Friday, June 10, 2016

Review: Conquered Match

Time for another Coded for Love review! :)

Title: Conquered Match
Series: Coded for Love, #3
Author: Lynne Silver
Publisher: Beyond the Page
Release Date: April 17, 2016
Pages: 46
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*grab it while it's only $0.99!*


When soldier Ryan Lopez learns his beloved wife, Thea, has betrayed his team by going to the media and spilling Program secrets, he takes matters into his own hands and punishes her the only way he knows how—by seducing her until she’s begging for release.
The more Ryan takes control of her body, the more he realizes he’s never fully understood Thea’s dark desires. And now that he’s had a taste, he doesn’t want to stop. Testing both their limits in a night of unbound passion, it will take every bit of Ryan’s strength to prove to the woman he loves that she is also his conquered match.

It was a long, drawn out sex scene with a sprinkle of emotion and heart.

There was a big misunderstanding between Ryan and Thea, and it took a drastic action to bring them together. I enjoyed Ryan's choice of punishment for Thea. Even though he was hurt that she betrayed him and the people he worked for, she was still his wife and the most important person in his life.

It was sad what they went through, but it was also quite refreshing to read about a man breaking down into tears. Sometimes it's okay not to be so strong all the time, but what I appreciated more was the way Thea lent him strength just by being there.

"I've seen you and the guys train, Ryan. You can take down an enemy in seconds and have him restrained with nothing more than the lint in your pocket. I would have thought you'd be more creative when it came to restraining your helpless little wife."

To be honest, I did want to read about the deadly side of Ryan as well. Hopefully, there would be a moment for him in future books. Anyway, as per usual with Lynne's books, I love that's there's at least one comedic break. Who doesn't love a good giggle?

"I'm still in charge here, hon. I'll take you when I'm damn good and ready." She didn't respond. Simply swiveled her hips, ensuring that her damp pussy rubbed every inch of his shaft. He groaned. "Good and ready may be right now."

If you want a quick, transitional read before moving on to the next book on your TBR pile, I would recommend this book. It's hot, sexy, and steamy :)


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