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Chastity Bush (Interview, Review, Promo)

Please welcome, Chastity Bush! Check out my short interview with her, a review of her free read, and a promo for two of her books.

1.      How do you choose your book titles?
Honestly, they just come to me. I try to make them catchy, and hopefully one that no one else has. Creating titles is always a lot of fun.
2. Why did you pick the genre you're in now?
I write across most genres, but paranormal is my favorite. I love that there really are no limits. If you can imagine it, you can use it in paranormal.
3. Did you have difficulty getting started in the beginning?
Writing? No. Being published on the other hand was like pulling a lion’s teeth. The stories have always come to me easily, and I love what I do.
4. Do you outline or write-as-you-go?
I write as I go. I’ve tried to outline before and it just made me feel like I was forcing the story in a specific direction. I like to let the story lead me, not the other way around.
5. Is Chastity Bush your real name? :)
This has to be the most asked question. It’s even listed on my website’s FAQ’s page. YES, Chastity Bush IS my real name. I’ve considered using a more normal pen name, but haven’t decided if I really want to go down that road just yet. J
6. What would you like to ask our readers for discussion?
Do you prefer series books or enjoy single titles more?

Title: The Second Time Around
Author: Chastity Bush
Pages: 12


Wow, such a short read, but very satisfying. This was one great story :)

In the beginning of the story, Trixie was seen getting ready to go to the club. She was ready to be wild. When she got there, a guy approached the seat next to her, they started talking a little bit, then went to the dance floor. Long story short, they ended up in her apartment.

The apartment scene was incredibly steamy! If this was the kind of stories that are in the rest of the books the author writes, I'd definitely want to read them.

Overall, there were three chapters in this story, and the third one was my favorite. The revelation was amazing. I wish there could have been more, though.

As for the technical issues, given that this was a short read, there were errors I noticed and some organization suggestions I might have had if I was editing this story. Other than that, I LOVED IT!!

If you'd like to read The Second Time Around, click here.

Title: Tumbleweeds
Author: Chastity Bush
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Release Date: April 11, 2011
Pages: 187
Buy Link: Amazon (Kindle) | Amazon (Paperback)

As the adopted daughter of the town’s madam, Strawberry Meadows has seen it all. After ten years of living in Lily Bell’s saloon she believes all men are the same: wild cads, cheating husbands, tumbleweeds, and outlaws. Marriage is not an option, but when Berry comes face to face with the town’s new sheriff, she finds herself fighting feelings she has never before experienced. With friends and family playing matchmaker, controlling the urge to throw herself into the lawman’s arms proves more difficult than she ever imagined.

Sheriff Tavis Wilks came to Chamberlin to begin life anew. Perhaps find a wife and settle down. Unfortunately, not one of the women in the town caught his eye or held his interest, until he met Berry. Something about her set his blood on fire. From her hot tempter to her unwillingness to let him close, he wants her, needs her. The only thing stopping him from making her his own is Berry herself.

When an old enemy rambles into town and takes a special interest in Berry, Tavis must scramble to rescue the only woman he has ever loved before his future is destroyed by his past.

Title: Killer Kisses
Author: Chastity Bush
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Release Date: August 1, 2011
Pages: 130
Buy Link: Amazon (Kindle)


The man straddling the Harley was, in one word…juicy.

Adult novelty store owner Tina James loves a good adventure, and the man peering at her through onyx black eyes is the closest thing to adventure she’s ever come across. Unless of course, you count the mugging at gunpoint she experienced only hours earlier.

Leather clad Alex Monroe and his big bike just moved to number one on Tina’s sexiest man alive list, and with every searing kiss, every white hot caress, Tina finds herself living out her wildest fantasies with the man of her dreams.

But is it all too good to be true?

There’s something about Alex, from his unusual habit of only leaving the house at night, to his amazing speed and strength that has Tina wondering what exactly the man she’s falling head over heels for is hiding?

Meeting Tina James is the best thing that’s happened to Alex in the last five hundred years. She’s spunky, sassy, and beyond sexy.

But there’s a problem…or three.

Alex is a vampire, Tina’s a mortal, and he’s searching for a rogue vampire who just so happens to have his sights set on her as his next victim.

Now, not only does Alex have to find a way to tell the woman he loves what he is, he has to catch the killer before he loses her forever.

Chastity Bush is the author of several romance novels known for their spicy romance, suspense and humorous edge. When not hard at work on her next novel you can find her spending time with her husband and their two daughters. She loves to hear from her readers and personally answers all email she receives.

Send questions or comments to Chastity at:

Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter: @chastitybush


  1. Thank you so much for having me here today! I'm so glad you enjoyed my short story, The Second Time Around! :)

  2. thank you for contacting us! :) hope to read more of you one day

  3. Congrats on all your success Chastity! I'm already a big fan :)