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Review: Baiting the Boss

Title: Baiting the Boss
Author: Coleen Kwan
Publisher: Entangled: Indulgence
Release Date: October 14, 2013
Pages: 137
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For years Grace Owens harbored a secret crush on her boss, Jack Macintyre, the heir to the Macintyre Corporation. But Jack relocates to a remote tropical island after tragedy upends his life, cutting off all contact. Now Grace’s new boss issues an ultimatum: return Jack to the family fold or pack her briefcase and move on.

When she turns up at Jack's bungalow, he can’t deny his attraction to the fiery woman determined to lure him out of his tropical paradise. Little does she know that returning is the last thing he wants—he’s nobody’s boss, and he likes it that way.

If he stays, she'll lose her job. If he goes, she'll lose her heart.


Loved this book! Both character were both indecisive!

Grace was a city girl who was tasked in convincing Jack to come back to Sydney and take over the Macintyre Corporation. Little did she know that it was her charm that would entice Jack to consider her mission.

"Come on, Grace. Just admit you enjoyed the hot animal sex we had last night."

When Jack first met Grace, she was a freshly graduated assistant who was very eager and shy. She was efficient and determined to succeed. There was a fire in her that Jack noticed early on. They spent lunch together at Chang's where they seemed to have bonded more than they realized.

Jack had lived in an island for three years after he "ran away." I loved Grace's fierceness when she came to see Jack and he was a jerk to her. Her fire was very appealing to Jack. Because of Jack's rudeness toward her, she decided to prove him wrong. She volunteered to help him out with his construction work. Jack purposely gave her the toughest job, and then felt guilty afterwards when he saw her blisters. Confused much?

Jack: "I shouldn't have done that."
Grace: "Didn't you enjoy it?"
Jack: "Of course I bloody well enjoyed it. That's the problem."

I liked the little banter between Jack and Grace. I thought they were very clever and I usually got a chuckle out of them. Their flirty banter was what won me over.

Grace: "I don't know whether to believe you or not."
Jack: "Would I lie to you?"
Grace: "Probably. You're a man, aren't you?"
Jack: "Glad you noticed."

Finally, I enjoyed the vulnerability and resolve of the characters, especially Grace. She was a smart woman and she knew that Jack didn't want a serious relationship. She didn't pressure him for anything, even though her heart was breaking. She was noble and admirable.

"I'm determined to make you say yes. What if I become your sex slave for a week. Will that convince you?"

Check out this hot, teasing little excerpt!

"You like that?" he murmured.

She nodded, pulses hammering.

"Say it, then, Grace."

"Yes...I like that." The naked hunger in her voice made her gulp. She kept her eyes shut, hardly daring to breathe as she wondered what he would do next, where he would caress her.

The tip of his hot tongue whisked across one sensitized nipple.

She gasped, arching her back, desperate.

"Do you want more?" His velvet-gravel voice wrapped itself around her spine.

Damn, he was making her pay for running away from him.

And she would pay if only he would touch her, take her. Quickly.

Hard. Now. "Yes, I want more."

"How much more?"

The last vestiges of her pride evaporated. "Everything." She heard him inhale.

"Okay then." The mattress bounced as his weight suddenly lifted off the bed. "You know where to find me." The air around her felt horribly cold. She blinked her eyes to see Jack backing away, a triumphant curl to his lips.

"What?" she stammered, thoroughly confused.

"You heard me. If you want me, I'll be in the bedroom across the hall." He opened the door.

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  1. WOW - hot. Can't wait to read my copy. Love the hero already...