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ARC Review: Deception's Web

Title: Deception's Web
Series: The Deizian Empire, 33
Author: Crista McHugh
Self-PublishedRelease Date: December 7, 2013
Pages: 280
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A soldier looking for redemption falls into the arms of the empire's Black Widow...

Galerius, former Captain of the Legion, is honored to be given a chance to redeem himself by discovering who is behind the failing barrier. A series of anonymous letters all point to Hostilius, governor of Lucrilia, but Galerius thinks he'll learn more about the plot by seducing the governor's thrice widowed daughter, Claudia. Although he warns himself not to fall into snare of the empire's most deadly temptress, one kiss leaves him begging for more.

Claudia has spent years as a pawn in her father's political games and longs to break free of his rule, even it means betraying him to the emperor. When Galerius arrives in Tivola, she's not sure if he's there to aid her father or stop him. She willingly submits to his seduction, despite their class differences, in order to find the truth. What she doesn't expect to find is a man who indulges her secret fantasies, satisfying her in a way none of her previous husbands did, and treats her as something more than a conquest. As time runs out to thwart her father's plans, she must decide if she can trust Galerius not only with her life, but her heart.


This book is hotter than the first two books! Gosh, I don't even know how to write this review. It's so good, words are not enough to express it!

Galerius quit when he failed to save the first emperor and to protect the second emperor. His pride was wounded and he decided quitting was the best solution. A few months later, he was dragged back into the empire. He was presented an opportunity to redeem himself. I was so glad he didn't give up, and he wasn't the kind of soldier who became disrespectful when they were harboring self-loathing.

The first time Galerius and Claudia met, they shared a steamy time together. The second time, they shared another steamy time. The third, yet again. You get my idea? They can't keep their hands off each other! I absolutely enjoyed that. They were hopelessly attracted to each other; it was sometimes hard to focus on their mission.

Claudia was described as such a beautiful woman, I can't believe I was one of the people who didn't care much for her. Yes, she was the Black Widow, but she was only doing her duties, as horrible as that might have been. What choice did she have?

Claudia had a slave who had a son named Kafi. The kid was so clever! I wished whatever happened to him in the book didn't happen. He had so much potential and deserved so much more.

Claudia's father and brother were sick! The author did such a great job portraying them as practically monsters. They treated Claudia as if she was one of the slaves. The way her brother treated her like a whore was just wrong.

This story lacked the humor I enjoyed from the first two books, but the amount of steam definitely made up for it. When I think of this book, I'm filled with so much warmth, as if I was enveloped with Galerius and Claudia's emotions :)


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