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Review: Falling for Mr. Wrong

Title: Falling for Mr. Wrong
Series: Bencher Family, #3
Author: Inara Scott
Publisher: Entangled: Indulgence
Release Date: November 11, 2013
Pages: 200
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Looking for Mrs. Right...

Single father of three, Ross Bencher, knows the kind of woman he wants: someone predictable, reliable, and safe, who can give his kids the security they deserve. Someone entirely different from high-altitude mountaineer Kelsey. Kelsey bewitches him with her long legs and wild passion and is about as far from his ideal as a woman can get, but try telling that to his body. Or his heart...

Falling for Mr. Wrong...

When Kelsey agreed to fill in as a temporary nanny for her best friend’s agency before a big climbing expedition, she had no idea she’d be working for drop-dead sexy Ross Bencher, a man she can’t seem to keep her hands off. She knows if she wants to bring herself—and her father—back alive from the Himalayan Mountains, she can’t afford second-guessing, attachments, or distractions. But Ross’s blue eyes and strong hands leave her gasping...and questioning everything she’s ever known about love...


Feel good and humorous, the first book I've read of Inara Scott was a hit!

When Kelsey and Ross first met, sparks flew and immediately exploded in flames. What they shared was amazing to say the least. Three years later, their paths crossed, and obviously, I knew that must have been fate. People don't just run into each other years later unless there was a reason, right?

He didn't just kiss--he made love with his mouth.

Ross was such an amazing father. His kids were so adorable, especially Julia. I just love children who are very loving and affectionate towards people.

Kelsey, in my opinion, lived a life that was meant for someone else. That was sad, especially because she put herself in the category of not worth finding her own happiness. She wanted to protect someone and basically sacrificed her whole life for that person.

It was funny how Kelsey was "allergic" to children. I loved the humor in this book, overall. There were moments when I would just chuckle all by myself. My heart felt so light reading this book. I definitely would recommend it if you're in the mood to feel warm inside :)

He pictured her taking the kids swimming, the way Matt had marveled at the sight of an elk, and the feeling of peace he'd had when he listened to the wind swaying in the pines. "I told him I had a local guide to teach me about the land."

"And do you?"

Ross looked away. "Sort of."

Brit cleared his throat. "Is this local female, by any chance?"

"I'd rather not talk about it."

"I see. Definitely female."

Ross rolled his eyes. "Did I not just say I didn't want to talk about it?"

Brit frowned. "That bad?"

"Really rather not talk about it," Ross repeated.

Brit nodded. "Must be that bad."


He grinned. "You know how it is. Suckers like me enjoy seeing other men cross to our side of the road."

"There will be no crossing," Ross said grimly. "We're all wrong for each other. It's like Selena Gomez and her brother on the Wizards of Waverly Place."

"I have no idea what that means."

Ross was suddenly in desperate need of a drink. "You see? I'm making references to the Disney Channel, while she's hanging at the rock gym listening to Pitbull."

"She sounds hot."

"Of course she's hot. Haven't you been listening? She's the fantasy you have when you're twenty-two and single." Brit observed him for a moment with a thoughtful gaze before continuing. "But you like her. And she likes you."

"It's complicated." Ross threw back his chair and began to pace the room. "Can we please change the subject?"


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