Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Meet The Other Half Of Reading On The Wild Side, the lovely Arianne!

Hey everyone, it’s Kayla here! Today I have some very VERY exciting news for you guys. I have found a Blog Partner for Reading On The Wild Side.  I wanted someone who loves Romance as much as I do. I also love YA too though and I have a YA blog called “Bengal Reads” which works out perfectly because  Arianne has a YA Blog too. So, basically it’s the perfect partnership! We can both have our YA Blogs and then partner up to share our love of Romance with everyone! She is so amazing, and has been on top of EVERYTHING. She hasn’t even been my partner for long and she has already helped out so much with Reading On The Wild Side. Her name is Arianne and she is the blogger behind “Arianne Cruz”.
I am super excited to be working with her, she is a lot of fun to work with and is very helpful! She will be having lots of reviews coming up. Arianne has also taken the initiative to also sign ROTWS up for some blog tours, which I’m also very excited about. So, thanks Arianne for everything… I am really excited and honored to have you as my Partner!
Here is a little about Arianne:
(Co-Owner of Reading On The Wild Side)
Arianne LOVES PINK. She loves to read young adult, historical romance, paranormal, and erotica. She is also an aspiring actor who is hoping to make it in a year or so. When bored, she sometimes sing. Visit her main blog which is called "Arianne Cruz" or send a tweet to her @ariannecruz07.

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