Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Promo: The Crystal Slipper

Here's a twist to a fairy tale we all know and love :) Enjoy!

Title: The Crystal Slipper
Author: Selena Fulton
Publisher: Entangled: Covet
Release Date: September 22, 2014
Pages: 222
Buy Link: Amazon


Sometimes you just have to believe...
A single crystal slipper. It was probably the weirdest gift librarian Celinda Branham ever received during a Christmas gift exchange. Who would even wear these in the real world? Not Celinda, wearer of sensible shoes and fairy tale naysayer. That said, she certainly has the requisite wicked stepmother, irritating stepsister, and empty bank account. Of course, if she actually believed in all that fantastical junk, she could wait for her Prince Charming...
Only Prince Charming doesn't exist.
But Preston Chandler believes in fairy tales. Oh, does he ever. All he did was spurn the advances of a certain witch, and now his sister is under a sleeping spell. And the only way to break it? Find the other glass slipper and give someone "Love's First Kiss." But when Preston finally tracks down Celinda, he's dismayed to discover that the shy librarian who owns the other shoe has no interest in anything remotely resembling magic—including love. Now he must find a way into his Cinderella's cynical heart, or lose his sister... and his only chance for true love.

About the Author

Selena Fulton was born in a small town in Indiana and moved to Florida as a teen. She enjoys camping, morning strolls along the seashore, making jewelry, and reading. She discovered her love of writing at nine years old, when she wrote her first poem, and has been writing ever since.  She worked on her school newspaper where she created a poetry section, which exists to this day.

A multi-published author, she believes in “paying it forward” by working with fellow authors in her critique groups and judging contests.

Come check her out on Twitter, Facebook, or go to her blog, because it's all about the journey.