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Guest Post: Casey Sheridan

Title: Sirus Bandai - The Invisible Bandit
Author: Casey Sheridan
Publisher: CecilCat Productions
Release Date: October 3, 2012
Pages: 186
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Ciara Walker is torn between two men.

With sexy superhero, Ace of Spades, Ciara soon learns that dating a superhero isn’t easy no matter how hot he looks in, or out of, black spandex. Besides, Ace misses more dates than he keeps.

There’s also seductive billionaire, Moose Hannigan whose good looks would capture the attention of any woman. But he’s also suspected of being an underground crime lord.

Can Ciara choose between them? She may not have to if erotic, Sirus Bandai, the Invisible Bandit, has her way. After all, what Sirus wants, Sirus gets.

Guest Post

Thank you, Arianne and Kayla, for letting me guest on your blog today! It’s always fun on the wild side, isn’t it?

The Good, The Bad, and the Seductive

Sometimes good and bad are clearly defined, as obvious and different as black and white.

Then there are times when good and bad aren’t so clear, the lines being fuzzy, their definition more gray and cloudy.

In fiction, the good guy is the hero and the bad guy is the villain.

In romantic fiction, the good guy/hero is attractive, physically fit, intelligent, kind, caring, and loves puppiesHe doesn’t always come off that way in the start, but he comes around eventually. He’s a man every woman dreams about.

The bad guy/villain is, well, not so much. Although, he is usually intelligent, and sometimes loves puppies, seldom is he attractive, or physically fit. But what if he were?

She turned to see who the rich, masculine voice belonged to and her jaw dropped. Walking out of the bathroom, hair combed neatly though still damp, was the most gorgeous example of man she ever laid eyes on. Tall and well-muscled, his shoulders were broad and his chest had a light dusting of hair. Her gazed followed the trail of dark hair that ran from his bellybutton down into the black silk pajama pants that sat perfectly on his narrow hips.\
–From Sirus Bandai—The Invisible Bandit by Casey Sheridan

What if the villain was intelligent and loved puppies? What if he were attractive and physically fit? What if he were dark, mysterious, and seductive? What if he were a man that could sweep a woman off her feet with just a look or a smile? What if he captured the heroine’s heart?

That’s the type of villain I wanted to create in Sirus Bandai—The Invisible Bandit. I wanted my heroine to be torn between two handsome, intelligent men. To struggle between good and evil.

Tell me....what would you do in her place?

Casey Sheridan

Author Bio-
Casey Sheridan wrote her first erotic story on a dare, and she loved writing it so much she never stopped. Her erotica and erotic romance has been published by Breathless Press and Cobblestone Press, and has appeared on The Erotic Woman, Every Night Erotica and RSVP-Erotica.

She loves to read and write, could spend all day in a book story, art museum, or chocolate shop. She also enjoys music, watching movies, and cooking.

Casey lives with her crazy, but lovable, orange tabby cat.

You can find her on the Web at:



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