Monday, June 15, 2015

Review: The Boss's Mistletoe Maneuver

Title: The Boss's Mistletoe Maneuvers
Author: Linda Thomas-Sundstrom
Publisher: Harlequin: Desire
Release Date: November 1, 2014
Pages: 196
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Seduction in a Santa Claus suit? 

When millionaire Chaz Monroe goes undercover at the ad agency he bought, he has to figure out why his star employee, Kim McKinley, won't work on the very important Christmas campaign. He'll go to any length to get answers from the beautiful go-getter--if he has to kiss them out of her, so be it.
Kim can't believe Chaz's nerve. So why is she always falling into his arms...and into his bed? Soon, this exasperating man unlocks her secrets just in time for a Christmas she'll never forget...and one he may never live down!

Kim and Chaz were instantly attracted to each other when they first met. I liked that Kim was not someone who would back down, especially not against someone who she believed "stole" the position that was promised to her.

"Are you sure you won't change your mind and invite me over if I say please and categorically deny being a stalker, providing references upon request?"

Chaz, on the other hand, had good intentions. I loved the moments when he tried to make an effort to bring Kim "to the other side"... The side that enjoyed Christmas and celebrated it.

"Semantics. I didn't send the tree. I brought it."

Other characters I enjoyed were the doorman and Kim's best friend, Brenda. They were such witty characters and provided great comedic dialogues.

I especially liked when Brenda would help Chaz, even before she knew his intentions. She was a great friend to Kim.

"I'm a man, and she was in pajamas."

Unlike most contemporary books I've read, I wasn't overly attached to the characters of this book. I did enjoy the sexual tension :)



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