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Review: Wild About Her Wingman

Title: Wild About Her Wingman
Series: Secret Wishes, #3
Author: Robin Bielman
Publisher: Entangled: Bliss
Release Date: April 14, 2014
Pages: 268
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Playing it safe never felt so risky...

Erin Watters is her small town's resident wild child--she doesn't do boring, and after having her heart annihilated, she definitely doesn't do relationships. Her friends have other ideas, though, and when they throw down a matchmaking challenge, impulsive Erin can't ignore it. Even when the annoyingly hot Troy Streiber accepts the matchmaker role...

As a rescue paramedic, Troy's used to watching out for people. Never mind the bet he made with his buddy to play Erin's wingman. But the more time he spends with the sexy, charismatic woman, the more he discovers a side of her she doesn't let many see. Soon what started as an innocent game of matchmaking has them both thinking about the person right under their nose. But Troy's a play-it-safe guy, and he won't let a woman who lives for risk ever steal his heart.


She's irresistible, and he's too safe.

Erin and Troy were so good together. This book was light yet hot. The attraction was undeniable, yet they couldn't do anything about it. They were the opposite of one another. Wait, wasn't there a saying that... I don't know.. opposites attract? ;)

Troy was the hottest man in Cascade from Erin's point of view. The man was practically a sinfully good-looking god. Not only was he hot, he was also family-oriented and he was very sweet. That was definitely unexpected. Most men these days wouldn't be caught being sweet, nor would they be caught attending a tea party hosted by their niece. Have I mentioned adorable?!!

Erin, on the other hand, loved adventure. She didn't use to be like that. When she had her heart broken by a past boyfriend, she figured that she needed a destruction. What better way than to do extreme adventure? First stop: sky diving.

This book was just so darn cute! The tension between the characters and the reaction of people around them were priceless. Especially because they were so oblivious to their own chemistry.

She got to Troy's place a few minutes later and parked on the street behind his car. Good. He was home. She marched up to his front door before she thought better of it and hightailed it home. Because as much as she needed to say this to him, seeing his handsome face always proved to unnerve her.

He didn't answer the doorbell so she knocked. Or rather, pounded.

"I'm coming. I'm coming." she heard through the door.

It opened wide a second later and standing before her was a body unfair to every other male on the planet. She took in Troy, naked, except for a low-slung towel around his waist. Water dripped from his hair onto his shoulder. A bead trickled down and over his smooth, muscled pec. The droplet drifted left along a ridge of abdominal muscle, then right, and disappeared into his belly button. A smattering of hair trailed down from there, disappearing under the towel.
She was stuck on the serious bumps and grooves, the defined V at his hips, until a deep masculine ahem reminded her she was gawking right there in front of him.


I also enjoyed the fact that Troy was so down-to-earth and he wasn't comfortable at all about the attention he was getting from the women of Cascade! That would explain his aversion to grocery shopping ;)

Erin: "You do know you're a major topic of conversation with the single girls of Cascade."
Troy: "I did not know that."
Erin: "That bothers you?"
Troy: "It does."
Erin: "I could spread a rumor that your gay."
Troy: "And have all the single guys of Cascade talking about me?"
Erin: "A few of them probably already are."
Troy: "I am pretty likable."
Erin: "I wouldn't know."
Troy: "Aaannd that's my cue. I'll let you know about Friday. Good night."

I was lucky enough to get a short interview with both Erin and Troy. If you haven't read the book, you might to wait before reading the following interview :) If you've read the book, enjoy!!

Character Interview

1. How's the grocery shopping, Troy? Any improvement now that you're engaged?

[laughs] It's a lot better actually. Word travels fast in Cascade, so now that Erin and I are together I haven't had to fend off any unwanted advances. Although the other day there were a couple of older ladies who thought it amusing to follow around behind me and giggle. I'm not really sure what that was about.

[Erin chuckles] I might have mentioned something about your butt recently. 

2. Are you two living together now? If so, where?

Troy: [laces his fingers with Erin's] We're not officially living together yet, but I am at Erin's place more often than not. I still like to be around for my niece and sister, so you can find me at home, too. 

Erin: His family is super great and Amelia's invited me to several tea parties. [she grins]

3. What kind of extreme adventure have you two been in so far, if any?

Troy: We just got back from an awesome trip actually. We spent a few days river rafting down the Colorado River, just the two of us. 

Erin: It was fantastic. [she leans her head on Troy's shoulder] We slept cuddled up under the stars along the banks of the river and fell asleep listening to the sound of rushing water, then watched the sun rise every morning. 

4. We know that Troy's fave is cinnamon crumble cake. What about you, Erin?

I'm all about the muffins, although I do love crumb cake, too.

Troy: Especially off my plate. [his teasing voice has Erin smiling]

5. How's Frito doing? I can't believe you named him after a chip! 

[they both sit up taller] Troy and Erin simultaneously: He's great. 

Erin: He's super smart and such a love bug. 

Troy: He can't get enough of Erin and follows her around everywhere. 

Erin: I especially love when he falls asleep curled up next to me. 

Troy: I love falling asleep next to you, too.

Aren't they just the cutest ever?!!! Go ahead, take a moment, and then click that link at the top and buy this book :)

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