even more intense? If he was a cop, and she was a convicted felon wearing a plain white T-shirt, cotton panties, and nothing else.

Kayla: What is it like being published with Entangled Publishing? (I bet it’s amazing!)

Aleah: Entangled’s amazing! They’ve been really supportive, and I absolutely adore my editor Ruth (when I grow up, I want to be her). You should totally check out their website at www.entangledpublishing,com. I hope to publish many, many more books with them in the future.

Kayla: What is a day in your life like?

Aleah: Well, first I get up and try to write for half an hour before going to work. “Too Hot to Handle” is my debut novel, so I can’t quit the day job yet. After work, I come home and try to work some more. It’s kind of hard, I live in downtown Detroit ant there’s always something going on to distract me, whether it’s a ballgame, a concert, or the fact that Seinfeld’s still playing on the television. While I’m doing all that, my cat plots to take over the world.

Kayla: Are you a cat or a dog person?

Aleah: I have a cat who is half Maine Coon, half Siamese, and completely obnoxious, so I’m a dog person—just kidding! Really, I like both, but I live in a two hundred and fifty square foot apartment which kind of limits my pet owning ability.

Kayla: Where is your ideal place to write?

Aleah: At the beach with the sun glowing a soft gold overhead, while waves pound against the shore. I’ve never tried writing at the beach (I’m usually too busy splashing around in the ocean), but I’m pretty sure that would be ideal.

Kayla: Give us one random fact about yourself… or 2? Maybe 3?

Aleah: “Too Hot to Handle” is a book about a man, a woman, and two sexy cars, but when I wrote it I didn’t even know how to drive. I just got my license two months ago and my car a little bit after that. It is not an all-American Dodge Super Bee and it is not a sublimely-Swedish Volvo Sport. It’s a seven year old Pontiac Vibe manual transmission with more miles on it than I want to admit. I’m driving it to a wedding in rural Ohio in a few weeks (I’m a bridesmaid), and I’m crossing my fingers that it doesn’t break down up a mountain, in the mud, with no cell phone reception.
And that’s my random fact for the afternoon!


Aleah Barley Photo(1)Aleah Barley is a writer of humorous (she hopes) contemporary romance. After living all over the United States, she recently moved to Motor City with a fluffy Maine Coon Cat who is constantly trying to appropriate her computer. Her debut book ‘Too Hot to Handle’ was recently released from Entangled Publishing's Indulgence imprint. She is hard at work on her next book.

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