Monday, August 8, 2016

Review: The Best Friend Bargain

This review is extra special because the day before I finished this book, I met the author herself and we had lunch together! What a lovely day it was! Also, she gave me Honor and Bryce's book. I'd be going backwards, but watch out for my review on their book later this year as well.

Title: The Best Friend Bargain
Series: Kisses in the Sand, #3
Author: Robin Bielman
Publisher: Entangled: Love Struck
Release Date: August 8, 2016
Pages: 204
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Olivia Lincoln has a plan guaranteed to get her life back on track. A plan that involves her best friend, Danny. And he’s on board, too…until she blurts out that they’re engaged and expecting a baby, and the news spreads like wildfire.
The problem? Danny doesn’t do marriage. Or family. And everyone knows it, including Olivia.
As irritated as he might be, protecting Olivia is what Danny does. But put best friends under one roof, add house rules begging to be broken, accidental nakedness, and pancakes in bed, and what started as a marriage between friends threatens to turn into the real deal…which would ruin everything.

So cute, so adorable, so perfect!

This book was so light and easy to read. I was hooked from the very beginning so I pretty much devoured this book. Was there any other way to do it?

Danny was the sweetest book boyfriend I have ever read; I just wanted to squeeze him so hard. Olivia was one lucky woman. He was always there for her no matter what, where, or when. He would do anything for her, including giving up his life and accepting her crazy proposal.

Of course, Danny was not without fault. There were times when I wanted to punch him and knock some sense into him. Or at the very least, wished that Bryce would do it on my behalf. Sheesh!

Olivia, on the other hand, seemed to believe that she never did anything right, because that was what her mother had always told her. What a witch! Thankfully, Danny was there by her side no matter what. That meant a lot, I was sure of it. I always told myself that even the worst people have at least one friend, so there must be something redeemable about them, right? Olivia certainly had a lot of amazing qualities. Qualities that Danny sure noticed more and more. Poor thing, the first half of the book was full of sexual tension, but they were so darn cute!

So anyway, this book was amazing and I can't wait to go backwards and read the second book. Click here if you want to read my review of the first one, Keeping Mr. Right Now.


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