Sunday, November 22, 2015

Review: Love and Punishment

I love supporting local authors so when I saw that Ms. Mowbray was looking for someone to review her book, I jumped at the chance! I was so happy I did!

Title: Love and Punishment
Series: Beyond Fairytales, #1
Author: Sorcha Mowbray
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Release Date: October 15, 2015
Pages: 137
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Once upon a time… 

Bel was a happy girl with loving parents. Now she lives for revenge. At her father’s urging a plan is set in motion, which quickly spins out of control. Expecting to be used and abused by The Beasts MC, who are known for their orgiastic ways, she is prepared to accept her fate in order to execute her mission. 

The time has come to even the score with the men responsible for her mother’s death. 

Nate and Liam, leaders of The Beasts, have their hands full ensuring the survival of their people as they sell Beast Brew to survive in a city crumbling around them. When a Rose MC member is plucked from their care, the laws of Epsilon demand the perpetrator forfeit his life. But then the leader of The Devil’s Disciples’ daughter offers herself in exchange for his life, and they can’t refuse the beauty’s plea. 

Once she’s pressed between them they know their keeping her for their own, but first they must figure out why she’s there. 

I wanted to bawl, I wanted to feel their love, and I wanted to jump with joy. This book made me feel all kinds of things. Let me just say it before I go deeper into this review: I did not know this was a twist on a fairy tale until probably halfway through the book. I was not informed of the series title and I was a bit oblivious, though the clues were obvious. I was going through a tough time when I read this book, okay? Don't judge me ;)

Anyway, this book... wow. First of all, it's a story of a threesome in a dystopian world. I don't usually read many books with a threesome, much less an orgy, but this book made them appealing somehow. I think that's a great indication that the writer is good at what she does. 

I loved Bel because she was strong and courageous. I do love a woman that knows how to fight. Something about it is so sexy. And then there were the Beasts... I don't even know... They were like walking hormones and they were powerful beyond belief. There were only a few scenes when they fought, but my, oh my, they exuded sex even as they fought during Pit Night. The sheer power they exuded when they stepped into the pit was so sexy. (Can you tell that the author did a great job painting the picture for me?)

Nate: "Liam doesn't fight often, but when he does, he has this ability to turn off. Mind over matter or some crap. But it makes him damn hard to beat."

The chemistry between the three main characters are so explosive; sometimes I was afraid my phone would catch fire! Sheesh! There were times I even read the book in public. For once, I was thankful to be a woman ;)

I would highly recommend this book if you're into really steamy encounters. *fans self* 

P.S. Maybe I'm being oblivious again, but I couldn't figure out what MC meant...



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