Monday, August 26, 2013

Review: Against the Ropes

Title: Against the Ropes
Author: Sarah Castille
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Release Date: September 3, 2013
Pages: 368
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He scared me. He thrilled me. And after one touch, all I could think about was getting more...

Makayla never thought she'd set foot in an elite mixed martial arts club. But if anyone needs a medic on hand, it's these guys. Then again, at her first sight of the club's owner, she's the one feeling breathless.

The man they call Torment is all sleek muscle and restrained power. Whether it's in the ring or in the bedroom, he knows exactly when a soft touch is required and when to launch a full-on assault. He always knows just how far he can push. And he's about to tempt Makayla in ways she never imagined...



This book is one of the best I've ever read; I just had to read it in TWO days! This book had so much sexual tension, you would be hot and bothered from beginning to end! No joke. I laughed and cried throughout this book. I was heartbroken when Makayla's heart broke. Absolute brilliance!

From the very beginning, Torment was portrayed as a man very strong and dangerous, but with Makayla, he was very gentle and soft. He was also very controlling in a protective way. I love the surge of power that emanated from his body when he was very angry or very aroused. He protected Makayla emotionally and physically as much as he could. Of course, sometimes it was a little too much, but he meant well.

Makayla was a proud woman who did not ask for help, just like her mother did. She preferred to work for her money, even when she needed help most. She lived eating noodles because she needed the money for something else. She was very strong, even when she didn't realize it. She was the opposite of a society woman - classy and sophisticated - but she had heart. I absolutely love it when she's with Torment. Sometimes I just laugh too much reading their scenes.

Like I already said, this book is a must-read! Check out the list of reasons why Torment is sexy:
  • Leather jacket
  • Motorcyle
  • Sexy ripped muscles
  • Air of danger and power
  • Thoughtful and protective
  • Three level house for entertainment
  • Has a chauffeur and butler
  • Patient teacher
  • Likes bondage and dominance
Finally, my favorite quote in the entire book! This is what true love is all about!
"I am paying that debt, Makayla whether you want it or not. I will not let you suffer the way my family suffered. I won't have him chasing after you or threaten your life. I'll save you even if it means losing you."


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