Friday, October 18, 2013

Review: Tempted in the Tropics

Title: Tempted in the Tropics
Series: Suddenly Smitten, #2
Author: Tracy March
Publisher: Entangled: Bliss
Release Date: September 9, 2013
Pages: 180
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The only thing they agree on is the sultry heat between them.

Paige Ellerbee's life is far from perfect after moving back to small-town Maple Creek--there's her struggling bakery, Sweet Bee's; her aging father; and the fact she's practically the only single girl in town. But when Lane Anderson, the town's hot--and young!--new doctor, moves in next door, she wouldn't mind receiving some intensive care...until their first conversation starts a feud.

Lane came to Maple Creek to lay low after inadvertently being associated with a pill-prescribing scandal. When the gorgeous blonde next door asks for his help with a program that could raise eyebrows, he has to refuse. He's been burned in the past when blinded by love, yet Paige's feisty personality has his blood running hot.

When a little matchmaking lands Lane at Paige's best friend's wedding in St. Lucia, suddenly the romantic island vibe tempts them to kiss and make up. A temporary truce might be just what they both want--but forever love might be more than they can agree on.


Hot and humorous read!

I really enjoyed this book! Of course, I loved the desserts that were mentioned. I liked the relationship between Paige and Lane. It was the classic "I can't stand you" scheme.

"Were you a geology major?"
"Nope. Culinary arts. But I am smarter than a box of rocks."

I loved the banter between Paige and Lane. As much as they try to remember why they didn't like each other in the first place, the chemistry between them was simply undeniable. I also enjoyed the volcano scenes. I liked reading about that along with the sanctuaries! The author really did a great job describing the sceneries - I felt like I was there with them!

"Are you trying to look at my butt?"
He nodded, the curve of a smile on his lips. "Absolutely. Could you do me a favor and make it a little easier?"
She faces him and walked backward slowly. "Not a chance." She turned around, walking in step with him. "Nothing easy to get is worth having." She unfolded her brightly striped towel and wrapped it around her waist, knotting the ends at her hip.
"That's just wrong." Lane teased. "At least I was honest."

My favorite character was Paige's thong!!! It just had so much personality in it! It even made a guest appearance at dinner. I mean, it was a total celebrity!

"...what happens in our sanctuary stays in our sanctuary."
"Can't say the same for yours, huh, Lane?" Liza grinned.
Heat rose in Paige's face and she avoided looking at Lane.
"You did not just go there."
"The thong story's a classic." Cole grinned.
"You told him?" Paige gaped at Liza.
"That reminds me," Lane said. "I've got your thong in my pocket."

Finally, I enjoyed the fact that their friends conspired among each other throughout the book when it came to Paige and Lane. It was absolutely adorable what they all did. I'm completely in love with the people of Maple Creek!

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  1. Thanks so much for reading Tempted in the Tropics, Arianne, and for your awesome review! I'm thrilled that you enjoyed the story!