Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Review: Once Should Be Enough

Once again, I was super lucky to edit another interesting book. Just the same, I read the story, and I can't wait to tell you all about it!

Title: Once Should Be Enough
Author: Nikky Kaye
Release Date: August 17, 2016
Pages: 92
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Are friends with benefits worth the cost?

My cocky friend Will doesn't believe that I'm frigid, but what does he know? His promises might make me shiver but it doesn't mean he can give me a happy. He's so confident he's betting me money on it, and a thousand bucks is a lot of money to a poor college student.

Once should be enough to taunt him with "I told you so," right?

But I didn't know he meant trying everything once...

Humorous and sexy at the same time. Was it actually possible?

The simple answer? Yes. I couldn't actually believe how much I enjoyed reading and editing this book. The characters were so likeable and well-developed even for a short book. Though there was a bit of hesitance on Will's part at first, his true desire wouldn't let him hold back for too long.

It was also a good thing that the friendship wasn't on any deeper level so the "friends with benefits" thing wasn't that big of a deal. I really enjoyed the fact that Will cared so much about his friend that he wanted to make sure that she didn't surrender to her insecurities. Talk about a great friend.

The steamy scenes were really hot, as well as funny, which what I really enjoyed the most. Usually, when I read about friends getting together, I felt a bit uneasy because there was no going back when the line between friendship and sexual relationship had been crossed. Thankfully, this book didn't give me such an uneasy feeling. Very interesting, indeed.

One of my favorite reads this year, for sure!


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