Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Review: Colton by Blood

Title: Colton by Blood
Series: The Coltons of Wyoming
Author: Melissa Cutler
Publisher: Harlequin
Release Date: August 6, 2013
Pages: 288
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An unsolved murder haunts those who live and work at Dead River Ranch. When called to care for the ailing Colton patriarch, Dr. Levi Colton must face the father who never claimed him. He's not looking for distraction, but he finds it in Kate McCord, the irresistible pastry chef. Beneath her sweet smile are scars from her own tragedy—and a determination for justice.

As a wildfire forces them together with an unknown killer, Levi and Kate must confront an attraction that flares hotter than flames. They edge closer to the truth, discovering that the secret that links their pasts could lead them straight into the killer's trap.


Melissa Cutler has the gift of the writing gods!

At first, this book was a bit slow, probably the first 50-75 pages. Take into consideration that I was also very stressed out when I was trying to read the book. However, once I finally got into the reading mindset and reminding myself how much I love the author herself, I was able to start enjoying the book more. I think there was little interaction in the beginning, that's why I didn't get into it right away.

Once Levi and Kate started talking and getting along with each other, the romance started, as well as the mystery. This book was absolutely unpredictable until the very end! I kept trying to guess how it will end, and an author that can keep me guessing is definitely someone that deserves the bestselling honor. Levi and Kate's past were marvelously developed, it was as if I knew them individually by reading their stories of the past. 

I also enjoyed Levi and his relationship with his father. Behind the sarcasm and supposed anger, Mr. Jethro Colton cared about his bastard son. It was amazing how their banter just grew on me, and I looked forward to it on every page. In fact, I enjoyed it so much, I would have been happy if the book revolved around dialogues between Levi, Kate, and Jethro ;)

Overall, this book was fantastic! Please check it out, you will not regret it....especially if you like pastries and anything dessert!! The coincidence and the stroke of destiny was so crazy, it was amazing! Melissa Cutler has a gift for writing suspenseful scenes!

Check out my favorite scene!

Levi: "If talking about my capable hands makes you blush, then you'd better pick out the peaches on your own. I can be in charge of getting the other ingredients."
Kate: "What's wrong with the peaches?"
Levi: "Peaches give me dirty thoughts."
Kate: "Really, peaches?"
Levi: "Oh, yes. Peaches are downright wicked. Don't ever let me see you eat a peach or I'll lose all composure, guaranteed."
Kate: "I always thought bananas were the most wicked produce."
Levi: "Well, you'd better never let me see you eating one of those, either."
Kate: "To be on the safe side, I'll take care of the produce. You get the butter. If I'm going to teach you how to make croissants, we're going to need a lot of it."


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