Thursday, December 26, 2013

Review: Biker Billionaire: A Wild Ride

Title: Biker Billionaire: A Wild Ride
Series: Biker Billionaire, #1
Author: Jasinda Wilder
Pages: 42
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The night I met Shane Sorrenson started off as the worst one of my life. I had just broken up with my fiance, John, after a huge fight. I decided I would rather walk home in the rain than drive with him another minute. Then Shane pulled up next to me on his Harley. He was huge, sexy and dangerous. Everything I'd never even dared fantasize about. I should have made him take me to a hotel, or a friend's house, or anywhere. Instead, I let him take me to his condo where he turned the worst night of my life into the most erotic, sensual experience I never would have imagined in my wildest dreams.


This book was so yummy!

Shane was judged by his appearance. I would probably be guilty of doing the same thing. However, the way he reacted and the way he proved Leo wrong was definitely something to be desired by any woman. I had the utmost respect for Shane when he revealed what he did for a living, and when he exercised honor instead of pouncing on Leo and taking liberties with her in the beginning. I admired that most about him, besides his other "skills" ;)

"You're gonna get sick, ma'am. Why don't you let me take you somewhere. I'll behave, I promise. I'll just drop you off, and that's it. I won't even ask for your number."

He was such a tender heart that his appearance really was off the mark. However, he was the perfect package in my opinion. Sexy and dangerous on the outside, and soft and tender on the inside. He's like a piece of yummy Lindt truffles! ;)

     "I hurt you, didn't I?" He seemed frightened of the thought, abjectly sorrowful. "I did. You're crying."
     I shook my head and forced breath into my lungs, shoved the tears away.
     "No, no. Shane..." I rolled over to flop onto his chest, and his arm wrapped me into him.            "I'm crying because I've never...because you...just rocked my world until I couldn't see straight."
     "Is that a good thing?" He was searching my eyes, still looking worried.
     "Oh, god, yes. Hell, yes." I couldn't figure out how to make him understand what I'd just experienced. "You've ruined me, you know."
     "What?" He looked panicked. "I used a condom! It's still on, I swear!"
     I laughed, realizing how that had sounded. "No, I just meant you've ruined me for all other men. It's impossible for anyone to ever do that to me again."
     Shane sighed in relief. "Shit, you scared me."

This series is definitely a must-read! It has humor, sexy biker, and... what else can you ask for?!


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