Thursday, February 16, 2017

Review: Worthless

Lynne Silver is one of those authors that I tend to read whenever I am presented with the opportunity. I initially read Unworthy and was really curious as to the next story, so when I saw book two on sale, I immediately grabbed it. Check out my thoughts below.

Title: Worthless
Series: Worthy, #2
Author: Lynne Silver
Release Date: January 5, 2017
Pages: 196
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Daniel Ross is getting his life in Miami back on track. Common lore says once an addict, always an addict, but Danny's out to prove lore is a moron. After a tough, celibate year of getting sober, a rental room in the home of his sister’s best friend Amy is only a stop on his journey to better things. But the best thing in Danny's life may be right in front of him--the sweet, curvaceous Amy. When they tumble into bed, he discovers a new addiction to her smokin' lips and body.

When Amy Stern agrees to let Danny move in, it’s out of compassion. Her new tenant isn’t supposed to fill her thoughts, and star in her sexy dreams. He's definitely not meant to interfere with her budding relationship with a steady, sweet lawyer. If Amy were smart, she’d design clothes for her plus-sized women’s boutique, date her lawyer, and suppress her longing for Danny. And she'd definitely never touch him. Because once she does, his kisses and his embrace set off an explosive craving neither of them can control.

Now Amy's caught in a love triangle, and she has a secret that she's going to have to share with both men, the sooner the better. Which one of them is worthy of her trust, and her commitment?

Where do I start? I practically tweeted the author every other page; I loved it so much!

Right from the very start, this book did not mess around. The characters went straight to the good stuff. You know what I'm talking about. They pretty much did everything backwards, and it was glorious!

This book was so funny and heartwarming from beginning to end. Danny and Amy had their own internal struggles, but together, they were able to work things out by strengthening each other's resolve. It was really quite inspiring.

Danny: "I think Cat left these here...and let that be the very last time I ever say my sister's name during sex."

Danny was the perfect damaged book boyfriend. Seriously, I might have wished he was real and available for me ;) He was funny, witty, and all-around amazing. He was vulnerable at times, but I think, being able to admit his weakness was so admirable. 

Amy wasn't perfect, definitely not in her own opinion. She had a lot of hang ups about her weight and her appearance in general. But when Danny needed her, she was at his side no matter what. She was his rock and it was so beautiful reading about them leaning on each other at times.

One of my favorite moments were when they would share a meal together. It was so domestic and refreshing. I especially loved that one of the dishes were called "Cuban chicken chop chop." I'm a sucker for those clever names of things so I was swooning at the name alone. 

Overall, this book was hilarious, but also very, very romantic. Despite all the troubles they'd had, this book was light and so easy to read, and one of my 2017 favorite reads. Highly recommend!

Drew: "It's midnight, Ian. Night's barely started."
Ian: *grinning "True. I'm headed to bed, but not for sleeping." 
Danny: *glaring* "That's my sister you're talking about."
Ian: *laughing* "Sorry. Let's go."


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