Monday, July 27, 2015

Promo: The Mesmerist

Today's post is about a time travel romance with a ghost. Hope you'll check it out!

Title: The Mesmerist
Series: The Hope Chest, #1
Author: Pam McCutcheon
Publisher: Parker Hayden Media
Release Date: August 23, 2014
Pages: 256
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An antique hope chest containing five unique objects . . . five people inexorably drawn to the items inside . . . each sent to the past where they must accomplish a task and find their own path to true love with the help of a magical matchmaker determined to bring soul mates together, even across time. 

On the eve of her wedding, dog trainer Gina Charles finds her fiancĂ© in flagrante delicto with her maid ofdishonor, so she flees to a hotel in a nearby town. Unfortunately, her room already has another occupant—a ghost with compelling dark eyes who cuddles up to her in the middle of the night. 

Gina reluctantly agrees to help the ghostly mesmerist, Drake Manton, learn how he died. When her investigation leads her to the burned-out Chesterfield hotel, Gina finds a hope chest in the ruins and is drawn to the melted dueling pistol inside. When she touches it, she and her faithful terrier hurtle back in time to 1883 where she comes face-to-face with the very alive, very sexy mesmerist. 

Now all Gina has to do is prevent Drake’s fiery death so she can return to her own time. Or will she give up her life in the future for a lifetime of love in Drake’s arms? 

About the Author

Pam McCutcheon is the award-winning author of romance novels ranging from fantasy, futuristic, paranormal and time travel to contemporary romantic comedy. She also has two nonfiction how-to books for writers in print, has published fantasy short stories as Pamela Luzier in various anthologies, and writes the Demon Underground New Adult urban fantasy series under the name Parker Blue.

After many years of working for the military as enlisted, officer and civil service successively, she left her industrial engineering position to pursue her first love—a career in publishing. She can be found in beautiful Colorado Springs with her rescue dogs or on her website. You can also visit her on Facebook.


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