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ARC Review: One Rogue Too Many

Title: One Rogue Too Many
Series: Rival Rogues, #1
Author: Samantha Grace
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Release Date: January 7, 2014
Pages: 352
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From the Betting Book at Brook's Gentleman's Club:
Wager: £2,000 that Lord Ellis will throw the first punch when he discovers Lord Throne is wooing a certain duke's sister.

All Bets Are Off When the Game is Love

Lady Gabrielle is thrilled when Anthony Keaton, earl of Ellis, asks for her hand in marriage. She's not so pleased when he then leaves the country and four months pass without a word. Clearly, the scoundrel has changed his mind and is too cowardly to tell her. There's nothing to do but go back on the marriage mart...

When Anthony returns to town and finds his ultimate rival has set sights on Gabby, his continual battle of one-upmanship with Sebastian Thorne ceases to be a game. Anthony is determined to win back the woman who holds his heart--but he's not expecting Gabby herself to up the stakes...


Infuriatingly wonderful story!

This book was literally infuriating at some point. Lady Gabrielle was hell bent on punishing herself because she thought she deserved to forgo happiness in exchange for her duty to her family. There were multiple instances when I wanted to strangle her and knock some sense into her. I was just glad when Lord Ellis finally came to his senses, thanks to the lady's caring sisters.

I immensely enjoyed the humor of this book! There were many times when the characters would argue as if they were children! They were absolutely wonderful! These were the moments I truly cherished and they helped me forgive Lady Gabrielle for such ridiculous thoughts that went through her head.

Anthony: "You know nothing, you little fool."
Gabby: "A fool? You call me a fool and I am supposed to believe you love me."
Anthony: "I didn't mean to call you a fool. But not realizing I needed to keep my distance to remain a gentleman makes you seem kind of foolish."
Gabby: "And you seem kind of like an overbearing jackanapes who has no sense of how to woo a lady. Fool, indeed. I would have to be one to marry you."
Anthony: "What are you saying?"
Gabby: "I've changed my mind. See yourself out."
Anthony: "Well change it back."
Gabby: "Change what back? My mind?"

I also enjoyed the fact that Lord Ellis was essentially a part of Lady Gabrielle's family. Her brothers were like brothers to him, as was with her mother being a motherly figure to him. Not only did they have such camaraderie among each other, they also fought like family!

Anthony scrambled to pin him to the floor, but Drew threw a hand up to block him and jabbed Anthony's eye.
Anthony: "Goddamn your boney fingers!" He rocked back on his heels, covering his left eye.
Drew was propped on his elbows, frozen in place. The absurdity of their situation must have hit them at the same time, although their reactions differed. The fight drained from Anthony while dimples pierced his friend's cheeks.
Drew: "Boney fingers?"
Anthony: "They are like bloody daggers."

The secrets and omission of truth also got on my nerves. None of the crazy situation would have happened if Lord Ellis and Lady Gabrielle were just honest with everyone, least of all with each other. Gosh, the ways of society back then drove me crazy!

Anyway, this was a great book. As much as Lord Ellis drove Lady Gabrielle mad, they were good together. And just as this book drove me mad, I also enjoyed it very much :)


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