Sunday, July 15, 2012

10-Day Meme: Day 3: Eight Ways To Win Your Heart

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Today, I am excited to tell you eight ways to win my heart. In the comments, tell me if you've done any of the following for someone special!

Serenade me/Dedicate a song to me
-I'm quite the sucker for singers, so if you sing to me, or dedicate a song with beautiful lyrics in them, I would probably swoon for a while.
Surprise me
-I like surprises. It makes me feel special and it lets me know that the other person planned things carefully to make sure everything went well.
Write me a love letter/poem
-This is one of my favorites. I love handwritten love letters. Even if it's just super random, it doesn't even have to be a love letter. Just some kind of a message in the old-fashioned way. Something about that is really special to me.
Buy me flowers JUST BECAUSE
-It lets me know that you were thinking of me and you wanted to show me your appreciation by spontaneously buying me flowers. I do prefer something other than a rose :)
Tell me you miss me
-If I was a cartoon, I would melt if I got a text message or even a telegram with those words in them!
Ask me out on a date and don't take "no" for an answer
-I like a guy who is assertive. Just don't be cocky because you will get shut down faster than you can say "hey baby."
Hug me from behind and whisper to me
-Something about the gesture is romantic to me - and obviously to other women as well.
Flirt with me
-I like flirting, what can I say?

Don't forget to tell me in the comments if you've done any that I mentioned above!


  1. I love that flowers pic! So fun!!!


  2. Nice! I love flowers and surprises and flirting! LOL

  3. heehee i'm a hopeless romantic :D

  4. adorable right :D thanks for stopping by!