Sunday, October 28, 2012

Delilah's Passion by Sarah Bella (Guest Post/Giveaway)

Title: Delilah’s Passion
Author:  Sarah Bella
Publisher: Sizzler Editions
Length:   193 pages
Sub-Genres:  contemporary, erotic
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Delilah Steele was living the high life.  She had a high-powered job, a man she loved and nothing was holding her back.  When her world, and her trust, was irrevocably shattered by the man she loved, Delilah had no choice but to return to the town she grew up in – and couldn’t wait to leave.  There, she goes to work for Aiden Dean, a handsome heartbreaker who seems to have his eye on Delilah. When Delilah’s long-absent father arrives on the scene, she has to figure out how to cope with his presence and desire to be a part of her life.  Now Delilah has to learn how to live – and love – all over again.  Will her hard knocks past continue to haunt her, or will Aiden break through her tough exterior and show her that forever can be a good thing?

Guest Post

First Heartbreak

He had a Mohawk.
I hate to break it to you all, but unless we talk junior high type heartbreak, I’ve never had my heart broken. My husband and I were high school sweethearts. We’ve been together since we were fifteen.

But, oh, in junior high…

His name was Chris.

He was in a band.

He had a Mohawk.

And he was way too cool for me.

We had one glorious summer together before he figured that out.

Where I grew up, there wasn’t much traffic; we played baseball in the street rather than walk the four blocks to the park. Chris and I met playing ball. We fell in lurve. He did bike jumps over me. He wrote me songs.

One day, he was just done. I was blindly in love and never saw it coming. I cried, and cried, and cried, and then I met my hubs.

I ran into Chris again as an adult. He lives right up the street and his daughters go to school with my kids. His wife is great. And I am so over him. ;) He’s still a great guy, but not half as great as my hubs.


Sarah is a small town Minnesota girl who calls pop by its proper name – pop.  She is a multi-published author of romance and erotica who writes both novels and short stories in the romance, mystery/suspense, paranormal and erotica genres.
She loves traveling anywhere south of the equator and finds that a nice dark microbrew can help get the creative juices flowing.  When she’s not writing or traveling, you can find Sarah with her nose buried in a book.  Sarah lives in the small town she grew up in with her husband, three children, her cat and her dog.


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  4. my mom LOVES pound cake. she makes me do it coz she can't seem to figure out baking lol

  5. My family and friends love it and they try to get me to make them all the time lol