Monday, September 23, 2013

Review: The Trouble With Cowboys

Title: The Trouble With Cowboys
Series: Catcher Creek, #1
Author: Melissa Cutler
Publisher: Zebra Books
Release Date: October 1, 2012
Pages: 320
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It was their parents' ranch, through the good days and the bad. But if they want to hang on to their land, their pride, and their family, the three Sorentino sisters will have to reinvent it from the ground up-and one of them just may reinvent herself in the process...

Cowboys have never been good for Amy Sorentino. First her hard-riding father bankrupted the family farm. Then her all-hat-no-cattle boyfriend sold her out on national television, ending her promising career as a chef. Now she and her squabbling sisters have partnered up in a final attempt to save their land by starting an inn and local restaurant. So it figures that with everything on the line, Amy's key supplier is just the kind of Stetson-tipping heartbreaking bad boy she's sworn to avoid. But Kellan Reed has a few secrets of his own-and cowboy or not, Amy can't resist this kind of wild ride...


Absolutely wonderful! It had a very realistic set of emotions!

Melissa Cutler is the kind of author with the books that I just have to devour. Save for one book, I've read each of her books within 2 days. I can't help myself; they're that good!

This book in particular was just magnificent. I knew I was going to devour it, but then I thought, maybe I should savor each moment. A few chapters in and that became impossible. I was taken in a roller coaster of lust, frustration, and determination to survive. Amy was tougher than she thought herself to be. She lived her life afraid of turning into her mother. She created rules for herself, but she kept breaking them - especially rule number one: Stay away from Cowboys. Amy was such a sweet woman and had a penchant for taking in strays ;) She was definitely a heroine after my own heart.

Kellan, on the other hand, was one honorable man, but he wasn't without flaws. I loved that the characters in this book were so well-developed, you could see their flaws just by reading their encounters with each other. It was very inspiring and got me thinking about my own situation in life. Kellan was the picture of what true love means. He was there when he was needed the most even though Amy probably hated his guts. Ms. Cutler bottled unconditional love perfectly.

Family was such a big theme in this book. I admired the bond between the Sorentino sisters and the way that Kellan was able to start repairing his relationship with his family.

Vaughn and Rachel had such an intriguing relationship, I can't wait to read Cowboy Justice!

Flaws I found in the book: editor missed some things, and I felt like some things were left "unresolved". I would list them, but it might spoil the story.

Overall, this book is a must-read despite the "flaws" I mentioned. It would be a shame to miss out on this one!

Check out this funny scene :)

Kellan: You can't look at me like that, Amy.
Amy: Like what?
Kellan: Like you're picturing me naked.
Amy: What's wrong with that? I know firsthand how good you look naked.
Kellan: What's wrong is that if you keep it up, I'm not going to have the strength to do the right thing.
Amy: What is the right thing?
Kellan: Keeping my hands off you.
Amy: How honorable... Watching you groom your horse is not helping.