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Review: His to Possess

Title: His to Possess (#1-6)
Author: Opal Carew
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Release Date: March 18, 2014
Pages: 256
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You can also purchase the stories individually if you prefer.

#1: The Seduction
#2: The Morning After

#3: The Perfect Storm

#4: True Lies

#5: Entangled

#6: Forever


First published as a six-part erotic serial, His to Possess is the intoxicating tale of a woman torn between a dominant billionaire and a tattooed, bad boy rock musician. Now available for the first time as a complete book, this edition features sizzling new bonus material.

Jessica’s life was in ruins…until she met him.

Standing in the rain feeling lost in a new city, with no job and no prospects, she’s about to give up. Until Dane Rainier pulls up in his limo and offers her a ride—and sweeps her into the life of her dreams. Now she has a high-powered job and is having the best sex of her life, exploring her submissive side under the masterful hand of a gorgeous billionaire.
But there’s a part of her that’s still holding back. Because the truth is, she’s never gotten over her ex-boyfriend Storm. A heavily muscled, motorcycle-riding rock musician, Storm couldn’t be any more different from Dane… and she just can’t get him out of her head.

Now Storm is about to reappear and turn her whole world upside down. Both Dane and Storm make her body burn to be possessed, but will her indecisive heart cost her the love of both men?


Hard. Cold. Fast. Slow. Tender. Rough. This book was a roller coaster!

I read the prequel (scroll below) to this book as part of an anthology. I really liked it so I decided to research the author and get in touch. I think I requested the book from NetGalley and here I am. I admit, I didn't want Jessica ending up with another man. Storm was just perfect for her. That said, I was skeptical reading this story. What could Dane possibly have that Storm didn't?

The Seduction
Everyone loves an authoritative and mysterious man, right? Dane embodied those two words, and more. He was strong, handsome, and all male. With Jessica being heartbroken, she was in an emotional roller coaster. Dane was the calm during that storm. He provided a distraction, if you may. Jessica was only too eager to welcome Dane into her arms. He introduced a whole new adventure to Jessica that she didn't know she wanted. Let's just say Dane was too damn male for Jessica to resist.

The Morning After
Whodathunkit? Somehow, I did. Dane wore an expensive suit, and he had an air of power around him. Of course he was a billionaire! I mean, who rides in a limo like it's the most natural public transportation out there? His openness about the situation him and Jessica were in was quite admirable. He went straight to the facts and presented a solution. He was logical and too sinful for his own good.

Perfect Storm
It was interesting how brazen Jessica was. She wasn't afraid to pry into Dane's past. She wasn't afraid to put her heart on her sleeve. She was an open book and Dane was lucky to have her. They were having the time of their lives. That was until Dane found out just exactly who Storm was - the man who broke Jessica's heart.

True Lies
I cannot get over the fact that Jessica was one lucky woman. She had both Dane and Storm's attention, and neither of them seemed to want to back off. I was a bit surprised that she would take on both of them at the same time. I mean, I thought there was more to her than that. Anyway, the scenes were hot and heavy, so I didn't care a whole lot about that little tidbit.

The roller coaster drama of this book just kept getting better and better. This story, in my opinion, was the climax of the series, in more ways than one ;) After True Lies ended, I couldn't wait to turn the page to see exactly what was going to happen. I mean, I just can't imagine!!! Regardless, it was exciting to read and the author really did a great job.

The ups and downs continued, and at this point, I was getting ready to yell at Jessica - just choose already!! I won't give it away, I promise. Overall, the highlight of this book for me was Dane's dominance. It wasn't a BDSM story at all. It was just tasteful enough to keep you on the edge of hot and bothered....

Go on, give it a try. The author will not disappoint.

Would you like to read the prequel to get a better understanding of Jessica and Storm's past?


Jessica doesn't like to take risks, but when she's almost run over by a red hot rock musician named Storm on his motorcycle, she realizes that some risks are worth taking.

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