Thursday, August 30, 2012

What's Going On? + Survey

Hi everyone, Arianne here. I just wanted to check in and update you on what's going on with me and Kayla.

As you probably can guess, we both started our college semester in the past week or two. Kayla have been incredibly busy with her ambitious schedule, while I'm already overwhelmed with the assigned readings I've received after just one meeting with my classes.

With that said, we sincerely apologize in advance if we miss a day (or two) of posts. We are working hard to make sure there is something scheduled for each day of the month, but we probably would stray once in a while.

We are also currently working on something awesome. I don't know when we will make the official announcements, but you might get an email from one of us soon, if you haven't already did.

By the way, how do you all like the new blog design?? Any feedback at all? It's okay if you don't like it, but you have to let us know so we can improve it. Just leave it in the comments below and we'll take them into consideration. If you're like me and probably too lazy to leave a comment, fill out the form below instead :)


  1. Classes come first, don't worry if you miss a few days: we'll be here when you're done for the semester. :D

    I'll probably be taking a break myself in the next year. Since my vision won't be improving (but isn't getting worse, thank God), I'm finally going back to get my bachelors. Maybe higher, who knows? ;)


  2. thanks for stopping by! :) hope everything works out on your end