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Interview: Desire Unmatched

Title: Desire Unmatched
Series: Coded for Love, #4
Author: Lynne Silver
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Release Date: October 9, 2013


Genetically enhanced soldier Xander Bristack has spent his life under the imposing rule of his dictatorial, controlling father. Under his father’s watch, he is The Program’s deadliest and coldest killer. But when Xander is kidnapped by enemies of The Program only one thing motivates Xander to escape. His true match, the sexy Emma Harrison.

He’s been obsessed with Emma from afar, yearning to have her in his life and in his bed, but knowing he should never involve the beautiful blonde in his messed-up life. However, when Xander breaks out of his prison and returns home, Emma refuses to let him keep his distance, enticing him to surrender to the heat between them. She teaches him that passion trumps duty and that love doesn’t mean blind obedience. His desire for her cracks the shell he’s hidden in his whole life.


He didn’t answer, but she hadn’t really expected one. Xander was a man of few words and even fewer explanations. “Why are you here, Xander? Did you want another kiss?” Maybe she was actually getting to him. She hadn’t imagined his flinch at the word kiss.

“I wanted to see you, that’s all.”

“Because we’re a match, and it’s getting harder for you to deny it. Isn’t it?”

“Something’s getting harder,” he muttered.

She tried to hide her smile. He obviously hadn’t wanted her to hear his words, but now they were out there. And speaking of, she sneaked a peek at his crotch. Yep, no place to hide that puppy. His erection punched out behind the zipper of his trousers.

Loren had told her how difficult it was for the Program soldiers to deny their instinct to be with their DNA match. So far, Xander had her questioning their connection. She felt the pull, but he’d been so distant, she thought maybe she was imagining the whole thing. Now she wondered. Perhaps Xander had been feeling the sexual pull toward her as much as she’d been toward him, but was better at denying his urge. She had no such qualms.

If he accepted her as his match, she’d belong here. It had taken her own father nine weeks to notice she’d been missing after Paulson kidnapped her. Xander wouldn’t misplace his match for more than nine minutes.

“Let’s blow off some steam,” she said, rising to her feet.

“What?” He looked startled.

She gestured to his crotch. “I want you, and you obviously want me. We don’t have to make a lifetime commitment. We can simply release some steam.” Lies, all lies. She wanted him sexually. She wanted him forever. Before he could refuse, she unbuttoned the sheer blouse she wore over a tiny pink camisole. She had his full attention now. The black fatigue pants he wore stretched tighter over the hard ridge of flesh.

Her friends at home would laugh to see her up to her usual tricks. She didn’t consider herself a slut, but she’d hooked up with her fair share of men. There was nothing wrong with liking sex, in her opinion, and she knew sex with this man, her possible match, would rock her world.

Author Interview

1. Where did you get the idea for this series?

I got the idea from an article in the paper about designer babies, and how parents were going to geneticists to choose gender or hair color etc… It freaked me out.  The next week I read an article about pheromones and the science behind falling in love- that some people are more genetically compatible with others. And the soldiers of the Program were born.

2. Do you have any interesting stories while doing research for this book/series?

I wish. I’m sure my internet searches have me on government watch lists, but now we’ve learned we’re ALL on government spy lists.

3. What's the hardest scene to write?

Any middle scene. I know how the book begins and ends. The middle is what is tricky.

4. How do you decide on the names of your characters?

I wish I were better at naming characters. JK Rowling is the master. Names in my books change frequently until the final draft. Loren from Heated Match used to be called Annalise.

5. Is Lynne Silver your real name? :)

Sort of. My real first name is Linda and my family and friends call me Linnie.  Lynne is simply Lynne-E. (Get it? ) And Silver is not my last name. 


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