Monday, November 19, 2012

Review: Undercover Christmas

Title: Undercover Christmas
Series: A Dead Roses Short Story
Author: RaShelle Workman
Publisher: Polished Pen Press
Release Date: November 15, 2012
Source: Free copy in exchange for an honest review.

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To catch a serial killer, Rose must go undercover as a stripper on Christmas Eve.

***...think Psych with a twist of Veronica Mars. ***


I enjoyed this book!

This book had a really interesting story. I can't wait for the next "episode". I was left hanging towards the end, so I want to know where the story is headed.

Rose was a young detective who was investigating two murders of women who happened to be strippers. She was smart for her age, but people around her still treated her like a child. Even when she was right, people didn't take her seriously. Not only that, but she had a special ability that had something to do with her hands.

On Christmas Eve, she met Vincent Mackey, an FBI agent assigned to help out with the investigation. Agent Mackey was very knowledgeable and helpful. He was also very attractive and had good intentions. He was also a festive kind of guy. The first time he was introduced in the story, he was decked out in holiday attire down to his socks. However, the author did such a great job that he didn't seem tacky. Instead, he sounded even hotter!

Agent Mackey sat in an overstuffed, black chair, resting his elbows on the arms, and leaning his chin on a hand as he studied me. "Just pretend I'm your lover and this is foreplay." He loosened his tie.
"Care to join me in the bedroom?" His expressive eyes flashed mischievousness.

I shook my head, but smiled nonetheless.

I didn't invite you into my bed, but the room. Come on. I have something to show you."

One criticism I have on this book is that it needed more editing. The final straw for me was the misspelling of Britney's name in "Brittany Spears." I mean, she's super famous since the '90s, I'd expect everyone knows how to spell her name by now.

Anyway, beyond the editing errors, the story was great, very entertaining, and I definitely want to read more.

Try to have some fun, and RELAX. Enjoy yourself.

I snorted. Easy for him to say. He wasn't the one being prepared and groomed like a lamb to the slaughter.

Sure thing, Agent Mackey.

Call me Vincent.
So pushy, even in text.

Okay, Agent Mackey. ;)

Seriously. Call me Vincent.


About the Author:

Lover of books, baking, and toffee-making. The author of Aligned: An Immortal Essence Short Story, Exiled, Sleeping Roses, and the soon-to-be released series, Blood and Snow. Honorary nerd with attitude.

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  1. Thank you so much for the review. I appreciate it. The editing errors, including the sad misspelling of Britney Spears (see I can do it - LOL) have been corrected and uploaded onto Thanks again. =)

    1. great! Thanks for the opportunity to read it :D I hope it was a full-length series, it would be a hit!