Friday, April 29, 2016

ARC Review: False Match

I am really loving the Coded for Love series by Lynne Silver, and today, I want to tell you all about the second book, False Match!

Title: False Match
Series: Coded for Love, #2
Author: Lynne Silver
Publisher: Beyond the Page
Release Date: April 3, 2016
Pages: 190
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Kidnapped with her son and forced into helping a rogue scientist with his experiments, Dr. Samara Jones saw no escape. Until the day she was rescued by a group of elite soldiers from the Program. Now under the protection of the Program, Samara is working to prove her innocence—and struggling to control the burning need she feels for Chase Stanton, one of her rescuers. 

As laid-back as he is deadly, Chase is a well-honed solider who always responds to the call of duty, whether it’s a life-or-death mission or a scorching night of passion. When he’s assigned to protect Samara, he’s immediately drawn to the smart, headstrong woman, and confides a dark fear to her—despite feeling torn by his suspicions that she could be a double agent. Duty demands he resist temptation, but desire has its own demands . . . 

Humorous, romantic, and overall heartwarming. I loved this book!

Chase was seriously one of the most lovable book boyfriend that had ever been created. He was so sweet, so charming, and sexy. He was Mr. Popular on campus with his surfer guy look and his reputation with the ladies. What's not to love?

"I like all women, baby. You included. Consider it a genetic defect that I'm going to flirt with you. It's too hard for me to fight it, so I won't bother. I see a pretty woman, I flirt. Nothing mysterious about it."

Dr. Samara was the most uptight woman that ever existed in this world that Lynne had created. I understood it, though. Being kidnapped would do that to people. Poor thing, sometimes I wanted to reach into the book and hug her myself.

"Stop glaring at me, Jonesie. I'm not going to molest you. I'm bored and want some company."

Luca was the most adorable little kid ever! I'd consider having a kid if the child turned out something like Luca. He was so cute and so loveable! 

Luca: "Mommy? Can I get in bed with you?"
Samara: "Sure, baby. Climb in. You can sleep with me tonight, but tomorrow night you go back to your own bed."
Luca didn't respond. He was too busy arranging his ragged stuffed puppy next to him. He was over on the edge of the bed, opposite her, which was unusual.
Samara: "You can scoot a little closer. Puppy doesn't need that much space, does he?"
Luca: "I'm leaving room for Chase."

There were a few things that I thought were missing from the story, though. Described in the blurb as "laid-back as he is deadly," I felt like I didn't get enough action in this book. I wanted to read about Chase being badass and fighting to protect his woman. Also, I wanted the ending to be longer, maybe even just one or two more pages. 

Lastly, the epilogue of the book was short, and I had expected that the character in that epilogue would be the star of the next book, but unfortunately, a completely different character would be explored. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure it'd be great, but I really did want to read this character's book already. But alas, I am resolved to read this series in order. I bet the torture will be so worth it, though ;)

Despite the wishful musings above, I would still highly recommend this book. I was bombarded with all kinds of emotions when I was reading it--joy, sadness, love.


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