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Guest Post: Reunited

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Title: Reunited
Series: 1 Night Stand
Author: Sabrina Sol
Publisher: Decadent Publishing Company, LLC
Release Date: November 28, 2012
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What would you do if you had the chance to sleep with your unrequited high school crush?

If you’re former geek Magdelena Cruz, you’d do him in a heartbeat. But you’d lie about your true identity first and hope your new sexy persona is enough to create a night neither of you will forget.

Workaholic assistant DA Will Hudson doesn’t have time for a love life. Expecting to scratch an itch with a willing stranger, he signs up for Madame Evangeline’s 1Night Stand experience. He has no idea that his date is no stranger.

A reunion between two classmates will be hotter than the scorching Las Vegas sun. But will the heat be enough to spark something deeper, or will they both end up getting burned by Magdelena’s charade?

Standing in front of the door to the suite, she let the magnitude of the moment sink in. All logic and practicality fled. She’d left both back at home with her pocket protector and sensible shoes. The situation called for her to be impulsive, daring and confident.

If you are, then he will finally be yours….

She smoothed her dress, adjusted her bra, and blew into her hand for a breath check. Satisfied, she slid her key card into the slot and pushed the door open.

A blaring TV welcomed her. Not that she expected a violin serenade, but she hadn’t planned on competing with a basketball game for her date’s attention. She frowned.

“Pass the ball, you idiot!” Will shouted.

Tingling from head to toe at the sound of his voice, she released a slow breath.

It’s now or never, Magdelena.

“Hello?” she called.

The TV turned off instantly. A second later, he walked into her view.

Her throat tightened.

The years had been good to him. No, they’d been great to him. Although she’d seen pictures on the alumni website, they didn’t do him justice. Every visible inch of his body appeared chiseled from stone. A dark gray shirt and black slacks perfectly accentuated every muscle. He wore his dark hair shorter than she’d seen in the photos, but his blue eyes were more piercing than ever. He looked her over, settling on her cleavage and her nipples that had come to attention the minute she saw him. Then he raised his eyes to meet hers.

“Hello, Elena.” His deep voice lit her soul on fire.

He doesn’t recognize me. This plan might work after all.

Guest Post


One of my all-time favorite movies is Sixteen Candles. While no one ever forgot my birthday (thank you mom and dad), I could relate to Molly Ringwald’s character “Samantha” and her secret longing for the most popular boy in school.

In case you’ve never seen the movie (if you haven’t you must watch it immediately), there’s a scene where Samantha confides in her dad about her unrequited crush on “Jake Ryan” (played by the beautiful Michael Schoeffling).

After some comedic confusion, her dad finally understands her despair and utters these classic lines: “"That's why they call them crushes. If they were easy, they'd call them something else."


My Jake Ryan was actually named Christian. He was brooding, full of angst and the new boy in school. In other words, he was perfect crush material.

We were friends and then we weren’t. And he probably never knew that I loved him so.

I don’t know where Christian is today. While I’m a happily married woman, the teenage girl inside me would probably still get a little tongue-tied and flustered if I were to ever run into him again.

That’s because, I think, a crush never really dies. Feelings that intense can reignite at the mere mention of a name or a song playing on the radio. I may no longer be in love with Christian, but I do love the memory of him and the role he played in my life.

In REUNITED, former geek Magdelena Cruz still has feelings for her secret crush. But she’s not content with just memories. She is determined to finally get one night with the one man she’s always wanted.

Do you have an unrequited crush that still haunts your dreams or makes you smile for no reason in the middle of the day? I’d love to hear all about him or her.

Comment below for a chance to win a copy of REUNITED and I’ll even throw in a Sixteen Candles DVD if you want. Don’t forget to leave your e-mail address so I can let you know if you’re the lucky winner!

About the Author:

Sabrina Sol loves love. She writes spicy romance stories featuring strong Latina heroines in search of love, success and happiness. She lives in Southern California with her husband, three kids and two Beagles. And she’s part of a large, extended Mexican family which may – or may not – be the source of inspiration for some of her characters. You can visit with Sabrina on her website at or on her blog at


  1. I do have an crush that I havent really gotten over. I wouldn't consider it a big thing but once in a while I will think - what if? Thank you for the chance to read Reunited :)