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Interview + ARC Giveaway with Jillian Stone


Title: A Dangerous Liaison with Detective Lewis
The Gentlemen of Scotland Yard #2
Author: Jillian Stone
Publisher: Pocket
Release Date: August 28, 2012
Pages: 432

Pre-Order Here: Amazon|Barnes & Noble

From the author of the well-reviewed An Affair with Mr. Kennedy comes a thrilling new romance in the Gentlemen of Scotland Yard series, featuring Rafe Lewis and his jilted former fiancée, Fanny, as they embark on a high-speed race against the clock to evade a madman hell-bent on murdering industrialists and inventors.
Special Inspector Rafael Lewis hasn’t seen the woman he jilted on the night of their engagement ball in five years. Fanny Greyville-Nugent has spent five years working side-by-side with her recently deceased father, a captain of industry in the steam revolution. When Detective Lewis and the Scotland Yard suspect that the late Mr. Greyville-Nugent was targeted for murder by an anarchist group determined to stop the proliferation of machines in the workforce, Lewis must guard his former fiancée with his life—much to her chagrin.
As Rafe and Fanny set out across the countryside from Edinburgh to London, danger lurks around every corner, but the biggest danger might turn out to be the embers of their previously smothered attraction smoldering to life.

Kayla: What do you love most about writing Romance?

Jillian: Hands down it is the experience of falling in love again, which is both a joy to write and to (hopefully) read.

Kayla: Are events in your books inspired by real life events, your imagination, or a little of both?

Jillian: I think if the writing is to have real impact, then it needs to come from both my experience as well as my imagination. Plus, there needs to be emotional honesty––even when the characters are being dishonest, eventually there must be a reckoning.

Kayla: What is your secret guilty pleasure? (Mine is Peach Rings lol :-)

Jillian: Oh, I luuuvvvv peach rings!  Mine would have to be a Gingerbread Pumpkin Baby Bundt Cake from  the Corner Bakery. Yum! They also make the most wonderful pretzel rolls.

Kayla: Could you tell us a little about you and your journey as a Author?

Jillian: I studied graphic arts and filmmaking in college, so I am a very visual writer. Which means that I try to write in a way that gets me, the writer, out of the story so the reader can immerse themselves in the characters and the subplot. In 2010, my manuscript for An Affair with Mr. Kennedy won the RWA Golden Heart and I went from no agent or publisher to signing with Richard Curtis and being offered a three book contract by Pocket Books. That summer, The Seduction of Phaeton Black also won the erotica category of the 2010 Romance Through the Ages contest for and was offered a three book contract by Kensington Brava. Needless to say I have been busy writing books this past year and a half! I live in Southern California and I am currently working on a special Pocket Star e-novella for The Gentlemen of Scotland Yard series.

Kayla: What is your favorite thing to do in the Summer?  

Jillian: Make lemon drop martini’s and barbeque! Hike up into the mountains and breathe in the ozone and scent of pine trees. Or spend the day at the beach and then take a drive along Pacific Coast Highway around sunset with all the windows/ top down. Heavenly!

Kayla: Do you like to write via pen and paper or the computer?

Jillian: My laptop goes with me everywhere! I do so much historical research that I need access to the internet at all times!

Kayla: One interesting fact about yourself?  

Jillian: Do I have to? Let’s’s a quirky one: I love zombie movies. My favorite television show––I look forward to every new season like a fan girl––is The Walking Dead. Anyone else? I’m just hooked!

Kayla: If you could visit any place in the world with ANY person, where would it be, who would it be with, and why? (I KNOW... that's a mouthful right?)

Jillian: I would want to be in late Victorian London with Oscar Wilde. Because he could show me the darker underbelly and introduce me to the beau monde. I find all of it fascinating!

Kayla: Thanks so much Jillian for being a guest here today! Also, Jillian has offered one signed ARC of A Dangerous Liaison with Detective Lewis to one lucky winner, thank you so much for that also!

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