Sunday, July 22, 2012

10-Day Meme: Day 6: Five People Who Mean A Lot

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In no particular order, the five people who mean a lot to me are:

-Even though we fight more than we get along, I still fear the day when she would be gone. I don't want to find out what life would be like without her.

-Behind all his tough acts and crazy arrogant behaviors, my brother is pretty caring and protective of family. He continues to surprise me every time I expect the worse from him and he comes out proving me wrong. He's quite an inspiration sometimes.
-If everyone turns their back on me, I know He never would.

Aunt Julie
-She is somewhat my mentor. When I have a question or I need advice, she's the one I run to. I'm closer to her than my own mother. She supports me even though she thinks my decision is a bad idea - so that I could make a mistake and learn from it.

Uncle Roger
-He is very supportive just like his wife (above). I cherish the moments I spend with him because I don't get to do it as often as a few years ago. He's always busy as am I. Every time we see each other, we try to catch up or see what the other is up to.

So, tell me in the comments, who are the five people that mean a lot to YOU? :)


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