Friday, March 28, 2014

Early Review: Cover to Covers

Hi everyone! I've got here an early review of Cover to Covers and information about the book. I still have not finished it, but I wanted to give you my first impressions of the first half.

Title: Cover to Covers
Author: Alexandrea Weis

Publisher: World Castle Publishing



A man driven by his desires

Tyler Moore is considered cold, ruthless, and determined to get everything he wants. CEO of a flourishing oil company, he thrives on order and never gives up control to anyone.

The woman from his past

Monique Delome has left her unhappy past behind to pursue her dream of becoming a writer. Love is something she believes is better suited to the pages of her novels and not meant for real life.

Whether in the boardroom or the bedroom, Tyler Moore is always in charge. But when Monique Delome walks back into his life, everything changes. A successful romance author, all the sexy leading men Monique writes about strangely remind everyone of Tyler. Intrigued, Tyler sets out to seduce the one woman he could never forget. Soon Tyler gets more than he bargained for, and his grip on his well-ordered life is turned upside down.

Tyler Moore is about to find out what happens when a romantic tale jumps from the pages and comes to life between the sheets.      


So far, this book is light and interesting. Below is a list of things I liked and things that I could have done without.

Things I enjoyed:
  • When Tyler wants something, he works hard to get it. From what I've read so far, Tyler is a smart guy. He's given a second chance with the only woman who he truly cares about, and he's not wasting any time chasing after her.
  • Monique might be independent, but she's also true to herself. Giving Tyler a second chance to prove that they could have something more than what they had is a good personality trait in my opinion.
  • Tyler's secretary - she's all kinds of awesome sauce. She's the reason why everything goes as smooth as it does in the company. Check out this little snippet of her conversation with Tyler.
Tyler: "I guess I could leave after I finish this paperwork."
"Lynn: "Leave? You mean go home?"
Tyler: "No, I mean leave Dallas. You did say I needed a vacation."
Lynn: "You do, but a vacation for you usually revolves around something related to the company, like a conference or going to check out a new drilling site. You never just spontaneously take off without a set if itinerary of things to do."
Tyler: "You make me sound like a control freak."
Lynn: "You are." 
Tyler: "Maybe I need to change things up a bit. Call Love Field and tell them to get the jet ready to fly tonight."
Lynn: "To where?"
Tyler: "New Orleans."
Lynn: "All right. What's up with you?"
Tyler: "Up? Nothing is up."
Lynn: "You're not the impulsive type, Mr. Moore. If you don't mind me asking, is there a woman involved?"
Tyler: "Okay, I do mind your asking."
Lynn: "Do you want me to call the Ritz-Carlton in New Orleans to get you a suite?"
Tyler: "No, I have somewhere else I can stay."
Lynn: "Somewhere else? But you always stay at the Ritz-Carlton."
Tyler: "Don't worry about it, Lynn. I'll be fine. Just arrange for a car to pick me up at the airport and take me into the city."
Lynn: "Are you sure about this, Mr. Moore? You're not really into roughing it on the road."
Tyler: "First, I'm a control freak, and now you're implying that I'm spoiled?"
Lynn: "You are spoiled. You like order, and for everything to run smoothly. I'm not sure how you're going to adapt to just being spontaneous."
Tyler: "I might surprise you, Lynn."
Lynn: "I look forward to it, Mr. Moore. I've never met anyone who could use a swift change of pace more than you."

Things I'm not too fond of:
  • The characters' ages. Tyler is 50. I mean, it's hard to read about a sexy man and him being 50. It's even harder to imagine someone having the time of his life in the bedroom and him being 50. As I'm reading this, I'm just pretending Tyler is in his 30s or something.

That's about it so far. My full review will be live on Amazon (hopefully this weekend) as soon as I finish it. Thanks for reading!


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